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Happy Bday Raman

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  1. 1. Introducing the official photographer of J mid - “Raman”
  2. 2. Typical scene in J-mid• GG and Raman discussing about Agriculture growth in Bihar – (GG: abe hum tumko bataye, hamare state me aisa hota hai, waisa hota hai….)• Makkhi is thinking about shayaris for his female friends• BT baba is concentrating on getting more people in his bluetooth his range• Karthikeyan(Ex. PR) is as usual on his phone• Hippo is thinking about how to increase MARS sales• Bhaiyaji is preparing for 4th visit to Chennai.. (Bhiayaji is loving it)
  3. 3. Section-D ki PartyAfter 2 Hours After 4 Hours Salim feku sasti daru laya hai lagta hai, bahut jaldi chad gayi
  4. 4. “J” mein Jamun! J mein jamun – Verma ji ki krupa se (after his internship!) Raman to Verma: Baba, yeh jamun ka shauk kabse laga he? Verma : wohi yaar, internship mein ;) Raman: toh kaunse jamun jyada tasty hain, yeh wale ya tumhare internship wale? Verma: Taste ka toh bol nai sakta…Internship mein jaumn dekhte the bas…taste nai kar paya tha! Raman: kya yaar…aapki jagah hum hote toh taste kar ke hi aate!PS: If you want to know more about Jamun mystery , come to J-Mid !
  5. 5. Mr. Raman ke alag rang! Latakta hua prani Dhyan mein magn Baba Shant baith ke madira pan! Nanchne wala Raman
  6. 6. • Hey, see you @ A-Base tonite….• Somebody please get Camera to click the Camera-man! Happy Birthday Dearest Raman !!! - (J-Mid)