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How to Create Your Own Messaging App


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If you are looking for a messaging app like WhatsApp with additional modern features, then you can choose the REVE OTT chat app with dynamic features.

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How to Create Your Own Messaging App

  1. 1. How to Create Your Own Messaging App Like WhatsApp?
  2. 2. Is Own Messenger App a Good Idea? WhatsApp is the third most downloaded app as per App Annie These apps have made communication process seamless with features like video call, file sharing etc. Other apps like, Viber, Line, WeChat have use customer base Communication providers benefits to have a branded OTT app as it provides brand stickiness and more revenue. OTT APP
  3. 3. Features of a Messaging App Virtual Number In App Advertisement Promotional Offer Rich Communication Value Added Services End-to-End Encryption Virtual RoamingMobile Top Up
  4. 4. Rich Communication Voice calls (to any mobile and landline number) and SMS features through OTT app. Instant Messaging (Rich Communication) App to App Audio/Video Calls Call Recording Sharing Recorded Voice Message Audio/Video Call Conference File Sharing
  5. 5. Virtual Number & Calling 01 02 03 04 User will purchase a Virtual Number/DID Number as a 2nd Number User can make outgoing Calls by using Virtual Number as an Identity User can Receive Calls from DID number on the Mobile Application Balance will deduct from App Balance or GSM Balance (Depends of Operator’s Decision)
  6. 6. Promotional Offer and Marketing Consumers like “freemium” and ad-subsidized models for messaging services. Operators can do highly targeted advertising features like: User can receive the Information in Apps via PUSH Notification even if they are not within the country Local advertisement News feed In-house Promotional Offer of Different Package Operator can offer’s (Rich content -text, Image, Audio, Video) though Free Valid Application channel
  7. 7. VAS Operator can reduce SMS sending cost and can increase content level with rich media. User can Activate VAS service from Mobile Apps Content will show in Apps as a RCS Message (Text, Audio, Video)
  8. 8. Mobile Top Up User can Send Money to any GSM Number around the world Balance will deduct from his own GSM Balance Additional Source of Income from International Mobile TOP UP Service
  9. 9. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Choose a Proper Business Model Decide the features Build the Architecture Hire an experienced developer Decide the Backend 5 Steps to Create a Messaging App
  10. 10. Monetization Opportunity In-app advertising is a good way of earning money from an app. Advertisement If people want some extra features, you can ask them to pay. In App Purchases With a subscription fee, a customer must pay to access an app. Subscriptions OTT Apps can be a great source of revenue providing many additional opportunities for the service providers.
  11. 11. Why Choose REVE Mobile OTT? You can maximize revenue from virtual roaming You Can do personalized Ad targeting through the segmented user base You can sell VAS service from OTT Application REVE OTT is a white label mobile OTT solution that allows Communication Service Providers to develop their own branded mobile OTT app and launch services on the existing network. You Can sell Personal DID Number to the end user