UNDERSTANDING  AND IMPLEMENTING  GLOBAL PRACTICES2012Executive Post Graduate Programmein Management (EPGP)www.iimidr.ac.in
Understanding       and implentingno barriers...       global pratices            AN INSATIABLE PROCESS THAT            BE...
the epgp experienceat iim indoreThe hunger for knowledge knows no barriers. An insatiable process that begins atthe womb a...
the centre of intellectat the crest of excellenceEmpowering management education in central India, IIM Indore has proven i...
a message from                               the director’s deskI am pleased to introduce the third batch of EPGP particip...
a word                               from the programme chairI have immense pleasure in presenting toyou the 2011-12 batch...
The EPGP course is     the global mindset   structured to create                          business leaders of             ...
Programme objectivesat iim indore
Sensitizethe students to different culturesStudy of difference in cultures on businessthe impactUnderstand, the business s...
Coursesfor the Academic Year 2011-12Core Courses –         Elective Courses –Term I, II, III and IV Term III, IV, V and VI...
Marketing Exhibition in association with TI cycles:EPGP batch puts its brain together to promoting aproduct from the masse...
executive post graduate programmebatch statistics                                                Batch Overview           ...
Batch OverviewIT Services & ITES               25Automobile                       4Finance                          4Manuf...
class of 2012batch profileThe class profile of IIM Indore’s EPGP is at par with leading international businessschools. The...
Abhishek Sharma                                          6+ years of experience in Industrial                             ...
Amit Arora   6 years of experience in Manufacturing,   General Management & Project   ManagementRoles & Responsibilities: ...
Anirban Datta                                          6 years of International experience in IT                          ...
Arunava Ray   PMP®, 8+ years of IT services experience    key skills   including 5 years of entrepreneurial venture.    IT...
Bhawani Rathore                                          6 years of cross functional experience in                        ...
Deepak Sharma   8 years of cross-cultural experience in IT   services in Investment Banking domainRoles & Responsibilities...
Devina Mohan                                          7 years of Information Technology                                   ...
Indrajit Lahiri   7+ years of international experience in   Business Process Excellence & Global   Engineering Projects in...
Jayesh Tripathi                                            Six years of experience in IT Product                          ...
Kailash Hegde   7+ years of experience in Project Management,   Product Life Cycle Management, Business   Development, Key...
Manas Tiwari                                       6+ years of experience in EPC Project                                  ...
Mitesh Goradia   Total 19 years of experience in Oil & Gas   industry. 6 years in executive position   and 13 years in lin...
Nikhil Kangutkar                                      Business Development Professional with above                        ...
Rajat Chopra   7+ years of experience in IT & Consulting.   Conceived and Delivered multiple online   interactive marketin...
Riju Siddique                                       7+ years of experience in IT services across                          ...
Sakshi Kapoor   7 years of experience in Project   Management, Engineering Design and   Analysis for Power and Oil & Gas  ...
Seshadri Bashyam                                         7.5 years of experience in IT services across                    ...
Shreenath Ukidve   Highly qualified professional having 9+ years   of experience in leading global teams and   building cu...
Sudhanshu Kumar                                             9+ years of experience in IT services                         ...
Swarnabha Seth   6 years of IT experience as Team Lead   and Technical Consultant including 2   years of international exp...
Tarun Minocha                                       6+ years of experience in Presales, After Sales                       ...
Varun Paranjape   7 years of automobile industry experience   in design, development and application   engineeringRoles & ...
Vivek Likhi                                         5 years of cross-cultural experience in                               ...
designed by I ruchika mehra I www.designexplored.comcontactinformationepgp_placecom@iimidr.ac.in        Indrajit Lahiri +9...
IIM Indore One Year Full Time MBA (EPGP)
IIM Indore One Year Full Time MBA (EPGP)
IIM Indore One Year Full Time MBA (EPGP)
IIM Indore One Year Full Time MBA (EPGP)
IIM Indore One Year Full Time MBA (EPGP)
IIM Indore One Year Full Time MBA (EPGP)
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IIM Indore One Year Full Time MBA (EPGP)


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IIM Indore One Year Full Time MBA (EPGP)

  1. 1. UNDERSTANDING AND IMPLEMENTING GLOBAL PRACTICES2012Executive Post Graduate Programmein Management (EPGP)www.iimidr.ac.in
  2. 2. Understanding and implentingno barriers... global pratices AN INSATIABLE PROCESS THAT BEGINS AT THE WOMB AND CONTINUES THROUGH LIFE.
  3. 3. the epgp experienceat iim indoreThe hunger for knowledge knows no barriers. An insatiable process that begins atthe womb and continues through life.The EPGP batch at IIM Indore is made up of sharpens critical thinking of the participants,professionals drawn from diverse corporate forcing them to find their way through newercorridors. But there’s one attribute that binds them and newer variations of theoretical models andtogether: the hunger for oven-fresh professional practical roadblocks.skills. It’s this appetite for learning that has madethem challenge the boundaries and reinvigorate The programme prepares the participants to betheir skill set. far more valuable than great managers. It pushes them to be proactive thinkers and leaders beforeThe EPGP Programme at IIM Indore is designed to anything else. Through exposure to all the pillarsmeet the quest to know beyond what is known. that support today’s corporate architecture, itIt is custom made for professionals who want to provides the participants with an intellectualtop their existing skill set in a chosen professional discipline that doesn’t only respond when astream with knowledge in other areas that problem shows up but is at work all the time –expands their perspective. making deductions, identifying patterns, creating frameworks.The one-year programme is rigorous in its designand implementation. The emphasis is to arm The programme focuses on the human side ofthe participants with not just deep strategic business as well. Modules on ethics, culture,understanding but also the ability to implement philosophy, behaviour etc. teach an enriched andthose strategies successfully. The programme participative managerial style that marks thedraws on material that’s proven best anywhere in way forward for today’s businesses and businessthe world of business studies and marries itself professionals.to real life scenarios. This two-pronged approach
  4. 4. the centre of intellectat the crest of excellenceEmpowering management education in central India, IIM Indore has proven itself asa leader in the field of management and governance.The numerous achievements of the young institute can be attributed to a drive for excellence, focus oninnovation and strong relationships with the industry & local community.The EPGP offers the participants a nurturing so intense that it stimulates in each individual a focusedthought process and a passion to excel. The rigour and urgency in every minute of the programme transformsthe participants into business leaders who can manage and remodel complex business situations. Brimmingwith confidence yet personifying humility, every participant practices teamwork and openness to reason.With disciplined persistence the participants scale new tasks as they ready themselves for challengingbusiness roles.
