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Esc la rochelle new brochure


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Esc la rochelle new brochure

  1. 1. LA ROCHELLE BUSINESS SCHOOL 7 undergraduate and graduate business programmes – 1600 students – 400 international students – 21 nationalities 69 partner universities – 15 double degrees – 175 teachers – 50 partner companies – 32 associations and clubs 102 rue de Coureilles - 17024 La Rochelle Cedex 1 - France • Tél. : (0033) 5 46 51 77 71 - Fax : (0033) 5 46 51 79 08 • E-mail : Documentnoncontractuel0546340246•Photos:Ingram/G.Delacuvellerie/J-M.Rieupeyrout/iStock/GaletJade•Ed.02/2007 Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Institut Européen de Commerce et de Gestion Marketing, Tourism and Business Programmes In partnership with the University of Angers (Département ESTHUA), the University of Littoral Côte d’Opale (ULCO), the University of La Rochelle and the IAE of Poitiers Continuing education for management staff French as a Second Language 3 Programmes Bachelor Master’s MBA La Rochelle Business School of Tourism - 102 rue de Coureilles - 17024 La Rochelle Cedex 1 - France
  2. 2. Shape your career according to your personality It is only by searching in the depths of your own personality, nourished by your own passions, personal qualities and your life’s experiences, that you will optimise your chances of resolving the complex balance between your professional and personal life. In this respect, the sector of Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment offers you the opportunity to benefit from an infinite variety of attractive positions: from Operations Management to Sales, Promotion and Orchestration of Events and Activities, to Human Resources or Customer Relations. This offers you today a large palette of professional opportunities at an international level, amongst which you will be able to choose a position which matches your personal qualities. Three areas to choose from La Rochelle Business School of Tourism offers three main areas: Hospitality Management (accommodation, catering, transport), Destination Management (attractions, events, leisure parks, tourist offices…) and Entertainment Management (sports, culture and business incentive trips…). These three areas offer a large choice of positions requiring team leadership, organizational skills, creativity and imagination. Hotels and Accommodation Hotel Marketing and Sales Director, Human Resources Manager, Financial Department Manager, Seminar and Conference Manager, Customer Relations Manager… Catering General Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Banquet Manager, Restaurant Manager, Commercial Director, Marketing and Communications Manager for a group of restaurants… Casinos Casino Operations Manager, Director of Sales, Internal Audit Control Manager, Games Room Manager, Games Attendant… Transport Chief Project Manager (airports), Airport Supervisor, Cabin Crew Manager, Development Officer, Project Manager, Commercial Manager, Facilities Manager… Entertainment and Guided Tours (attractions, museums, regional and local authorities) Entertainment Manager, Events and Festivals Manager, Tourist Events Manager, … Attractions and Theme Parks Site Director, Development Officer, General Services Manager, Lodging Manager, Restaurant Manager… Tourism Development Tourist Office Director, Tourist Services Manager (Chambers of Commerce and Industry / local and regional authorities), Development Manager, E-marketing Director, Website Designer … Travel Travel Advisor, Reservations, Sales and Products Manager, Product Designer, Product Development Manager, Group Services Manager, Business Travel Manager… Leisure and Theme Parks National Parks Manager, Tourism Department Development Manager, Leisure Centre Manager, Commercial Manager… Museums and Museum Support Services Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Public Relations and Customer Relations Manager, Development Manager, Project Manager… Local Products and Retail Shops Business Manager, Product Manager, Commercial Manager, Point of Sales Manager, Public Services Manager, Purchases Manager (buyer), Eco-product Manager, Food Product and Bio Product Manager… Education, Training, Research International Projects Coordinator, Technical Advisor (Ministry or Tourist Institution), Educational Visits Co-ordinator, Researcher, Professors, Programme Director, Head of Tourism Department… Events, Festivals and Business Travel Agency Manager, Business Manager, Planning Officer, Events Organiser, Project Manager, Director of International Sales… Incentives and Business Tourism, Business Centre Manager Product Manager, Advisor, Services Manager, Agency Manager, Incentive Travel Manager… Conference and Exhibition Centres Assignment Manager, Project Manager, Site Director, Conference Centre Manager, Commercial Manager… Leisure Management Event Manager, Festivalt Development Manager, Leisure Centre Manager, Project Manager, Programme Manager, Attractions Manager… Shows