Condolence letter


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What is condolence letter and how to write it?

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Condolence letter

  1. 1. Made By : Abhishek Pachisia B.Tech – I.T.(II yr)Reg. No-09SETIT144
  2. 2. Writing a condolence letteris an extremely difficult butvery important task. It is sodifficult to cope with thedeath of a member of thefamily, close friend orassociate that some peopleare unable to express theircondolences.
  3. 3. For a sincere and personal touch a hand written letter using this following layout, ispreferable to a typed one. A sympathy card or note is also acceptableWriting a letter of condolence•Put yourself in the shoes of the person to whom you are sending the condolenceletter•A short but meaningful letter is far less painful to read than a long letter•Offer your condolencesHelpful tips on writing difficult condolence letters•Describe your relationship with the deceased and how you felt about them-respect,admiration and what you will miss about them•Mention the unique strengths and achievements of the deceased•Offer your help and support•Extend your condolence to other members of the family•A sympathy card or note is also acceptable as an alternative to a condolence letter
  4. 4. For a sincere and personal touch a hand written letter using thislayout, is preferable to a typed one. A sympathy card or note is also acceptable Address DetailsDateDear xxxx,First ParagraphSecond and Subsequent ParagraphsClosing ParagraphWith Deepest SympathyorSincerely yours,Name
  5. 5. First Sample ParagraphI am writing to extend my deepestsympathies to you and your family. I was sovery sad to hear about _____, he/she wassuch a wonderful woman/man.Main Body Sample ParagraphsI had the honour and the pleasure to knowyour husband/father/wife/sister and I wasvery sorry to hear about his/her passingaway. I had the greatest respect for ______and will miss working with him/ playing golfwith him , his/her generous nature andsharing his/her remarkable sense of humour.Closing Sample ParagraphPlease let me know whether there is anythingI can do to help during this difficult time. Youand your family are in my thoughts andprayers. I will light a candle for _____tonight.
  6. 6. Date: 12jun2005Dear Mr. & Mrs. Sharma,Words can not express how deeply sorry we are for your loss. Suraj will be missed terribly.Throughout the years, we have valued his friendship, kindness and thoughtfulness. We willsorely miss all of our laughs, friendly competition, and evenings of comradeship. We willalways keep suraj memories held deeply within our hearts reminding us of how life shouldbe lived.We wish we could be with you to comfort you, to help you, to hold you, and to pray withyou. But, we are here at any time to talk with you, to listen, to comfort you - just give us acall.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.With love and sympathy,(Raj Manhas and Niraj Mohan)