  5. 5. a message from the director’s deskI am pleased to introduce the third batch of EPGP participants of IIM Indore. IIMIndore was established in 1996 by Government of India in collaboration with Govern-ment of Madhya Pradesh. Over a period of time, it has gained the reputation of thefastest growing IIM in the country.We have launched our one year full time Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGP) in 2009. The third batch ofthis program would be graduating in July 2012.The EPGP program at IIM Indore is aimed at young men and women who have specific work experience of fiveyears and are looking for better career opportunities by formally training them with a rigorous professionalmanagement education.In order to ensure quality orientation and adequate interaction from the participants, we have restricted thebatch size to 45.Apart from the academic rigour that is provided by IIM Indore, the EPGP participants also benefit immenselyby a six week international exposure at Katz Graduate School of Business in University of Pittsburgh, USA.They use this opportunity to interact with the practicing community in the US context.The selectivity of candidates by IIM Indore, the academic rigour in the design of the program and the precisionin its delivery with a collaboration aimed to provide a global focus would surely enable these participants tobe outstanding managers in the challenging environments.The fact that they have significant work experience would be an added advantage for them in adopting theculture and the context of the organizations in which they would seek to work.As in the past, I am sure you will take advantage of the rich and varied talent pool available in IIM Indore forthe professional needs of your organization.Professor N. RavichandranDirector, IIM Indore
  6. 6. a word from the programme chairI have immense pleasure in presenting toyou the 2011-12 batch of the Executive PostGraduate Programme (EPGP) at IIM Indore.One avowed objective of the programme is to attract talent from various industries and the profile ofthese participants fulfills the goal. They come from industries as different as FMCG, IT & ITES, power,manufacturing, automobile, finance, media and advertising, telecommunication, pharmaceutical & healthcareand biotech to name just a few. All of them have had impressive professional trajectories owing to their stintswith leading companies.As EPGP aims to provide incremental knowledge to a pool of working managers, the pedagogy leans towardsdeductive, execution-centric thinking without losing focus on theoretical principles. The curriculum is not onlyrigorous, in-depth and practical but it has also been aligned to the needs of the industry. It instills into theparticipants the analytical and decision-making skills essential for effective leadership in a dynamic businessenvironment.In step with its goals, the programme approach is far more dimensional. It involves discussions on the newerthreads in management curriculum like philosophy, culture, ethics and leadership in addition to the necessarybusiness areas of strategy, finance, marketing, economics, human resource etc. A module at the Katz BusinessSchool under the University of Pittsburgh helps the participants turn their professional horizon truly global.I am sure when the participants of this batch go out in the industry they will bring immense value to anyorganisation. Their experience in an environment that fuels original thinking will help them in providingunique directions to corporations. Their stint in a system that places unrelenting emphasis on academicexcellence will make them resilient.I am sure that this bunch will add immense value to the human resource pool of leading edge organisations.Professor M. Ashraf RizviChairpersonPlacement ChairExecutive Post Graduate ProgrammeIIM Indore
  7. 7. The EPGP course is the global mindset structured to create business leaders of tomorrow....honing EPGP is an intensive programme spanning 10 months of academic rigour with a median of 5 hours per day in classroom interaction, supplemented by academic workshops, seminars, field study, industry visits, group discussions and disciplined academic preparation. Each participant completes a minimum of 48 courses over this duration covering the entire spectrum of business areas such as • Micro/Macro Economics emphasizing the role of economy within the industry and outside of it • Organizational Behaviour covering the important aspects of the people management required in business • Operations teaching about day to day working of business • Finance helping in decision making within the financial constraints • IT & Systems delving on the important role played by technology in gaining business advantage • Strategic Management analysing how to take the business forward • Marketing strategies that differentiate businesses The international immersion module is conducted as ’The Executive Leadership Program (ELP)’ offered by the Center for Executive Education (CEE) of the University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. The students participate in this global programme along with Executive and Full-Time participants of the Katz Business School. The programme tailored to hone the participants’ global managerial skills gives them a global perspective & world- class experience.
  8. 8. Programme objectivesat iim indore
  9. 9. Sensitizethe students to different culturesStudy of difference in cultures on businessthe impactUnderstand, the business scenarios inCompare, and contrastemerging and developed economiesAttain certification and join a Globalan internationalnetwork of Katz business school and Universityof Pittsburgh alumni
  10. 10. Coursesfor the Academic Year 2011-12Core Courses – Elective Courses –Term I, II, III and IV Term III, IV, V and VI > Business Analytics> Theory of Firms and Markets > Business Optimization> Macroeconomic Environment and Policy > Supply Chain Management > Project Management> Financial Reporting and Analysis > Business Process Redesign> Corporate Finance > Pricing and Revenue Management> Management Accounting > Supply Chain Management > Logistics Management> Business Communication> Written Analysis and Communication > Business Analysis & Valuation > Equity Investment Management> Marketing Management > Project Finance & Structuring > Behavioural Finance> Business Statistics > Corporate Performance Management> Operations Management > Options, Futures & Other Derivatives> Decision Analysis > Corporate Performance Management > Management of Insurance Business> Perspectives on Individual Dimensions > Alternative Investments> Perspectives on Group and Organizational Dimensions > Strategic Management of Acquisitions> Human Resource Management & Divestments > Competing Through Business Models> Strategic Management > International Management> Corporate Strategy> Corporate Governance and Management > International Marketing Control > Brand Management> International Business > Consumer Behaviour> Global Management > Sales and Distribution Management > Retail Management> Entrepreneurship & Venture Management > Integrated Marketing Communications> Management Information Systems> Problem Solving and Creativity > Internet Based Platform Strategy > Enterprise Resource Planning> Business Ethics > Business Intelligence> Legal Aspects of Business > Game Theory > Global Business Environment > NegotiationNote: This list is not exhaustive
  11. 11. Marketing Exhibition in association with TI cycles:EPGP batch puts its brain together to promoting aproduct from the masses to the classes. Leaders Talk: Industry luminaries share real life business insights.LikeMinds:Diverse minds come together to debate, challengeand explore.
  12. 12. executive post graduate programmebatch statistics Batch Overview Batch  Size 45 Average Age 30 years Median Age 30 years average scores Average GMAT 678 Average CAT 97 international exposure Students with Int. Experience 31 nos. Average International Experience 27 months experience Average Years of Experience 8 years Median 7 years
  13. 13. Batch OverviewIT Services & ITES 25Automobile 4Finance 4Manufacturing 2Oil and Natural Gas 2Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare 2Power 2Advertising and Media 1Biotech 1FMCG 1Telecommunication 1 Experience (%) 5 - 7 years 56 8 - 9 years 29 10 + years 15
  14. 14. class of 2012batch profileThe class profile of IIM Indore’s EPGP is at par with leading international businessschools. The participants are evaluated on demonstrated leadership qualities, richprofessional experience and a clear streak of academic thirst.Exceptional performance in GMAT or CAT and a minimum of five years of professional experience areprerequisites for this programme. Every participant thus selected is exceptional and a potential leader. Therich and diverse experiences of the participants create a stimulating environment. The varied academic andindustry backgrounds of the batch provide the participants with insights into corporate practices differentfrom their own.
