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Indian History Quiz



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Indian History Quiz

  1. 1. Rules • Total 30 Questions • 4 Rounds (2 bounce & pounce, 2 written) • 40 sec for calling pounce • If pouncing we need the complete answer • No GOOGLING • QM’s decesion is Final
  2. 2. Sample The coinage of the empire was initially derived from the coinage of Kushan Empire, adopting it’s weigh standards, techniques& designs. They even adopted the name of Dinara for their coinage which ultimately came from the Roman name Denarius Aureus. After Kushanas they were most important dynasty. Which dynasty?
  3. 3. Answer The Gupta Empire
  4. 4. ROUND 1 Rules • Pounce & Bounce • 10 Questions 10 mark each • Pounce +10/-10 • No negative for direct & pass question • Clockwise
  5. 5. 1 It was the 1st movie that premiered in the USA. It is 1943 hindi historical film, directed by Vijay Bhatt. The incidents happening after the coming back of Lord Rama to his Kingdom Ayodhya after defeating Ravana is the story of the movie. It has a relation to a national icon. Id the film & relation.
  6. 6. Answer Film: RamRajya 1st & last movie seen by Mahatma Gandhi
  7. 7. 2 There was a misunderstanding that this slogan was coined by X. But Narendra Luther , said in his researchbook ‘Legendotes of Hyderabad’ that : It was coined by Zain-ul Abideen Hussain a man from Hyderabad who later joined the Indian National Army. He gave the slogan to X when X was searching for a good slogan. Identify X & the very famous Slogan
  8. 8. Answer X- Subash Chandra Bose Slogan - Jai Hind
  9. 9. 3 X was the last acharya of the undivided Jain sangha. There is a myth that on the night of full moon in the month of karthik Y saw 16 dreams, which were then explained to him by Acharya X. It is believed that X was the person who inspired Y to became a jain . Id X & Y
  10. 10. Answer X- Bhadrabahu Y- Chandraguptha Mauryan
  11. 11. 4 The term X is known to derive from 2 Persian words meaning horse & cavalrymen. X was used by John Lawrence to describe something happened in Indian History, but we generally not using it. X is still used in Nepalese & Pakistan army. But after independence Indian army dropped the term X and replaced with Y which means Young in Persian. Id X & Y
  12. 12. Answer X- Sepoy Y-Jawan
  13. 13. 5 • 2nd deepest mine in the world. • Britishers fondly called Mini England. • 2nd city to be electrified in Asia. • 1st hydro electric station in Asia, Shivasamudra providing electricity here. • Its name is same as the name of a 2018 blockbuster movie. Id the city?
  14. 14. Answer K G F
  15. 15. 6 The idea of this venture in India had been floated 12 years earlier by Willam Bolts, a Dutch merchant. But it was implemented by another Irishman in 1780, who had spent 2 years in jail for debt. He used this as a weapon to criticize activities of Warren Hastings & other British leaders. After 4 dramatic trails he was again sent to jail 1781. Who & what was the venture?
  16. 16. Answer James Augustus Hickey &1st Newspaper
  17. 17. 7 X was an industrialist, philanthropist & an Indian freedom fighter. He founded Y group of companies in the 1920s & the group now has 24 companies. He was also a close and beloved associate of Mahatma Gandhi, who is known to often declare that X was his 5th son. He was also dubbed as the ‘merchant of the prince’ by Gandhi Id X & Y
  18. 18. Answer X- Jamnalal Bajaj Y- Bajaj
  19. 19. 8 W Hirachand, N Morarjee, K Devachand, L B Samaldas are 4 Gujarati businessman started a venture together in march which took shape in 5th April 1919 marking its beginning in Mumbai, but late after reaching London. The venture also marks first for the country and it is commemorated on April 5 every year in our country since 1964. What are we talking about & which day ?
