Emea dec11-eti.aluminyum-bro-s Researched Abi Abagun


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Emea dec11-eti.aluminyum-bro-s Researched Abi Abagun

  1. 1. Businessexcellence ACHIEVING O N L I N EEti Aluminyum www.etialuminyum.com C O R P O R AT E B R O C H U R E
  2. 2. Eti Aluminyum
  3. 3. Eti AluminyumOne issue that never confronts the aluminiumindustry is a shortage of raw metal. Aluminiumis the most common metal in the earth’s crustand it makes up about eight per cent by weightof the earth’s solid surface. It is remarkable forits low weight-to-strength ratio—the weight ofaluminium is only a third that of steel—and for itsability to resist corrosion. Moreover, aluminium iseasy to shape and form and it enjoys the bonusof being 100 per cent recyclable. Although aluminium has only been incommercial production for just over a century, it Today more than 1,300 people work herehas become the world’s second most used metalafter steel. Despite its relatively late entranceto the industrial world, there are a myriad ofapplications in transportation, aerospace,packaging, electrical applications, medicine andthe construction of homes and furniture. Turkey is home to Eti Aluminyum, one of avery small elite group of integrated aluminiumproducers. Strategically, Turkey is an excellentlocation and the company services customerslocated around the globe taking in North andSouth America, Africa, Europe and the Far East,as well as meeting approximately 15 per cent ofTurkey’s domestic demand.
  4. 4. Eti Aluminyum Eti Aluminyum is Turkey’s only producer of liquid aluminium and it is the country’s only fully integrated producer Eti Aluminyum was originally establishedin 1962 by the Turkish government, passing Alstom Grid Turkeyinto the private sector when it was acquired in Alstom Grid Turkey provides high-technology products &2005 by the Turkish construction, energy and solutions for electric power transmission with its 50,000mining group Cengiz Holding. This was a critical square metre, 36,000 MVA/year production capacitylandmark in the company’s history, as all of its Power Transformers Factory in Gebze. In August 2010, the 300 MVA, largest electric arc furnace transformer inworkers and engineers had the right to transfer to the world had been manufactured for one of the Turkishother state-managed enterprises and almost the customers, breaking its own record of 240 MVA, thanksentire workforce departed. Only 15 experienced to our competency center (CoC) in Gebze. In additionengineers opted to stay with the company. to being a global leader in the production of specialOne of them was Mehmet Arkan and he and transformers and reactors, Alstom Grid is providing 170his colleagues faced a mighty up skilling and and 420 kV AIS and GIS Turnkey substations for thetraining task. Arkan, who is currently the plant’s metal sector. The company is breaking new ground withgeneral manager, believes one of the team’s its Static Var Compensation (SVC) system settled inmost notable achievements was the smoothness Turkey last year.of the final handover which was accomplished in
  5. 5. Eti AluminyumMatthew Taylor, Ph.D., MBA Matthew Davis, Ph.D.Group Leader ManagerResearch & Development Applications Technology GroupAlumina Processing Alumina Processing Ask The Mining Chemical Leaders Our level of integration gives us the For mining operators seeking improved performance, a dynamic collection of knowledge advantage of better control of raw from the leading manufacturer of mining reagents is only a conversation or a mouse click away. Our team of metallurgists and engineers will work with you to find the right material quality, cost and supply Cytec product, or develop a tailored solution, for your ore types and plant conditions. Our mining experts can match our portfolio of technologies to your unique needs and just three months without any major problems. “Our level of integration gives us the advantage operational objectives. See for yourself what nearly a century of experience can bring. Eti Aluminyum is Turkey’s only producer of of better control of raw material quality, cost cytec.com/miningleaders liquid aluminium and it is the country’s only fully and supply. We need to hold only minimal raw integrated producer which takes in untreated material stocks and it is easier to forecast raw ore downstream and then has the capacity to material and final product costs,” states Arkan.   fulfil every process requirement to the finished However, there are disadvantages too. “There product. The company has its own bauxite ore are more inputs and factors affecting our mines located just 20 kilometres away from profitability in this style of operation.  