  15. 15. Abhishek Sharma 6+ years of experience in Industrial Sales & Key Account Management in Manufacturing Domainkey skills Achievements: Won MD’s Trophy for Best Sales PerformanceKey Account Management | Business 2010-11 | Received Sales Excellence Award as member North ZoneDevelopment in Direct and Channel for 2009-10 | Member of national team for development of businessRoutes | Product Strategy Execution in grinding applications | Played key role in clinching IISCO steel plant| CAPEX Sale | Market Intelligence project order at Tega Industries Ltd.education Past Organizations: Blaser Swisslube India I Tega Industries Ltd.B.Tech. Mechanical, AligarhMuslim University Last Designation: Senior Engineer - Sales and Serviceareas of interest Clients: JCB India I Yamaha Motors I GKN Driveline I HAL I DurgapurMarketing | Strategy | General Steel PlantManagement Abhishek Sharma 6 years of Project Engineering experience in Automobile industry across various domains including Green/Brown Field Expansion projects & Product Developmentkey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Capex Planning & Budget PreparationTurn Key Project Management | I Strategic Expansion Planning I Facility Creation I New ProductProduct Development | Process Development | Leader for Automation & Innovation I Leader of New& Industrial Engineering | Engine Platform Development TeamProcurement | ProductivityImprovement Achievements: Completed HMCL green field plant project, one of the biggest 2 wheeler plant in world in a record time | Implementededucation various material handling systems across the assembly lines |B.Tech. Mechanical, NIT Developed various packing solution for HMCL New Part Centre |Hamirpur Successful launching of “Pleasure”, “Glamour”, “Achiever” productareas of interest models of HMCLConsulting | Project Management |General Management Past Organizations: Hero MotoCorp Ltd. Last Designation: Associate Manager
  16. 16. Amit Arora 6 years of experience in Manufacturing, General Management & Project ManagementRoles & Responsibilities: Planning & execution of regional key skillsstrategic improvement projects | Consulting support to business Project Management Approach |development and planning functions | Collation, analysis and review Supply Chain Management | Businessof relevant information and data on projects, operations and specific Intelligence | Business Planning |markets Enterprise Resource Planning | SAPAchievements: Innovate to Excel 2011-First Prize | $358 million educationproject of setting up of 7000 TPD cement plant | Awarded Best B. Tech. (Honours) MechanicalEmployee of ACC - S&W Region | Spearheaded competitive plan Engineering, Kurukshetra University& capital projects at unit level to contribute improvement in ACC’stop line growth of 20% to Rs 9,479 crore & bottom line 10% to Rs areas of interest1,564 crore Manufacturing | General Management | ProjectPast Organizations: ACC Limited ManagementLast Designation: Chief ManagerCertifications: Supply Chain Management | Indian Institute ofManagement, Ahmedabad Amit Kumar 7.5 years of experience in IT services – Consulting, Project Management and Pre Sales - in automotive industryAchievements: Thought Leadership Publication on Cleantech | key skillsBusiness Strategy for a Company | Established the Product Lifecycle Business Planning | FinancialManagement (PLM) solution offerings | Conducted analysis on IT Modelling | IT Consulting | Businesscapabilities for downstream Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Analysis | Secondary MarketAutomotive After Sales | Led successful execution of Greenfield Research and Analysis | Project Management | Pre-salesprojects involving cross functional teams | Received ProgressiveEmployee of a Quarter in the year 2005 at Business Applications educationPractice B.E. Computer Science & Engineering, VTUPast Organizations: Grant Thornton (Internship) | Robert BoschEngineering and Business Solutions Limited | SLK Softwares areas of interest Management Consulting -Last Designation: Senior Project Manager Strategy, Corporate Finance and OperationsClients: Robert Bosch group of companies
  17. 17. Anirban Datta 6 years of International experience in IT enabled services in Banking and Capital Markets domain.key skills Achievements: Managed Successful Rollout – Citigroup 14M$Business Analysis | BCMD Domain Project OneSource, New York | Regional/State Level JuniorKnowledge | Project Management Mathematics Olympiad Certificate | 4th Rank - National Youth| IT Consulting | Onsite Offshore Parliament, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs | Credit Certificate inCoordination | Client Management | International Assessments for Schools Mathematics, University ofMentoring New South Wales | Infosys Voice of Youth Leadereducation Past Organizations: Infosys Technologies LtdB.Tech. Electronics &Communication, Cochin University Last Designation: Technology Analyst/Onsite Coordinatorof Science & Technology Clients: Citigroup North Americaareas of interestIT Consulting | Strategy/General Certifications: D&B Banking | SecuritiesManagement | Business ProcessReengineering | Digital Marketing |Brand Management Anoop Kothari 6+ Years of IT experience in delivering near seamless CRM functionality in Telecom and Customer Service domain.key skills Achievements: Steered, initiated and implemented a functionalityProject execution in IT/ITES | at Dell that reduced Average Handling Time of agent by 60% |Business Process implementation in Received On-The-Spot award | Led review meetings for design,IT/ITES code and unit test case, reducing code leakage by 56% | ‘Letter of Appreciation’ for the quality of work in OS project | Single point ofeducation contact for Post Submit team in Co-Loc for managing key resources,B. Tech. Production Engg. &Management, N.I.T. Jamshedpur circulating critical information and raising issues Past Organizations: Dell India | Tech Mahindraareas of interestConsulting | Strategy | General Last Designation: Software Development Sr. AdvisorManagement Clients: Dell | British Telecom
  18. 18. Arunava Ray PMP®, 8+ years of IT services experience key skills including 5 years of entrepreneurial venture. IT consulting | business analysis Experience of transforming a company in | secondary market research and papers to asolutions offerings | analysis on profitable organization within 5project management | pre sales months of inception.Achievements: Spearheaded the first business breakthrough worth key skillsUSD 400,000 with eToys Direct Inc. for Trulogix | Achieved cumulative Account & Project Managementturnover of INR 35 million in 5 years (2006-2011) with posted profits | Client Relationships | Internalof INR 10 million | Created non leveraged assets currently valued at Operations planning and executionINR 25 million. | Technology Consulting in Online RetailingPast Organizations: Trulogix Information Systems Pvt Ltd | AnshinSoft Corp | Anshin Software Pvt Ltd. education B. Tech. Computer EngineeringLast Designation: Account Manager areas of interestClients: Ricoh | eToys Direct | Nomura IT Project Management | IT Consulting | General ManagementCertifications: PMP® Asish Mathew Jose 8 years of experience in management consulting and market research in automobile industryRoles & Responsibilities: In charge of the research team across key skillsAsia | Responsible for the main product of the company | Led bespoke Business Analysis | Entrepreneurialanalytical projects Experience | Product Strategy | StrategyAchievements: Developed and launching the main productsuccessfully | Led strategic projects on market entry, analysing JV educationproposals and product pricing | Led estimation of vehicle population B.E. Computer Science &in ASEAN and India - the first independent team to do it | Led Engineering, VTUautomotive forecast project for ASEAN and India for CSM - one of areas of interestthe only two of its kind globally | One of the starting employees of Consulting | Strategy | GeneralSegment Y Management | Business IntelligencePast Organizations: Segment Y Automotive Intelligence Pvt. LtdLast Designation: Senior Market AnalystClients: World Bank | Bosch | Volkswagen | Michelin