  20. 20. Answer 1st Indian owned ship National maritime day
  21. 21. 9 Gangadhar Tilak along with Mummohandaa Ramji & industrialist X concieved the Bombay Swadeshi Co-op stores Co. Ltd. In favour of swadeshi goods & boycotting foreign goods in early 1900s. The store is known today as Bombay Store. Id X
  22. 22. Answer J R D Tata
  23. 23. 10 X is a national park situated 137 kms away from Kanha National Park, got its name by river X. X was started as sanctuary in 1977, in 1983 became National Park, in 1992 became a tiger reserve. Turiya & Karmajhiri are its famous entry gates. It is depicted in Ain-i-Akbari & BBC’s Spy in the Jungle was also filmed here. Moreover X inspired Y who born in 1865 in Mumbai to write Z. Id X, Y & Z
  24. 24. Answer X- Pench National Park Y-Rudyard Kipling Z- The Jungle Book
  25. 25. ROUND 2 Rules • Written Round • 5 Questions 10 mark each • Answers after the 5 questions
  26. 26. 11 X was the son of Maratha ruler Chatrapti Rajaram I & his wife Tarabai. He is the grandson of Y. Upon the death of his father the infant X was installed as the Chatrapati of Maratha Empire with his mother Tarabai serving as the regent in 1700. He has died of smallpox on 14 March 1726. Id X & Y
  27. 27. Answer X- Shivaji Bhonsle II Y- Chatrapati Sivaji
  28. 28. 12 By the Regulation XI of 1809, East India company banned the entry of Lolee, Kalal & some other castes to here. After Independence B P Mandal told that: Lord Mountbatten, accompanied by Ambedkar, the Governor General’s executive council member once visited here, he was given a grand welcome. But entry of Ambedkar was denied. Which place that was recently in news?
  29. 29. Answer Puri Jagathnath Temple
  30. 30. 13 Firishta/Fereshta was a Persian historian. Based on the inquiries he made at Lahore, reviled that Ghazi Malik who later known as X was a Turkish slave of the earlier emperor Balban. X was the fonder of a sultanate empire in India. His reign was cut short after 5 years, when died by falling the wooden pavilion upon him. Id him
  31. 31. Answer Ghiasuddin Tughlaq
  32. 32. 14 X was the son of Bishu Maharana, a great architect. Narasimha Deva I deided to built Y. 1200 craftsmen were found to work on Y led by Bishu Maharana. When X at age of 12 reached to his father at his worksite he knew that the king threatened the 1200 workers that if they doesn’t complete Y on next morning, they will be killed. So X did the task lonely by sacrificing his life. Id X & Y
  33. 33. Answer X- Dharmapada Y- Konark Sun Temple
  34. 34. 15 Mir Taj Muhammed Khan was a Indian freedom fighter who became a part of frontier Gandhi Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan’s movement & hade even contested election against another national icon, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad & lost. He was also a part of Quit India movement, while his father-in- law served in Mangalore as the chief engineer of the port in 1960. But their son/grandson is famous in & entirely different field. Id this personality
  35. 35. Answer Shah Rukh Khan
  36. 36. Answers 11-15 11. X- Shivaji Bhonsle II -- Y- Chatrapati Sivaji 12. Puri Jagathnath Temple 13. Ghiasuddin Tughlaq 14. X –Dharmapada -- Y –Konark Sun Temple 15. Shah Rukh Khan
  37. 37. ROUND 3 Rules • Pounce & Bounce • 10 Questions 10 mark each • Pounce +10/-10 • No negative for direct & pass question • Anti-clockwise
  38. 38. 16 In 1776 the site of demolished St.Anne’s church & adjoining plot was given to X to accommodate Junior Clerks of English East India Company. In 1800 Fort William Collage was moved here with a hostel for 32 students & exam hall. It host the assassination of Colonel N S Simpson by Benoy, Badal & Dinesh in the last of 1930. Their statues are situated there. What are we talking about? Id X
  39. 39. Answer X- Thomas Lyon Y-Writers Buildng
  40. 40. 17 Hemu also known as Hemu Vikramadithyan was a hindu king who previously served as a general & chief minister of X of the Suri dynasty. He was the last hindu emperor of Delhi. He was the successor of X. X was the brother of Sikander Shah Suri who was defeated by Humayun in 1555. Id X
  41. 41. Answer Adil Shah Suri
  42. 42. 18 Id the house in Bihar now which is a mueseum. The house looks like one of the name of the novel penned by him. Whose house?
  43. 43. 18
  44. 44. Answer George Orwell
  45. 45. 19 The ancient site at X was the forerunner of the Indus valley civilization. Its now in Pakistan. At the earliest layer copper & bronze were not used. The houses & fortification were made from unbaked mud bricks. Later bronze was used, but only for ornmental purposes. Unfortunately the city was destroyed in a fire broke out. Id X
  46. 46. Answer Kot Diji
  47. 47. 20 The king had no male heir after 12 years since being king. His astrologer Chishti he had to shift his entire capital to another place to get a male child. Based on this he built a new capital city with courtyards, well built balconies & palaces. He named it as ‘the place of victory’ in his language. He got 2 sons soon after. After just 14 years the whole place was abandoned. Id King & the abandoned capital.
