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International hospitality mgmt-COLLEGE OF THE ROCKIES by Study Metro


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International hospitality mgmt-COLLEGE OF THE ROCKIES by Study Metro

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International hospitality mgmt-COLLEGE OF THE ROCKIES by Study Metro

  1. 1. HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Host. Serve. Lead. Explore. Supervise. Think. Do. Become. WE’RE #1 WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS – and pretty proud of that! For four years, international students ranked College of the Rockies as number one in Canada and, for three years, first in the world for overall average student satisfaction. International students from 183 institutions in 18 countries were asked to rate their experience at their institution. The survey* covered four benchmarks – arrival experience, learning, living and support. The College ranked number one in all four categories. *Conducted by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate), the International Student Barometer is the largest annual survey of international students in the world. #1 CONTACT: Wayne Lee-Ying Manager, International Education Phone: 1-877-489-2687 x 3578 BC | CANADABC | CANADA Study Metro Call- 8088-867-867
  2. 2. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is home to Canada’s largest natural mineral hot springs and a place that many people choose to unwind and to create family memories. Blooming to a peak of over 300 employees, we have a constant need for team members who want to learn and excel at delivering a great guest experience. In past years, we have found the work ethic and cultural diversity that foreign students bring to the table to be a great it with our mission and core values. We ofer a great platform to learn on the job and build a career in hospitality with employee housing on site, great perks allowing team members to enjoy what the resort has to ofer and most importantly, a great team of people that many refer to as their second family. ~ Pascal van Dijk, President and CEO, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA y Students take part in paid work placements throughout the program. y Students are connected with area employers. y The College provides assistance in securing accommodation. y Study and work in small, safe communities HIGHLIGHTS: Two-year diploma program coming Spring 2018 Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, College of the Rockies’ Invermere Campus is surrounded by golf courses, natural hot springs, ski resorts and more, which provides students the unique opportunity to blend learning and work experience in the Hospitality industry.