  19. 19. Bhawani Rathore 6 years of cross functional experience in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry in the fields of Plant Engineering, Production and Sales & Marketingkey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Technical Sales & Service | OperationsSales & After Sales Service | Plant ManagementEngineering | cGMP Compliance |Lean Manufacturing Achievements: Key member of a team which won the global sales team of the year - 2011 based on contributions to worldwideeducation growth in annual sales of empty capsules | Achieved $250K of topB.Tech. Mechanical Engineering, line contribution by developing new accounts with Sanofi-Aventis,N.I.T. Hamirpur Glenmark, Lupin & Alkem | Led & mentored a team of 42 associates to increase the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of medicalareas of interestMarketing | Operations equipments manufacturing plant from 85% to 92%Management | Business Past Organizations: Capsugel (A Division of Pfizer) | BectonDevelopment Dickinson (BD) | Torrent Pharmaceuticals Deep Mathur 5+ years of experience in Software Product Development, IT Services and Consulting in Healthcare with 3 years in USA.key skills Roles & Responsibilities: Subject Matter Expert – Healthcare IT:Business Analysis | People Pharmacy Prescription and Third Party Management | Delegation/Management | IT Consulting | Monitoring of Project/Team process across continents with CustomerEstimation Models | Project Planning Satisfaction Index of 90% | Managed deliverables based on on-shore| SOW Creation | Risk Analysis | (USA)/off-shore modelChange Management Achievements: Setup and managed the on-shore business teameducation of a $50 mn/Multiyear engagement for a Forbes 20 Org | OptimizedB.Tech. Electronics & Business processes to prevent $ 90 mn loss | Awarded certificateTelecommunication, IETRohilkhand University from Sr. Financial Director 2 of a Forbes 20 Org | Set up “Knowledge Base” repositories which improved Customer Satisfaction Index byareas of interest 20%General Management | IT Consulting Past Organizations: Tata Consultancy Services Last Designation: Business Analyst
  20. 20. Deepak Sharma 8 years of cross-cultural experience in IT services in Investment Banking domainRoles & Responsibilities: Manage a portfolio of project and key skillsprogram management services for the enterprise | Prioritizes Strategy Implementation | Changeprograms and projects based on company objectives dealing with Management | Programmechanging functional needs, resource capacity constraints, risk Management | Sustainabilityexposure, and interdependencies | Providing leadership and direction Development | Leadershipto team of Project Managers to deliver key strategic initiatives education| Responsible for managing vendor contracts and managing the MS Computer Science, NYIT USAdelivery of the program with product/vendor resources as well areas of interestAchievements: First CCPM Champion in Datamatics Consulting | Operations | ITPast Organizations: Deutsche Bank Group | Hitachi Consulting | Strategy | Credit DerivativesDatamatics | InfomericaLast Designation: AVPClients: S&P | Bank of America | JP Morgan Devendra Dixit Over 8 Years of experience in Operations Management in Oil & Gas Industry and Project Management(NPI) and Product Development in Automobile Industry.Roles & Responsibilities: Worked at HPCL as Head of Lucknow key skillsAviation Fuel Station. Responsible for overall functioning, Leadership Skills | Effectivesales growth and development | At Tata Motors worked for the Manpower Management |development of several prototypes of New Commercial Vehicles Motivational Skills | Operationsand Project Management under NPI ManagementAchievements: Led Lucknow AFS at HPCL to 300% growth in education2 years | Received Chairman’s Award of Operations Excellence | B. E. Mechanical, DayalbaghDeveloped new CV bodies like 407 School Bus, 2515 Goods Truck Educational Institute (Deemed University), Agraat Tata MotorsPast Organizations: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited | areas of interest General Management | StrategyTata Motors Limited | Marketing | New ProductLast Designation: Head- Lucknow Aviation Fuel Station, HPCL, DevelopmentLucknowCertifications: ISO Internal Auditor at HPCL
  21. 21. Devina Mohan 7 years of Information Technology experience in Insurance and Banking business domainskey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Team lead with responsibilities of taskWorkflow Coordination | Application monitoring, resource allocation, task estimation | Business analysisTransition | Business Analysis | for projects | Solution designing for high priority tasks & projects |Establish Customer Relationships Line management of junior team memberseducation Achievements: Instrumental in establishing and leading new workB.Tech. Applied Electronics streams | Led business critical projects under tough deadlines |& Instrumentation, College of Consistently rated in the outstanding performer category | AwardedEngineering Trivandrum ‘Employee of the Year’ at team level | Topped company levelareas of interest Insurance certificationsStrategy | General Management | Past Organizations: Allianz Cornhill Information Services | KanbayProject Management Software Last Designation: Senior Systems Analyst Certifications: Certificate in Insurance CII UK (IF1 & IF2) Eva Das Over 6 years of experience in IT Business Process Management across domains of BFSI and Telecomkey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Evaluation of new technologies andBusiness Process Management | products | Designing and developing IPTV offers - Content CommerceIT Consulting | Onsite Client Co- Framework | Complete integration of engineering workflows for JPordination Morgan Chase | RFP issuance; Framing of SLA and payment terms & conditions | Managing operations; Planning the use of materials andeducation human resourcesB.Tech. Electronics &Communication Engg., West Achievements: Part of consulting team that set up offshoreBengal University of Technology technical center and co-ordinated from onsite a multi-million dollarareas of interest project for JP Morgan Chase, USIT Operations | Strategic HRM | IT Past Organizations: Cognizant Technology Solutions | MindTreeConsulting |General Management Limited | Hewlett Packard Last Designation: Consultant CRM Clients: JP Morgan Chase | HP | Nokia | Keenan Insurance