  48. 48. Answer Akbar & Fatehpur Sikri
  49. 49. 21 Owen Meridith is a pseudonym used by a poet in England during 19th century. He is also a statesman & a politician. His most popular work is “Lucile” was published in 1800. He under esteemed his poetic ability: in his ‘Chronicles & Characters’ (1868), the poor response distressed him. But other literacy personalities highly esteemed his ability. Oscar Wilde dedicated the play “Lady Windermere’s Fan’ to him. Id him who was a former viceroy in India?
  50. 50. Answer Lord Lytton
  51. 51. 22 It is wonderful, the power of a faith like that, that can make multitudes upon multitudes of the old and weak and the young and frail enter without hesitation or complaint upon such incredible journeys and endure the resultant miseries without repining. It is done in love, or it is done in fear; I do not know which it is. No matter what the impulse is, the act born of it is beyond imagination marvelous to our kind of people, the cold whites. Mark Twain describing which mega event?
  52. 52. Answer Kumbh Mela
  53. 53. 23 X was a noted Indian painter of Mughal School of painting. He was one of the illustrators of Baburnama. He joined the imperial service during the reign of Akbar & continued his work till the reign of Shah Jahan. Id X.
  54. 54. Answer Govardhan
  55. 55. 24 The company X was founded in 1971 & one of the few private industries given permissions due to MD’s close relation to Indira Gandhi. It was nationalised in 1981. In 1982 Y entered into a joint venture agreement with 60:40 sharing. Production of their most iconic product began in 1983. In 2000 it became 1st in its kind in India to launch call centre for customer service, in 2006 govt. sold all its share to a private group. Id X & Y
  56. 56. Answer X- Maruti Y-Suzuki
  57. 57. 25 • Jai Gopal • Hans Raj Vohra • Phaninder Ghosh • Sobha Singh The above people are the cause of a famous martrydom in India’s history. Which was that?
  58. 58. Answer Execution of Bhagath Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev
  59. 59. ROUND 4 Rules • Written Round • 5 Questions 10 mark each • Answers after the 5 questions
  60. 60. 26 On 10 December 1948 H V Kamath, a member of constituent assembly asked B R Ambedkar why a particular word deleted from constitution. The word was a honor of the long tradition of INC. But Ambedkar explained that it wasn’t used in English version of constitution as Hindi & Hindusthani versions of it were being prepared separately. Which word?
  61. 61. Answer Rashtrapathi
  62. 62. 27 Guru Gobind Singh was the son of Guru Tegh Bahadur. He was the 10th Sikh guru. He started the X tradition after his Tegh Bahadur had been beheaded during Islamic sharia rule of Aurangzeb. Guru Gobind Singh created & initiated X as a warrior duty to protect the innocent from any form of religious persecution. Id the religious organisation?
  63. 63. Answer Khalsa
  64. 64. 28 Nellore is one of the 9 districts in Andhra Pradesh where the island of Sriharikotta is situated. Its name was Vikrama Simhapuri till 13th century. It is belived that the place got name from the amla( nelli ) tree as the ‘land of nelli trees’. In 4 June 2008 the official name was changed in the honor of an Indian revolutionary much important for Telungu people. Who was that revolutionary?
  65. 65. Answer Potti Sriram Ulu
  66. 66. 29 She is made of bronze. Aged 4500 years. The name was given by the assumption of her profession which was clear from her position. She was founded in 1926 by an archeologist from Bristol named Ernest J H Mackay. Name her & find from where she is.
  67. 67. Answer The Dancing Girl from Mohenjedaro
  68. 68. 30 This magazine has been created by Ian Cardozo a retired major general, based on his previous book named, _________ ___ _______: Our Real Heroes. It was illustrated by Rishi Kumar. The 1st 2 issues released in 2013 December are base on the careers of Major Somnath Sharma & Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey who got that. Which Series?
  69. 69. Answer Param Vir Chakra
  70. 70. Answers 26-30 26. Rashtrapathi 27. Khalsa 28. Potti Sriram Ulu 29. The Dancing Girl from Mohenjedaro 30. Param Vir Chakra
  71. 71. Thank You!!!