and Media Events and Marketing Manager Project Director, Production Manager, Programmes Manager, Script Writer, Audio-visual / Media Director, Producer… The number one industry in the world… An overall total of more than 750 million international tourists, places the world market of Tourism, Event Management and Leisure, ahead of all other service industries. Each year, almost 80 million new clients in the World arrive to swell the ranks of this conti- nually expanding activity, touching every region of the World. Europe has pulled itself up to second position, in terms of frequency of visits behind the Asia – Pacific region (extracts from « Faits Saillants du Tourisme, Organization Mondiale du Tourisme » = « Salient Facts about Tourism », World-wide Tourism Organization, WTO). …today and for the next 20 years… In the document “Tourism: Horizon 2020”, the World-wide Tourism Organization* predicts that the arrival of international tourists will surpass the figure of 1.56 billion between now and 2020. In 2020 the three major arrival destinations will be : • Europe – 717 million tourists • Eastern Asia and the Pacific – 397 million tourists • The Americas – 282 million tourists Distant world travel will progress more rapidly, at the rate of 5.4%, up until 2020 and inter-regional travel will advance by 3.8%. The inter-regional European market will repre- sent 81% of arrivals in Europe in 2010, which indicates a growing mobility between the member states. Finally, in 2020, China will be the number one World destination, receiving 130 million tourists. …necessitating the training of a « new generation » of managers This new generation of managers will have to face up to the competition growing between the destinations and the products, more “offensive” developers and the arrival of new players on the scene, due to the fast growth of direct and internet sales. The aim of the La Rochelle Business School of Tourism is to train future general managers to be multi - skilled and read to take on the ne challenges of a global ind str We ish to eq ip o r Tourism honored by La Rochelle Business School An initiator of events, our school jointly organi- zed the “Champlain” conference in May 2006, with the Centre for Research and Training of the University of Quebec, in Montreal and the University of Angers (Département ESTHUA). This international event brought together 200 participants from nine different nationalities, (professionals and researchers), for several workshops dedicated to the tourist sector. The themes discussed during these two days have provided the basis of work, which will be followed for two years. In 2008 the results of this work will be presented in Quebec and in Montreal, on the occasion of the 400th anniver- sary of the foundation of the town of Quebec, by the navigator Samuel de Champlain, born in Brouage (near La Rochelle) in 1567. Grand Pavois Boat Show - La Rochelle Francofolies - La Rochelle
  3. 3. La Rochelle, Research Centre for all forms of tourism The third most visited town in France, La Rochelle welcomes more than three million tourists per year, of which a third are international visitors. This is an exceptional opportunity for future graduates of La Rochelle Business School of Tourism who will find here a dynamic environment with numerous tourism activities. Urban Ecology Since 1976, the city of La Rochelle has highly rated among the pioneers with regards to ecological transportation. At this time, the city put into circulation the first “yellow bicycles” which have become renown, even outside the borders of France. Equally, following the initiative of the first “Car-free-day” in 1997, the town has since deve- loped, in the last 15 years, the use of self-service electric vehicles. An electric ferry-boat also links the two banks of the old port. An undisputable asset, at just the moment when everyone is considering sustainable development and ecological mobility. Culture and Arts Cultural town “par excellence”, La Rochelle welcomes throughout the year visitors of national and international renown, thanks to its infrastructure. “La Coursive” (“The Passageway” cultural centre), participates in the French network of national film and theatre festivals. It offers each year the opportunity to see some sixty shows and screens more than a hundred films. With an average of 130,000 international spectators per season, its popularity increases by 10% per year. On the events side, the music festival created in 1984 “Les Francofolies”, pays homage to French songs every year, in July. During a period of six days, the festival welcomes more than 60,000 spectators and around 100 artists, of whom two thirds are “discove- ries” or up and coming artists. As for the La Rochelle film festival, the second most important ter Cannes, in terms of visitors (70,000 spec-cc has been the meeting point for French and tional film makers and actors, since 1973. Sport Events La Rochelle is a town of sporting events. Rugby : the yellow and black stripes of they Rochelais Stadium have been at