  22. 22. Indrajit Lahiri 7+ years of international experience in Business Process Excellence & Global Engineering Projects in IT/ITES and Oil & Gas domainAchievements: Steered the deployment of Toyota Production key skillsSystem in an Engineering services site that resulted in $3.4M of cost Project Management in IT/ITES |reduction | Successfully Implemented process automation projects Business Process Excellence in IT/for Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Cos | Led engineering teams from over 21 ITES/Manufacturingnationalities in 5 international locations educationPast Organizations: General Electric | Honeywell Automation India B.E.Instrumentation Technology,Ltd V.T.ULast Designation: Project Manager-Business Transformation areas of interest Strategy and M&A | ManagementClients: ADCO | Shell | Norsk Hydro | KOC | Sohar | Nova Chemicals | Consulting | MarketingPreem RefineryCertifications: Six Sigma Black Belt(GE) | Lean Expert(Honeywell) |Agile Scrum Master(GoodAgile) Jaipuri Syed Khizar Husain Ten years of experience in ERP Consulting (Oracle Applications), Requirement Gathering, Customer Liaisoning and Solution DesignRoles & Responsibilities: Project Management | Vendor key skillsManagement | ERP Support and Implementation | Oracle Application Oracle Applications- HR Suite |Consulting AIM (Application Implementation Methodology) | Project ManagementAchievements: Led a team of twelve people for successfulintegration of Genpact and Headstrong – HRMS IT suite | Cheers educationaward (Genpact) - Europe rollout | Best Team award (Colt Telecom) B.E. MechanicalPast Organizations: Tata Consultancy Services Limited | Colt areas of interestTelecom | Genpact Strategy | Sales and Marketing | General ManagementLast Designation: ManagerClients: US Gypsum | Barrick Gold | Colt Telecom (UK) | GenpactCertifications: Oracle Payroll | Oracle Compensation Management |Oracle Advance Benefit | Oracle Time and Labor | Oracle | Recruitment
  23. 23. Jayesh Tripathi Six years of experience in IT Product Development and Services in Telecom Domainkey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall planning,Project Management | Lean coordination, implementation, control and completion of projects |Methodology | Application/Project Led Project team of 10+ associates and managed several businessDesign and Planning | Requirement critical applications in Telecom domain | Worked as an interfaceAnalysis | People Management | between technical team & senior management/business usersClient Management Achievements: Led and managed several multi-location, crosseducation cultural projects (size $5-10 M) from initiation to delivery in recordB.Tech. Electronics & time, within budget and without slippages | Won several awardsCommunications and honours throughout career | Had been rated top performerareas of interest consistentlyGeneral Management | ProjectManagement | Strategy | IT Past Organizations: Amdocs | Hewitt AssociatesConsulting Last Designation: Group Leader Clients: Telstra | AT&T Certifications: BSE’s Certification on Securities Market Johyson Thekkethala Over 10 years of IT services experience | in Insurance domain specializing in Reinsurancekey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Project Manager | Relationship ArchitectProject and Account Management | | Strategic Business Advisor to clients | Team leader and mentorFunctional knowledge of ReinsuranceSystems | System Integration in large Achievements: Performance Award in 2009 | SME award in 2007organizations having fragmented IT (Insurance) | Grew the project 20% year on year for last 3 years | BestBUs Team award in 2004education Past Organizations: MindTree | HealthAsystMCA Last Designation: Project Managerareas of interestStrategy | IT Project Operations | Clients: AIG - US | Honeywell India | AetnaGeneral Management Certifications: PMP | AICPCU – Program in General Insurance and ARe-144 (Reinsurance)
  24. 24. Kailash Hegde 7+ years of experience in Project Management, Product Life Cycle Management, Business Development, Key Account Management, After Sales Support and Customer Relationship ManagementRoles & Responsibilities: Profit Center Head, Project and Contract key skillsExecution, Key Account Management Project Management | Key Account Management | Vendor ManagementAchievements: Achieved a YOY growth of 60% consistently| | Life Cycle Costing DevelopmentAchieved the highest customer satisfaction index in the industry as | Risk Analysis and Management |per the Gallup Survey | Rated as a Talent Pool candidate for higher Contract Managementresponsibilities | Developed Key Accounts like NMDC UltratechCements EMTA| Handled 13 Projects with 100+ team members. education B.Tech. Mechanical Engg, NITPast Organizations: TELCON (TATA-Hitachi JV) RourkelaLast Designation: Project Manager areas of interest General Management |Clients: NMDC | Sesa Goa | Ultratech Cements | EMTA Management Consulting | Project Management | StrategicCertifications: Tata Group Essentials of Management Certification Management Kapil Jain 12+ yrs Corporate Experience in Technology, Global ERP Consulting & 4+ yrs of Entrepreneurship in Financial ServicesRoles & Responsibilities: Practice Head - Oracle Apps/BI-DW/ key skillsSiebel in Datamatics | ORACLE ERP Business/Functional Consulting in Leadership | ProgrammeUS | Advisory Services to 1000+ clients in Financial Services Management | ERP Implementations | Supply Chain | Global WorkAchievements: Grew entrepreneurial venture to 1000+ clients | Experience | Equity Markets &Developed the Oracle Practice & acquired key clients for Datamatics Financial ServicesERP Business | Leadership Awards in Business Excellence &Execution | Rotary Recognition for Social Service | Runner-up Rotary educationBulletin Editor (2006/07) B.E. Computer Technology, NIT BhopalPast Organizations: Datamatics Ltd. | Oracle Corp, US | TCS areas of interestLast Designation: Practice Head Strategy | Investment Banking | Financial Services | ManagementClients: Agilent | Motorola | GE-Medical | Sony | Kirloskar Oil Consulting | Sr. Management |Engines | AstraZeneca Leadership RolesCertifications: CPIM (APICS - US), Associate Financial Planner(FPSB India)
  25. 25. Manas Tiwari 6+ years of experience in EPC Project Management for Power Plants and Utilitieskey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Planning, Scheduling, Execution andEPC Project Execution Monitoring of Projects | Preparation of Costing Reports and Cash Flow Forecasts | Liaison with Clients and VendorseducationB.Tech. Power, National Power Achievements: Implementation of Franchisee model in DistributionTraining Institute | AT&C losses mitigation | First ever project execution of AFBC boilers in UAE | Revenue generation of above Rs. 3 billion per yearareas of interestCorporate Finance | Strategy | Past Organizations: LANCO Infratech Ltd | ISGEC John Thompson |Process Management North Delhi Power Ltd Last Designation: Assistant Manager Clients: LANCO Kondapalli | Fujairah Cements, UAE | PQS, Brazil | JSPL | Dalmia Cements | RSWM | Mukand Ind Certifications: 210 MW Power Plant Simulator | CIPM certification- PMA/IPMA Manisha Singh 6+ years of experience in BFSI domain across various functions like Insurance Operations, Retail Banking and Client Managementkey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Designing and monitoring processesOperations Management | Client for effective back office (insurance, mutual funds) | ManagingRelationship Management | Quality remuneration and profit share reviews for staff within area ofControl | Financial Analysis responsibility | Resolving escalated client complaintseducation Achievements: Reduced average insurance issuance time to 2 daysB.E. Electronics and from 8 days | Contributed to reduction in premium payment defaultsCommunications, NSIT Delhi by 60 % and consumer complaints by 75% in 3 months | Instrumental in setting up mutual fund operations for the company | Led the IRDAareas of interestManagement Consulting | General and AMFI certification for over 100 employeesManagement | Marketing Past Organizations: Jumpstart Insurance Consultants | Canara Bank Last Designation: Manager Operations Certifications: NCFM
