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Abhishek Prasad | Senior UX Designer


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Abhishek Prasad | Senior UX Designer

  1. 1. Abhishek PrasadSenior UX Designer | HFI–Certified Usability Analyst13 Years of Experience in UX Designing, Usability andConsulting, SEO & Corporate Training. I am very passionateabout new challenges brought about by technology, media,mobility, communities, marketing, branding, and innovation inbusiness centered product design and their intersections overethnographic and contextual scenarios.Abhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |
  2. 2. Why I do thisI love creativity and the pursuit of greatness. I believe in the power ofimagination and stories. It is the act of bringing things to life thatmotivates me. Connecting ideas, taking risks, coming up with somethingnew. This is why I chose UX. It’s more than just what I do… It is who I am.I treat UX as the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution.A natural energy and curiosity is what drives me toward asking why andhow, working to define the user problem, and helping to clarify their actualgoal. The process starts and ends with the user. Successfully connectingthem to a delightful and meaningful experience is where my ultimatesatisfaction lies.Abhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |
  3. 3. How I workUX is where all my skillsets intersect. User, design, and business. I apply allthree to the UX process from end to end.User: I always keep user at the top in my work and in mind while designingor thinking for a design, and I always win my design for that.Design: Applying creativity and imagination to UX and solving userproblems is what I love. The acts of creation and innovation. Being able tobuild things that are beautiful, compelling, and delightful.Business: UX doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s in every aspect of a company.Remembering we work together for user success keeps UX grounded increating things that end up in the users hands.Abhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |
  4. 4. Core UXUser Research & Interviews Data VisualizationPersona Creation Reporting Structure & DesignNarrative Journeys Product/Site MappingMental Modeling Product DiscoveryStoryboarding Stakeholder BrainstormsUser Flows Rapid ExperimentationWireframing User AdvocacyInformation Architecture UX Vision & ManagementAbhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |
  5. 5. Design & UX DevelopmentVisual & Graphic DesignHiFi MockupsPrototype CreationInterface DesignInteraction DesignRequirement DocumentationAbhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |
  6. 6. Technical SkillsFull range visual design skillsFull range HTML/CSS skillsPhotoshop, Illustrator, FireworksFlash, After Effect, CoreldrawAxureHTML5 / CSS3Less-CSSResponsive DesignAbhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |
  7. 7. ConsultingI am always open to consulting, short & medium term contracting, andanything else that is interesting. Customer success is my one and only goal,and everything I do is in support of that.Cost is evaluated on a case by case basis; I like to keep everything fair andtailored to the customer need. A detailed proposal will be provided, whichinclude costs and timelines.Abhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |
  8. 8. TrainingI have a deep experience of designing and using the tools for differentmedia, I also hone good skill in Usability and User Experience with apractical experience.•Prototyping Design workshop•Usability Testing Workshop•User Centered Design and Accessibility workshopAbhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |
  9. 9. Connect - AbhishekMobile : +91 9850317372Email: abhiniki@gmail.comLinkedin: : Pune, IndiaAbhishek Prasad | +91 9850317372 | |