the highest level for a hundred years. Sailing : the reputation of the local teams needs no further enhan- cement, thanks to the French Sailing Centre. The town regularly wel- comes arrivals, departures and stages of prestigious nautical races (the French sailing “Tour de France”, the Volvo race, the Global Challenge, International sailing week, the Afflelou – le Figaro solo race, Transat 6.50, La Rochelle - Salvador de Bahia). Then there is the Autumn Race and its 200 participants and the marathon (the second largest in France) which brings together no less than 8,000 international runners, both professionals and amateurs. Business Conferences With the “Espace Congrés” (conference centre) La Rochelle has at its disposal two sites for the organization of events, for up to 2,000 peo- ple. “L’Encan” regularly welcomes exhibitions, conferences and events of great stature, such as the International Documentary Market, “Sunny side of the Doc”. For four days in the month of June, this annual rendez-vous of 1800 international professionals, provides an opportunity to create the synergies and networks necessary for the circulation and dissemination of documentary programmes. Other important La Rochelle events include: “Le Grand Pavois”, the most important European nautical exhibition and third most important international show. Created in 1973, this boat exhibit, considered essential by amateur sailors and professionals, welcomes more than 100,000 visitors on more than 60,000m2 of exhibition space. Health and Natural Therapies Facing the Atlantic Ocean, La Rochelle has a privileged, geographical situation for tourists who want to combine health and leisure. Not surprising then, that one finds in the proximity, no less than four tha- lasso therapy centres (Thalazur in Châtelaillon-Plage, Relais Thalasso, Richelieu and Thalacap on the Ré Island), as well as the thermal baths at Rochefort sur Mer. A form of tourism in full flight, which is also a La Rochelle asset. The University of Angers – « Département Esthua » A French university noted for the training of managers, dedicated to industry and tourism and the service industries, the University of Angers has had, since 1982, a specific department – L’ESTHUA- (Etudes Supérieures de Tourism et d’Hôtellerie de l’Universitaire de Angers = Advanced Studies in the Tourism and Hotel industry, of the University of Angers.) The partnership linked with ESTHUA for several years, gives the opportunity to students to be awarded, in addition to the title “Bachelor’s” delivered by La Rochelle Business School of Tourism, the French National Academic Degrees issued by the University of Angers, Département ESTHUA, specifically : • The Academic Degree « Licence: Economie et Gestion – Ingénierie des Services » is delivered after assessment of 3 years of study (or 180 ECTS*) • The Academic Degree « Master’s: Economie et Gestion – Management des Organisations Touristiques » is delivered after assessment of 5 years of study (or 300 ECTS*) * ECTS = European Credit Transfer System according to Bologna Protocol L’Ecole des Sciences de Gestion – The University of Québec, Montreal Featuring among the most important university training centres in North America, UQAM (L’Université du Québec à Montreal) has, at its heart, a French management school : with its 225 lecturers and more than 25 years of experience in the teaching of business management, in the sector of tourism and its active role at the heart of the Worldwide Organization for Tourism, the ESG- UQAM is a strategic partner of the La Rochelle Business School of Tourism amongst others, in the educational develo- pment of its “Executive Diploma”. This programme of continuous training, designed for working managers, offers the opportunity to those who wish, (after three years of professional experience in the sector of tourism and a qualification at Master’s level), to opt for international tourist management training, at a high level, whilst pursuing a complimentary training in partnership with the University of Angers, Département ESTHUA, leading themselves towards an MBA in a specialized area, awarded by the La Rochelle Business School of Tourism. The University of Littoral Côte d’Opale This University brings together 11,000 students, spread across four campuses : Boulogne sur Mer, Calais, Dunkirk and St Omer. For several years it has run degree courses of “Licence” and Master’s, dedicated to the initial and continuous training, of the Management of Tourist Projects. Internationally recognised for the quality and pertinence of its research work, in the area of tourism, the partnership with ULCO gives students from La Rochelle Business School the opportunity to be awarded in addition to the title of Bachelor’s (delivered by the La Rochelle Business School of Tourism), the National Academic Degree issued by the University, specifically “Licence Professionnelle Hôtellerie Tourisme”. La Rochelle Business School has been associated for a number of years with three prestigious educational establishments in the field