  26. 26. Mitesh Goradia Total 19 years of experience in Oil & Gas industry. 6 years in executive position and 13 years in line management.Roles & Responsibilities: Business Advisor Executive Director key skills| Reliability Advisor Chief Engineer Refinery and Petrochemicals | Change Management | CostProject Expediting Oil Refinery|Maintenance Manager Refinery & Management | Scientific ApproachPetrochemical Plants | Piping Design Engineer | Vendors Handled -Demaag, Honeywell, Larsen and Tubro, Mann Turbo education B.E. MechanicalAchievements: End to End Implementation Business ProcessRedesign in SAP for PM/MM/FICO Modules inter-phases | Reduced areas of interestProject Duration by 1 month for $6 bn project Corporate Governance | MIS | Business Process Redesign |Past Organizations: Reliance Industries Limited Reliability Management | Project ManagementLast Designation: General Manager - Executive Director’s OfficeCertifications: Manufacturing Management Programme, IIMBangalore | Licensor Training, Victoria, TX - US Mohit Madan 5+ years of Finance and Supply- chain experience in Opco and Global departmentsRoles & Responsibilities: Asst. Category Finance Manager key skills(Global) | Finance Executive | Supply-chain officer Corporate Finance | Management Accounting | Financial AccountingAchievements: Consistent out-performer, promoted 4 times in | Supply-chain Mgt | Businesslast 5 years | Implemented TPM way of working, conferred as 5s PartneringTPMedge champion of north cluster(India) | Awarded for best SCMand cost rationalisation | Restructured north finance department to educationcreate accounting center of excellence | Successfully implemented B.Com. (Honors) | Masters inSAP & ARIBA in HUL pilot units and trained super-users FinancePast Organizations: Hindustan Unilever Limited | Unilever Asia areas of interestPvt Ltd ( Singapore) Finance | StrategyLast Designation: Asst. Category Finance Manager (Global)
  27. 27. Nikhil Kangutkar Business Development Professional with above 8 years of experience in customer engagement, project sales, key account management, and multi-level technical & commercial negotiationskey skills Achievements: Led business development for strategic customersKey Account Management | by generating value propositions and relationship management |Distributor Network Management Executed business plans across different geographies and cultures in| Negotiation | Product Launch India | Awarded 3M Sales person for year 2010 (Turbocharger award)Execution in the transportation groupeducation Past Organizations: 3M | Castrol | DaubertBE Production, Pune University Last Designation: Key Account Managerareas of interestGeneral Management | Business Clients: GM | Volkswagen | M&M | Maruti Suzuki | Tata Motorsstrategy | Corporate Finance Praveen Singh 7+ years of experience in IT Services and Consulting with major Investment Bankskey skills Achievements: Instrumental in winning project worth GBP 3.5Project Management | Leadership million for TCS | Led a team of 10 towards redesign and development| Requirement Analysis, Solution of a Credit Risk System for Deutsche Bank worth GBP 2.5 million |Designing and Development | Developed and mentored the teams in Australia and Singapore toExcellent Analytical Skills handle the production issues for business critical applications in RBSeducation | Got “Ovation Award” , a Global Award acknowledging performanceB.Tech. Civil, IIT Roorkee excellence in RBS | Got “Star of the Quarter” award for exemplary performance in TCSareas of interestIT Strategy and Consulting | Past Organizations: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) | TataFinancial Services | Investment Consultancy Services Limited (TCS)Banking | Credit Risk Management Last Designation: Associate Clients: Deutsche Bank Certifications: Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL v2)
  28. 28. Rajat Chopra 7+ years of experience in IT & Consulting. Conceived and Delivered multiple online interactive marketing initiatives for Fortune 100 clients targeted at re-inventing their brand in the WEB2.0 era.Achievements: Leadership Core Value award in a 10000+ employee key skillsfirm | Helped secure business worth $4 Million+ through multiple Strategic Business Adviser |wins as member of pre-sales teams | Recruitment restructuring for Online Marketing Consultant |lateral hires | Early promotion to Manager level in Sapient | Early Web Analytics | Online Retail &promotion to Team Lead level in Infosys Merchandising | Pre-Sales | Cross Function & Cross Domain expertisePast Organizations: SapientNitro | Infosys (Consulting and SystemsIntegration) education B.E. Computer, Pune UniversityLast Designation: Manager Platform Technologies areas of interestClients: WalMart International | Harrah’s Entertainment | Franklin Interactive Marketing andTempleton | Michelin | Victoria’s Secret | Safeway | Pearson Business ConsultingEducation | Herbalife | HTC.comCertifications: Intellectual Property Rights Consultant, ILI New Delhi| Management Consultant Certification from CDC, Gov. of India Ratnavali Burra 6 years of experience in IT Services spanning requirement analysis, design and customization across various domains like Order Management, Finance, Manufacturing and LeasingAchievements: Awarded “performer of the year” (Oracle Corp) | key skillsAwarded “performer of the quarter” for Q4FY2010 (Oracle Corp) | Solutioning | Business ProcessAwarded “feather in the cap” award in Wipro technologies | Rated Re-engineering | Projectoutstanding in yearly appraisals in Oracle and Wipro Technologies | Management | Client EngagementPerformed an extensive analysis of the BASEL II/III and PD norms forrisk management during the internship with ICICI Securities PD education B.E. Computer Science,Past Organizations: ICICI Securities PD | Oracle | Wipro Osmania UniversityTechnologies areas of interestLast Designation: Technical Analyst Product Management | Risk Management | Strategy | ITClients: ITIL V3 Consulting
  29. 29. Riju Siddique 7+ years of experience in IT services across domains of Mortgage Insurance, P&C Insurance and Pharmacy Operations .key skills Roles & Responsibilities: Project Lead | Technical Lead | Onshore -Project Management | Global Offshore coordinationDelivery Model expertise Achievements: Key player in multiple successful project bids |education Recruitment coordination for the accountB.Tech. Electronics &Communication Engineering, Past Organizations: Cognizant Technologies USA | InfosysCUSAT Technologies Limitedareas of interest Last Designation: Senior Associate - ProjectsIT Management | Strategy |Management Consulting Clients: Walgreens | Nationwide Insurance | AllState | Northwestern Mutual | PMI Mortgage Certifications: LOMA 286 - Principles of Financial Services and Products Rishabh Gulati A highly innovative and motivated manager in IT Services, a key contributor to broad range of mission-critical organizational initiatives. 9 years of overall experience with 6.5 years of US experiencekey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Client relationship managementStrategic Account Planning | | Program Management | Identifying growth areas | Setting upProgram Management | Client and stabilizing accounts | Supporting Sales team in new clientProfiling and Bidding | Business acquisitionsIntelligence and Data warehousing Achievements: Successfully setup a client engagement worth USDeducation $2MM and exceeded growth targets by 130% | 10+ Service DeliveryB.E. Computer Science Awards, at team and Individual level | Implemented Offshoring model at multiple geographies | Best Software Engineer Award at Infosys |areas of interestGeneral Management | IT Most Valuable Player Award at InfosysManagement and Strategy | IT Past Organizations: iGATE | InfosysConsulting Last Designation: Account Manager Clients: Omnicom Inc. | NBC Universal | Pearson