As we the factory and this is the starting point of its have seen recently, energy costs have spiralled Alumina Refining | Mineral Processing | Solvent Extraction operations—the chemistry of aluminium means and so have some vital raw material costs like it is always found combined in other minerals, caustic soda, petroleum coke, natural gas, and Email: custinfo@cytec.com | Worldwide Contact info: www.cytec.com/miningleaders most frequently bauxite ore. electricity. In addition, to manage such a highly Contact Cytec at Toll Free: 800-652-6013 | Tel: 973-357-3193 US 1-800-652-6013, +1 973-357-3193, or custinfo@cytec.com ©2011 Cytec Industries Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Eti Aluminyum Modernisation is necessary in order to increase equipment and process efficiency, plant productivity, to improve work conditions and safety and to reduce emissionsintegrated plant with its many processes requiresa bigger and more complex organisation. Today Hatchmore than 1,300 people work here.”  Hatch is one of the world’s leading EPCM providers. Producing aluminium is an energy-intensive For over 80 years, Hatch companies have deliveredprocess and many plants have been bought to consulting, engineering, construction management andthe brink by rising energy costs—it is estimated other services to clients in the mining, metals, energythat around a third of plants around the world and infrastructure sectors. We have nearly 70 officesare operating at a loss—but the company has in over 20 countries around the world, and experienceavoided the full impact of these increases by managing projects in over 150 countries.  Our currentusing its own hydro-electric power plant. projects under management total over $35 billion in The plant has the capacity to process 460,000 capital cost.  For more information, please see our adtonnes of bauxite ore each year and currently and visit our website.produces 60,000 tons of aluminium per annum.
  7. 7. Eti Aluminyum process efficiency, plant productivity, to improve work conditions and safety and to reduce BOKELA emissions,” he says. BOKELA supplies high technology filtration equipment “Ideally we would like to see a modernisation to the chemical, petrochemical, food and minerals programme that takes in the smelters, green processing industry accompanied by an outstanding anode plant, anode baking, alumina handling engineering service. For alumina refineries the filter or conveying, and power supply and rectifier program comprises vacuum disc, pan and drum filters substation, but the predicted overall investment as well as Hi-Bar filters for continuous pressure & steam cost is very high and the payback time, of around pressure filtration of red mud and pipelined bauxite. The 10 years, is too long.”   backflush filter for pregnant liquor filtration completes the company’s filter program for alumina refineries. As an alternative, the company has been working with Elkem-Alcoa of Norway to equip five existing Soederberg pots with point feeders design will hopefully be extended throughout and a new control system using dry anode the plant. “We plan to increase our annual instead of wet anode paste. Elkem-Alcoa was production output to 75,000 tons over the next behind the new, more efficient design, but in a two years to meet strong global demand and pilot phase, the cathode and anode shells were this process improvement should make a major manufactured in Eti Aluminyum’s own workshop. contribution to reaching that goal,” he adds. Once the results of the trial are known, the www.etialuminyum.com BE We plan to increase our annual production output to 75,000 tons over “In dialogue with the experts of ETI ALÜMINYUM the next two years we engineered andThere is also an on-site casting facility with a non-alloyed ingots, billets and slabs.  Here, re- supplied the most moderncapacity of 75,000 tons a year. Eti Aluminyum melt ingots are used by billet and slab producers alumina product panproduces primary and cast aluminium products while the alloyed and non-alloyed ingots are filter equipped withas well as wet and dry aluminium hydroxide, used by piston producers, cable manufacturers, FrameTrakTM for the ETIcalcined alumina and a small quantity of high etc. Billets are used by extrusion producers andMg-alloyed plates.  slabs are used internally by the rolling plant. “The refinery modernization” The aluminium hydroxide product is used by high Mg-alloyed plates we produce are typically BOKELA are in permanent dialogue with the experts of ETI ALÜMINYUM and devise solutionsaluminium sulphate, poly aluminium chloride used by machinery builders, ship builders and that improve the efficiencies they need in all aspects of their filtration tasks. Consequently ETI ALÜMINYUM(PAC), zeolite and other special hydrate the defence industry,” Arkan explains. have placed their trust in our filtration technology and our engineering capabilities.producers. The metallurgical alumina product Since privatisation, modernisation of the legacyis used mainly by the smelter department of ageing plant has been a key priority. “Ourinternally as well as by refractory, ceramic and existing facilities have mostly been in operation Tullastraße 64other special alumina producers. The casting since 1973 or about 40 years.  Modernisation isproducts consist of re-melt ingot, alloyed and necessary in order to increase equipment and
  8. 8. EtiAluminyum www.etialuminyum.com