of tourism, event management and leisure. Such partnerships with institutions that count in the tourist industry have enabled our students to benefit from intensive programmes and dual degrees (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees). Furthermore, over the past years, about 800 business partners have recruited our graduate students and apprentices as well as students right after their work placement. >3 hours from Paris by TGV >1h55m from Bordeaux >1h45m from NantesLa Rochelle is the gateway to the new world, open on the future and enriched by its traditionsA monumental heritage and an exceptional history …ANDRÉ TRIGANO, ADVENTURE LINE PRODUCTIONS, AIR FRANCE, AQUITAINE DIFFUSION ARTISTIQUE SPECTACLE, ATLANTIC & PACIFIC BUSINESS TRAVEL PTY LTD, BAINS ET CASINO DE L’LL ATLANTIQUE - PALAIS DE L’ATLANTIQUE, BARCELONAROOM.COM, BROOKLYN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, CASINO DE BORDEAUX STAB, CENTRAL PARK, CDT CHARENTE- MARITIME, CLUB MEDITERRANEE, CONSEIL GÉNÉRAL DE CHARENTE-MARITIME, CUNY TV, EMOTION, EURO DISNEY, EURO RSCG, FEDERATION FRANCAISE DE RUGBY, FESTIVAL INTERCELTIQUE, FRANCAISE DES JEUX, FRANCE BLEUE, FRANCE INTER,GROUPE LUCIEN BARRIÈRE, ACCOR FILIPACCHI MEDIA, HELIFRANCE PARIS HELICOPTERE, HILTON, INTERCONTINENTAL TAHITI RESORT & SPA, KARAVEL, M6, MC DONALD’S, MERCURE PARIS ILE DE FRANCE, NOVOTEL, PIERRE ET VACANCES, PLANET HOLLYWOOD, SACEM, SODEXHO, V.V.F. VACANCES, VACANCES CARREFOUR, VIRGIN EXPRESS, VOYAGES FRAM, YELEN MUSIQUES… but also… FÉDÉRATION DÉPARTEMENTALE DE L’HOTELLERIE DE PLEIN AIR, SITES REMARQUABLES DU GOÛT, UNION DES METIERS DE L’INDUSTRIE HÔTELLIÈRE For further details : www.charente-maritime.orgBrouage / La Rochelle Fort Boyard Professionals Forum 2006
  4. 4. Membership of a booming Business School, at the heart of a new generation campus. Composed of seven, advanced management, teaching courses, the La Rochelle Business School has witnessed, since its creation, an exponen- tial growth in its roll numbers. To cope with the number of students, and in order to offer a framework for study and optimal conditions for learning, we doubled the surface area of our premises in 2004. This expansion was accompanied by equipment and modern educational facilities permitting innovative teaching skills, structured around one to one and e-learning. The guarantee of the quality label In addition to the strong points of the course structure, the quality of our programmes rests with the merits of the teaching staff, at the disposal of the students. The school places itself in a leading position, ahead of other schools of commerce, in terms of rate of managerial staff and levels of qualification of its permanent staff. This earned it the right to take part in the section of the “Grandes Ecoles Conference”, bringing together the best Business Schools in France and to qualify to receive the ISO 9001 certificate. A confirmed centre of expertise, in the pioneering sectors In resonance with the strong points of the local economy and attentive to the concerns of business, our school anchors itself to the manage- ment of its research department. Pioneer in matters of sustainable development, leader in the domain of tourist projects and event mana- gement and recently positioned on the contemporary problems of cus- tomer loyalty, the La Rochelle Business School still differentiates itself on the school scene by its capacity to be permanently innovative. Daniel Peyron General Director Our job, at the heart of La Rochelle Business School of Tourism, is firstly to help you prepare yours. « We will, of course, accompany you in the learning of management techniques, applied to the leisure and tourism sector but we will equally encourage you to acquire a general and international contemporary culture, which represents, in our eyes, and specifically in the tourist industry, a key to the vault of the combined tools of management, which are equally essential for your success. If your diploma represents one of the conditions of entry into this sector, that, in itself, is not sufficient. By definition, opting for the world of tourism, is to make the choice to abolish the frontiers between theory and practice. To this end, thanks to your work experiences and different tasks within various companies, we will bring alive your studies, by providing a cocktail of concrete experiences, which, little by little, will personalise your CV, guiding it towards your own personal project. Added to which, studies abroad will be offered to you in one of our 69 partner universities, in more than 26 countries. Finally we will invite you to enhance the value of the word “leisure” by encouraging you to participate in one of a number of activities, which form part of the social life of the La Rochelle Business School. This live experience of enterprise is an integral part of our pedagogy. It also represents at the same time a major factor of differentiation in the leisure and tourism employment markets, where you will be able to turn your dreams into reality. To help