  30. 30. Sakshi Kapoor 7 years of experience in Project Management, Engineering Design and Analysis for Power and Oil & Gas business domainsAchievements: Awarded “Global Recognition Award” for key skillsexceptional project support and teamwork during design, analysis Creativity in providing businessand implementation of fuel gas system control | Awarded Hats-Off solutions | Project Management | Inawards in G.E. for winning the “Project of the Month” title for 2 Depth Analysis and Problem Solvingprojects | Co-inventor for patent application “A System For Desalting | Excellent Client Engagement SkillsFuel Oil Using A Steam Jet Pump”. Patent application in process educationPast Organizations: General Electric | Jacobs Engineering | B.Tech. Chemical and BioMultitex Filtration Engineers Limited Engineering, NIT JalandharLast Designation: Lead Engineer areas of interest General Management | StrategyCertifications: Six Sigma Green Belt |Management Consulting | Operations Management Saumitra Banerjee 6 years of experience in IT services in BFSI domainAchievements: Received performance excellence award twice in key skillsNIIT Technologies Ltd. | Received promotion in Cognizant Technology Requirement Analysis | BFSI DomainSolutions within an year of joining | Handled teams spaded across Knowledge | Project Managementdifferent locations and having huge diversity | Quality Management | Team CoordinationPast Organizations: Cognizant Technology Solutions | NIITTechnologies Limited education B.E. Information Technology,Last Designation: Senior Associate - Projects Bengal Engineering and Science UniversityClients: BNY Mellon | Credit Suisse | Utica National Insurance areas of interest IT Delivery Management | IT Strategy | Corporate Strategy | Strategic Finance
  31. 31. Seshadri Bashyam 7.5 years of experience in IT services across domains like BFSI (capital markets - FICC sales technology area), Gaming & Advertising, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Mediakey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Managing geographically dispersedSoftware Application Development, team | Liaising between client and offshore team | Client statusMaintenance, Support and Transition reporting | Managing teams working on end-to-end delivery of| Project Management software applicationseducation Achievements: Accenture ACE team award winnerB.E. Computers Past Organizations: Accenture | Games2Win | Digitas | Infosysareas of interestFinance | Strategy | Consulting Last Designation: Associate Manager Clients: Goldman Sachs | American Express | Aetna Inc. | Pfizer Inc. Sharad Mathur 6+ years of IT consulting & project management experience in CRM and telecom domainskey skills Achievements: Transition of 16 critical applications serving 3.6 BnIT Consulting | Customer customers with an ARPU of 19 for Wind Telecom | Data MigrationRelationship Management | Data of 6 Mn customers for an acquired line of business for Vodafone-Migration | Transition | Leadership Spain | “Bravo”, the Best of IBM Award for Outstanding Performance| Recruitment -Technical Interview | “Best Managed Project-Development” under ESTeem Awards atPanel Infosyseducation Past Organizations: IBM | Infosys | PrajB.E. Chemical, Pune University Last Designation: Application Consultant (Team Lead)areas of interestManagement Consulting | Business Clients: British Telecom - UK | Vodafone - Spain | Wind Telecom -Development | Corporate Finance | ItalyAutomobiles Certifications: IBM Certified SOA Fundamental Professional
  32. 32. Shreenath Ukidve Highly qualified professional having 9+ years of experience in leading global teams and building cutting-edge technology applications for world’s leading companiesRoles & Responsibilities: Worked as a Project Manager at key skillsAccenture offshore delivery Center in previous role Application Development Maintenance and Transition |Achievements: Doubled the offshore size to 20 resources in span on Financial Domain Expertise -one year Core Banking, Payment Systems & Capital MarketsPast Organizations: Accenture | Logica | Computer Associates |Satyam Computers | IIT Mumbai education B.E. ComputersLast Designation: Associate Manager areas of interestClients: JPMC | Reserve Bank of India | GE Consumer Finance | IT Strategy | GeneralTransport Scotland Management | ConsultingCertifications: Service Manager Certification in ITIL Shri Kant Kejriwal 8 years of experience in Business Analysis, Business Development and Business Process Re-engineeringAchievements: Awarded by the Commissioner of New York key skillsfor achieving 30% cost savings for the client and training 1000+ Costing & Budgeting | ClientAmerican probation, parole and correction officers on the case Management | Consensus Buildingmanagement system | Financial Services-Factoring expertisePast Organizations: Tata Consultancy Services educationClients: Bibby Financial Services | New York Department of B. Tech.Probation | Pennsylvania Department of Correction | Boots areas of interestCertifications: Bloomberg Derivatives | Mergers & Acquisitions | Markets & Trading | Valuation
  33. 33. Sudhanshu Kumar 9+ years of experience in IT services pre-sales, RFX solutioning and onsite coordination in BFSI and CRM domainkey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Creation of case studies, presentationBusiness Development | Proposals decks, sales collaterals, white papers | Responding to RFP/RFIs,and RFXs Solutioning | Pre-Sales | pricing, building proactive proposals | Business Development in newPricing | Client Interaction | Project and existing accounts | Management of client visits, key stakeholdersManagement | Insurance DomainKnowledge Achievements: Maintained highest win ratio (11/30) in the BFSI business development team | Handled various bid sizes worth $250Keducation to $65 Million | Awarded “CSC Client Impact Award “for onsiteB. Sc. Mathematics Honors | coordination for the client “America Online Inc“M.C.A Past Organizations: CSC (India, US, UK) | Sapient Corporation |areas of interest Cadence Design SystemsAccount Management | Front EndSales | Business Development | IT Last Designation: Manager Business DevelopmentConsulting Clients: Spirint | AOL | Zurich Insurance Certifications: Insurance (AICPCU, INS21) Sumant Bhattacharya 14 years in creating strategically sound communication planks for leader brands in categories ranging from FMCG to media and consumer durables to telecom, at top-5 advertising agencies of this countrykey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Strategic intent of brands | BrandBrand Differentiation | Category vision and act briefs | 360 degree touchpoint ideas | DirectionalDynamics | Trend Mapping | sustainabilityEmotional Drivers and Movers |Mediascape Achievements: Rebranding of Uninor, Maruti Esteem, Thunderbolt Beer | National launch of Canara HSBC Life Insurance, Kalash Soyaeducation Oil, Radio Mirchi (Jalandhar) | Successful campaigns for premium andB.Sc., Lucknow University tier 2/3 marketsareas of interest Past Organizations: Leo Burnett | Lowe (Lintas) | Radio Mirchi |Business and Branding Strategy | Mudra | Draft FCB Ulka | Everest Brand SolutionsMarketing | Market Research |Consumer Insights | Digital Strategy Last Designation: Creative Director, Leo Burnett, Delhi Clients: LG | Maruti | Dabur | Idea | Dish TV | Nestle | Samsung | Tata iShakti | McDonald’s | Whirlpool | Dainik Jagran | Uninor | Thunderbolt | CNN-IBN | Virgin Atlantic | HP | HBO | Compaq
