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Smart Development-Happy Clients


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WordCamp Kathmandu 2017 Presentation Slides on the toipic : Smart Development-Happy Clients by Abhishek Rijal.

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Smart Development-Happy Clients

  1. 1. Smart development - Happy clients Faster development approaches for client sites in WordPress
  2. 2. About Me Abhishek Rijal WordPress Developer / Theme Reviewer & Customizer @ WEN Solutions Freelancer: WordPress Development Projects WordPress Enthusiast
  3. 3. Why do we need a different approach ? Product Development Vs. Client Site
  4. 4. Project Planning Time Budget Capability Future Proofing Repetition
  5. 5. Project Development Development Approaches
  6. 6. Building a custom theme from the ground up “Setting everything like the way you want, from the beginning”
  7. 7. Building a custom theme from the ground up Pros Can Create Code / Design Independently. Simpler Learning Curve. Cons Development needs to be started from scratch. Greater efforts and task time.
  8. 8. Building a theme using a starter theme. “complete and optimized package to start working on your final project”
  9. 9. Building a theme using a starter theme. Pros Well Documented and Organized. Availability of basic templates. ØVersatile usage Cons Still needs lot of design / development changes. Needs to be familiar with directory structure first.
  10. 10. Creating your own starter theme kit “The freedom to implement your structure / ideas for similar projects.”
  11. 11. Creating your own starter theme kit Pros Reusable package. Freedom to implement custom structure. Cons Burden of keeping the starter theme updated with WordPress. Might not be suitable for versatile Clients.
  12. 12. Development using framework / page builder. "Useful features and functions that will help you handle the whole project quicker."
  13. 13. Development using framework / page builder. Pros Inherits prebuilt features / layout. Faster development with built in elements. ØEasier to accommodate new changes. Cons Dependency on Framework. Compromise on some design elements.
  14. 14. So… Which is the Best Approach to go along with… ??
  15. 15. Mix It Up
  16. 16. Elementor page builder + Underscores
  17. 17. Elementor Page Builder(Example) Developer friendly Extensions
  18. 18. Use Plugins !! But not over do it...
  19. 19. Break the rules !!
  20. 20. Shortcodes & Widgets
  21. 21. Smart replies
  22. 22. Common Mistakes
  23. 23. Resources • ground-use-ekhm-helper/ • • •
  24. 24. Any Questions ?