you get there, we will help each one of you to refine your arguments, in the progressive construction of your CV, in three languages …but the essential will remain with you alone: “to learn to combine all your skills, enthusiasm and will, to dare to become who you are… » 1600 students 400 foreign students 21 nationalities 175 visiting staff 69 international agreements 50 corporate partners 32 clubs and associations 10,500 m2 of premises Keyfigures Perfectly under control, regular growth Today, the La Rochelle Business School represents a body of 1600 students who are enrolled across its whole range of initial training pro- grammes. These enrolments are constantly evolving as demonstrated in the diagram opposite Increased teaching staff and ever growing academic requirements In view of the growth of the number of students enrolled and in order to maintain a high level of managerial staff, the La Rochelle Business School has doubled the size of its teaching staff, in four years. It repre- sents, today, a perfect balance between practitioners and researchers. 1250 1100 1350 1470 1600 students 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 Pointofview Javin Guzman 3rd year student « I was born in Mexico in a town with 4 million inhabitants (Puebla). After having passed the equivalent of my Baccalauréat, I decided to take a sabbatical year in Europe. It was during this trip that I discovered La Rochelle and I decided not to leave the city again. As I have always wanted to work in commer-rr ce, I passed the entrance exam and I joined the La Rochelle Business School. »
  5. 5. Languages and cultural openings plus a variety of experiences, in different fields and environments. 25% of the teaching is dedicated to languages, cultural exchange opportuni- ties and the international dimension of tourism. The teaching is conducted in French and English with the objective of reaching a bilingual level by the end of the Bachelor course and of the Master’s course (for parallel admissions to the 3rd, 4th and 5th year). International placements and missions abroad are offered, supported by the school placement office and international office. Study sessions in the network of 69 partner universities are possible. Debate with students and staff from other countries and cultures: 400 interna- tional students are integrated into the heart of the school each year. Tourism Research Methodology Event and Tourism Management Tourism Strategic Marketing Financial Strategy and Budget Control Business General Management Assessing a strategic plan Conducting a professional assignment Management of Events, Conference, Exhibition, Festival Management Management of Destinations, Resort and Attraction Management Facilities Management Information Technology Management and Contract Conditions Sectorial Specialities: Events, Hospitality, Tourist Facilities The balance between theory and practice, specialist staff supporting your choice of career, depending on your aptitude and the job opportunities and the chance to learn the tools of management, in the business sector Each year, 4 weeks of tutored workshops to bring real answers to requests made by organizations and businesses in the tourist sector. Each year, 6 days are dedicated to employment enquiries and to meetings with experienced professionals. The objective of the personal and professional plan is to accompany students on their personal route, in order to help them to develop their potential within the framework of a real, personal marketing plan. This accompaniment takes place in the following way, thanks to a strategic job plan: Self - evaluation, plus an outline of a first, professional and personal project. Analysis, based on an exploratory piece of work and a comparison with the realities of the world of work, achieved by means of enquiries into jobs and dif- ferent sectors of activity and meetings with professionals. This project is conduc- ted in teams and results in the writing of a sectorial monograph. Translation of the professional project into a “futurum vitae”, which necessitates major choices of options and determines the nature of the tasks to be followed. Exploration of a geographical zone and a sector of activity , with a view to faci- litating the choice of a main area of study, either geo-cultural or sectorial. The production of a personal and professional project. Evaluation of the end of the programme, permitting the finalisation of the per- sonal and professional project, with respect to a job, or the course of study to be pursued. This work being the object of a presentation in front of a panel of professionals (DHR, recruitment specialists and permanent staff of the school.) This strategic job plan is enriched throughout the training period thanks to the cycle of professional conferences, on such topics as sectors, the geo-political environment, personal development courses: improvisation courses, charisma, situational intelligence, body language and individual, professional coaching. Know–how, personal development, learning how to manage one’s relations with others : colleagues, partners and clients. BACHELORPROGRAMME PROFESSIONALISATION 13 months of work–experience during the 3 years leading to the Bachelor qualifi- cation, 10 months of work-experience during the 2 years leading to the Master’s degree and the possibility of doing a sabbatical year, between the Bachelor and Master’s courses. 