  34. 34. Swarnabha Seth 6 years of IT experience as Team Lead and Technical Consultant including 2 years of international experience in UK.Roles & Responsibilities: Leading Teams through entire delivery key skillslifecycle | Onsite-Offshore Coordination and Team Management from Project Management | Solutionclient location | IT Solutioning and Client Interaction Design | Banking Domain and Financial Market Knowledge |Achievements: Subject Matter Expert – Enterprise application Client Interfacing Expertise | Agileintegration space | Successfully led and managed teams in offshore/ Methodologyonshore model for a GBP 5mn project | Instrumental in building upteam size from 3 to 12 | Consistently rated as a top performer education B.E. Electrical, JadavpurPast Organizations: IBM | CTS | Infosys UniversityLast Designation: Team Lead areas of interest Strategy | IT Consulting |Clients: Barclays | British Sky Broadcasting | Johnson Controls General ManagementCertifications: IBM Websphere Solutions | NCFM - Stock Marketsand Mutual Funds Tarun Chhabra 10+ years of extensive IT Services delivery and client management experience across varied domains including Retail, Telecom Expense Management, Mobile Applications, Text AnalyticsRoles & Responsibilities: Leading teams of various sizes located key skillsacross multiple geographies | Project Management and Account Business Analysis | Customer AccountManagement | Delivering projects across varied technologies on- Management | New Technologytime and within budget | Setting up and stabilizing new clients and Implementation | Offshore Projectprojects | Supporting pre-sales for proposals and pilot projects TransitioningAchievements: Deployed a Sales Target Management System educationcovering Saudi Arabia at Pepsico AMEA | Implemented an Automated B.E. Computers, PEC ChandigarhTelecom Billing Audit & Dispute resolution system handling millions areas of interestof $$$ worth of transactions at CPS | Developed text analytics Business Development | ITapplications on proprietary tools for various research projects at Strategy | Corporate Finance &Reuters Strategy | General ManagementPast Organizations: IRIS Software | Secf | TCSLast Designation: Solutions ConsultantClients: Pepsico AMEA | CPS Inc. | Target Corp. | StrategyOne Corp.
  35. 35. Tarun Minocha 6+ years of experience in Presales, After Sales Business Development, Project Management & After Sales Operations Management in Healthcare Industry. 4 yrs of entrepreneurial experience in sales & Marketing- Chemicals Industrykey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Led a team of professionalsKey Account Management | Customer across functions to manage after sales operations of AnalyticalRelationship Management | Product Instrumentation business | Developing & stabilizing new business& Project Management along with the sales team | Key Account Manager to major clients | Product Manager - liquid spectrometry productseducationB.Tech. Biomedical Engineering, Achievements: Developed new sales & service accounts withGuru Jambheshwar University contribution of 17.1% & 20.8% to their respective top lines | Delivered the best parameters for customer relations management -areas of interestMarketing & Strategic northern India | Improved overall equipment efficiency by 52%Management | Business Past Organizations: Agilent Technologies | AB Sciex IndiaDevelopment | Operations |Product Management | Consulting Last Designation: Area Manager, Services Clients: Ranbaxy | Pfizer | AIIMS Vaidyanath Iyer 10 years experience in trade, finance and investmentskey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Manager handling a team of 30 peopleFinance | Operations Achievements: Led the turnaround of a trade operations unit |education Operationalized a new trade financing product | Led the team toB.Com | Cost and Management introduce a new transaction processing software for commodityAccountant financeareas of interest Past Organizations: TCS eSERVE LtdTrade Finance | Corporate Finance| Strategy Last Designation: Manager Clients: Citibank N A
  36. 36. Varun Paranjape 7 years of automobile industry experience in design, development and application engineeringRoles & Responsibilities: Led local (GM India) Engineering team key skillsin application engineering & supplier development | Worked for Project Management | ApplicationGM North America for design & manufacturing operations | Subject Engineering | Engine LocalizationMatter hybrid vehicles | Led GM CSR team | Subject Matter Expertise - Hybrid Vehicle | CSR ActivitiesAchievements: Certificate of appreciation for successfully handlingGM India project | Certificate of appreciation for leading Go-Green- educationa CSR initiative | Certificate of recognition for being an internal B.E. Mechanical, Amravatitrainer | Represented BOSCH in NIMA Index-2006 UniversityPast Organizations: General Motors Technical Center | BOSCH | areas of interestVGL Cryogenics Product Management & Operations | Consulting |Last Designation: Design Engineer Marketing ManagementCertifications: Corporate Training Program on Engine Design, MS Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore | Base EngineDesign class Vineet Das 9 years of experience in IT Project Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Key Account Management, After-Sales Support and CRM across domains like BFSI, PLM and IT-GRCAchievements: Handled 100+ client accounts across 10+ countries key skills| 15+ awards & appreciations from clients and employers | US$7.4M Account Management | Businessagreement with HDFC Bank for automating & standardizing Development | IT Strategy andprocesses for compliance within relevant laws, including SOX, Roadmaps | Business Analysis |ISO27001 and COBIT | US $2.8M deal for implementing governance Program Managementcontrols for Barclays and helping them balance 20+ countries’ worth educationof regulations into their compliance mappings | Cost savings of $12 B.E. Computers, Pune Universitymillion for Chevron (Fortune 3) by linking business goals to IT goalsusing IT standards and good practices such as COSO, ITIL, ISO 27000, areas of interestCMMI, Lean Six Sigma & PMBOK Product Management | IT Consulting | IT Management andPast Organizations: Symantec | 3D PLM (Geometric) | Ebix Inc. StrategyLast Designation: Principal EngineerCertifications: ITIL V3 | PMP Trained | Six Sigma Green Belt
  37. 37. Vivek Likhi 5 years of cross-cultural experience in rural entrepreneurship development & 2 years in ITES serviceskey skills Roles & Responsibilities: Strategic planning and financialEnd-to-End Consulting | Client consulting for entrepreneurial ventures | Business development |Relationship Management | Strategic Designing project schemesPlanning Achievements: Worked as Director-New Schemes for MP |education Successful consulting for conceptualization and implementation ofB.E. Mechanical, Bhopal 40 new projects | Successfully met the targets for 13 weeks; the 2ndUniversity time this was achieved under our product lineareas of interest Past Organizations: Wipro | Supreme Education SocietyConsulting | Strategy | M&A |General Managemen Last Designation: Subject Matter Expertalready reached... TO CHALLENGE THE STANDARDS ALREADY SET.
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