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Work breakdown structure

This slide is about Work Break Down Structure, how it is done, its use, misconceptions, etc..

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Work breakdown structure

  1. 1. Made By: Abhishek PachisiaB.Tech – IT (IV Year) 090102801
  2. 2. ₪ Also known as: WBS₪ Project Decomposition Smaller components.₪ Defines & Groups a project’s discrete work elements ↔ Helps organize ↔ Define the total work scope
  3. 3. ₪One of the most valuable instruments₪The most overlooked or poorly-constructed.₪The WBS is the backbone of any project. Ex : Network diagram is derived from WBS. Thus, providing project schedule.
  4. 4. A Project has a Duration and consists of functions, activities and tasks. Function Project Function Activity Activity Activity Activity Activity Activity Task Task Task Task
  5. 5. ﴾ Simplifying the project execution﴾ Accurate and readable project organization.﴾ Accurate assignment of responsibilities to the project team.﴾ Indicates the project milestones and control points.﴾ Helps to estimate the cost, time, and risk.﴾ Illustrate the project scope, so the stakeholders can have a better understanding of the same.
  6. 6. € 100% rule€ Mutually exclusive elements€ Plan outcomes, not actions€ Level of detail€ Coding scheme€ Terminal element
  7. 7. ﴾ WBS should be viewed as a roadmap.﴾ It should be descriptive, not vague.﴾ It should list out all the steps down to the smallest level. » Ex: If 5 steps are there then all should be listed.﴾ Assuming that “everyone knows what steps are required to complete the task” means failure.
  8. 8. ₪ Elements of each WBS Element: € The scope of the project, "deliverables" of the project. € Start and end time of the scope of project. € Budget for the scope of the project. € Name of the person related to the scope of project.₪No hard and fast rule. € Some rules for determining the smallest chunk: » Thumb Rule » If it makes sense Rule, » 80 hour rule, » Three week/year rule, etc.
  9. 9. STEP - 1₪List all major deliverables and the high-level tasks specifically mentioned or gleaned from the scope description.₪Side note should delineate ↔What is to be considered. ↔What is out of scope, i.e. not to be considered.
  10. 10. STEP - 2₪Select a deliverable. € Name all of the tasks required₪Heading(known as Summary Task) - complete descriptive sentence.₪Side note should delineate € What is to be considered. € What is out of scope, i.e. not to be considered.
  11. 11. STEP - 3• Break down each task – For another project manager to fully follow the process.• Provides – The basis for budget estimating – A checklist for monitoring and controlling.
  12. 12. STEP - 4₪Rearrange the tasks and work packages £ For logical flow -> To perform the summary task.₪Rearrange the summary tasks £ For Logical flow -> To perform the project.₪Ensure £ Task headings are meaningful £ There is a balance between having enough tasks and work packages to provide enough detail without overkill.
  13. 13. ↔Lists & Tables ↔Trees
  14. 14. ₪Set of specific definitions €Thoroughly describe the scope of each work element identified in the WBS₪Components. €A tabular summary of the €A work element dictionary sheet dictionary elements cross- »Provides the title of the work referenced element, »WBS indenture level, »The project contractor WBS »The WBS revision, the and element title, »The contractor’s accounting »The project contractor WBS codes, the budget and reporting code, and number, and »The contractor’s accounting »A detailed description of the code (if desired). work to be performed by this element, including deliverables
  15. 15. £ A WBS is not an exhaustive list of work. » Comprehensive classification of project scope.£ A WBS is » neither a project plan, » a schedule, » nor a chronological listing. » Specifies what will be done, not how or when.£ A WBS is not an organizational hierarchy, » It may be used when assigning responsibilities
  16. 16. MIL-STD-881C:₪ Aircraft Systems WBS₪ Electronic Systems WBS₪ Missile Systems WBS₪ Ordnance Systems WBS₪ Sea Systems WBS₪ Space Systems WBS₪ Surface Vehicle Systems WBS₪ Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems WBS₪ Unmanned Maritime Systems WBS₪ Launch Vehicle Systems WBS₪ Automated Information Systems WBS
  17. 17. ﴾ Work breakdown structures are great for developingand validating the scope of a project.﴾ Work breakdown structures are most powerful whenshown in a graphic style, similar to an organizationchart. They can also take on the form of a simpleoutline.﴾ Work breakdown structures allow people from variousbackgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives to understandthe activities being planned.

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This slide is about Work Break Down Structure, how it is done, its use, misconceptions, etc.. Editing is lost in this uploaded file.. :(


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