80% of courses are delivered by professionals. A variety of teaching experiences, courses, seminars and case studies, (certain taking place on consecutive days). A study pattern well adapted to students who wish to put into practice their knowledge alongside their studies and who want to have the experience of enri- ched studies, which will, in turn, enrich their CV. Learn to design, operate and commercialise attractions, events, and customer activities : Creative Capacity and Innovation Autonomy and International Mobility International Team Leadership Company Leadership (charisma, network) Risk Management and Strategic Decisions Organisation and Management of Service Industries Finance, Control and Accountancy Management Purchase Management Fiscal and Juridical Management for the Tourist Industry Human Resources Management Project or Tourist Product Management Marketing of Services Canvassing, Sales and Distribution Product Conception - Tourism Supplies Communication for Tourism Development Management of Destinations and Industry Structures Tourism Forecasts International Tourism Development of Sustainable Projects (tourism, society, and heritage) Lobbying and Sales Techniques Computer Management and E-commerce Sectoral Specialities: Hospitality Management, Sales and Distribution, Entertainment Management Customer Relations Management Management of Cultural Diversity Negociation Skills Etiquette and Business Practice Event Management Leadership and Customer Relations Languages and Cultures Professional Development Personal Development MASTERPROGRAMME INTERNATIONALPERSONALDEVELOPMENT
  6. 6. Option1Option2 Service Management 135 h 18 Management and Tourism 90 h 12 Leadership Management 90 h 12 Languages and culture 135 h 18 Work Placement 3 months 10 Management 225 h 30 Tourism 90 h 12 Leadership 135 h 18 Work Placement 4 months 10 Management 175 h 24 Tourism 90 h 12 Hospitality, Destination and Attractions or Events Management (Elective) 135 h 18 Leadership 50 h 8 Work Placement 5 months 10 Option3 ThirdYearSecondYear Bachelor Year 1 Validation of a Bachelor Degree and of a « Licence Professionnelle », in a choice of areas : Validation of a Professional Master’s Degree and of a Graduate Degree, in a choice of areas : Entry possible after a Master’s Degree and 4 years of professional experience Entry possible after 3 years of study Baccalauréat* Entry possible after 2 years of study Master Year 1 Bachelor Year 2 Bachelor Year 3 Introductory Period 4 weeks Master Year 2 Entry possible after 4 years of study Professional life Specialized M.B.A. Professional life • Tourism • Destinations and Attractions • Events and Entertainment Management Professional life * Or equivalent to French « Baccalauréat », High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate or equivalent Introductory Period 8 weeks Introductory Period 12 weeks • Hospitality Management • Destination and Attractions Management • Events and Entertainment Year 1 > Baccalauréat or Equivalent High School Certificate (international students) > Evidence of a good proficiency in English or French > Motivation for joining the Tourism Industry (work experience for instance) Year 3 > Higher Diploma in Tourism, Hospitality or Business Management > Evidence of a good proficiency in English or French > Work experience (internship for instance) completed in the field > Bachelor Degree or Equivalent Higher Diploma > Evidence of Proficiency in English or French > Work experience in the field (for ins- tance, internships) FirstYear First Semester Management Fundamentals 180 24 Second Semester Industry Fundamentals 180 24 Work Placement 5 months 12 Master1 Master2 Third Semester Strategic Management 180 24 Fourth Semester Major : Strategic Hospitality Management Merchandising Hospitality Services 45 6 Operating Profitable Hospitality Services 45 6 Strategic Hospitality Management in Action 45 6 Major : Strategic Destination and Attractions Management Merchandising Destinations and Attractions 45 6 Operating Profitable Destinations and Attractions 45 6 Strategic Destinations and Attractions Management in Action 45 6 Major : Events and Entertainment Management Merchandising Events and Entertainment 45 6 Operating Profitable Events and Entertainment 45 6 Strategic Events and Entertainment Management in Action 45 6 Work Placement Internship 6 months 20 Mission 60 10 * ECTS: European Credit Transfer System (Bologna Protocol); 2 ECTS = 1 CT (North America System)* ECTS: European Credit Transfer System (Bologna Protocol); 2 ECTS = 1 CT (North America System) List of Contact ECTS* Subjects Hours List of Contact ECTS* Subjects Hours List of Contact ECTS* Subjects Hours