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Concordia Univesity Chicago presentation new


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Concordia Univesity Chicago presentation new

  1. 1. Concordia University Chicago (CUC)
  2. 2. About Concordia University Chicago (CUC) Since its founding as a teacher's college in 1864, Concordia University Chicago has strived to help those who wish to fulfill their individual potential. Students benefit from welcoming staff and engaging faculty members, and study within a collaborative environment that encompasses creativity, discovery and the continued pursuit of academic excellence. A 150-year history as a bricks-and-mortar institution makes Concordia-Chicago a focal point in the local community. Furthermore, its national and international profile continues to grow, and currently students from 37 US states and 25 countries study the academic programs. CUC is closely affiliated with Global university Systems (GUS).
  3. 3. January 1, 1864 Addison Teacher Seminary Founded September 5, 1869 Seminary Library Opens January 1, 1880 Physical Ed added to curriculum January 1, 1895 Gymnasium built on Addison campus January 1, 1905 Brohm named school president January 1, 1907 Maroon and gold colors selected Land gifted for River Forest campus January 1, 1911 February 1, 1911 Basketball and tennis teams founded February 28, 1914 River Forest campus dedicated October 12, 1914 Fire destroys new building Septembe r 15, 1914 Main campus building re-opens October 6, 1924 Old Addison Seminary Demolished January 24, 1938 Women Admitted to CTC October 2, 1939 Dr. Arthur Klinck Named Fifth President March 2, 1942 Concordia Defense Organization Founded May 8, 1948 Library Cornerstone Laid July 2, 1949 Mary-Martha Residential Hall Opens August 21, 1950 Concordia High School Closes August18 , 1952 Cars Allowed on Campus August 8, 1959 First Master of Arts Degree Awarded August 24, 1959 Women Allowed to Try Out for Sports May 1, 1964 First Computer Center Opens on Campus December 1, 1966 Concordia Lights the White House Tree
  4. 4. CUC Campus
  5. 5. CUC Campus Campus Life Living on campus and in the safe, charming neighborhood that surrounds Concordia University Chicago, you'll find everything to meet your daily needs. Meanwhile, just 10 miles away, you can explore Chicago, one of the greatest cities in the world. When living in a residence hall at CUC, it's easy to immerse yourself in the campus community including athletics, the arts, intramurals, faith, volunteer work and so much more. You'll also strengthen your academic and social relationships with fellow classmates, faculty members and student-mentors. Students can join various different clubs and societies. You'll be able to reach your classrooms within minutes, as well as a library with more than 160,000 volumes, an education resource center, computer labs, fitness facilities, tennis courts, a state-of-the-art running track and more.
  6. 6. CUC Campus About Chicago Concordia University Chicago's 40-acre suburban campus in upscale River Forest is like a small town with a big backyard—downtown Chicago is only a short 20 minute ride on the “L” metro. Our location offers important advantages not found in many other schools of similar size. Whether students have a passion for the arts, sports, culture or just want to meet with friends they will find infinite opportunities to explore their interests, find meaningful internships and meet future employers.
  7. 7. CUC Unique Selling Points (USPs) Why Choose Concordia University Chicago? • Founded in 1864, Concordia-Chicago has a 150-year history of bringing higher education to the world. • More than 4,000 students are enrolled in CUC master’s and doctoral programs. • Washington Monthly ranked CUC 96 out of 684 for masters universities in 2013 • US News ranked CUC 83 out of over 156 Midwest universities for 2014 • Easy access to downtown Chicago • Facilities including, athletics, running track, tennis courts, fitness centre, computer labs, library, extensive grounds and much more all located on a safe campus.
  8. 8. Fees Undergraduate programs: $28,104 per year ($14,052 per semester) Postgraduate programs: $27,261 for all MBAs except Accounting Accommodation on campus: Board and Room Fees: $8,992 per year ($4,496 per semester) Additional for Single Occupancy Dorm Room: $2,276 per year ($1,138 per semester) Meal plans: Cougar Plan (default plan) – included in accommodation price Every Meal Plan - $100 more than cougar plan Maroon and Gold Plans - $200 less that default plan
  9. 9. Undergraduate Degrees College of Arts and Sciences • BA in Arts • BA in Biology • BS in Biology • BA in Chemistry • BS in Chemistry • BA in Communication • BA in Computer Information Systems • BA in English • BA in Exercise Science • BA in Graphic Arts • BA in Journalism • BA in Mathematics • BS in Mathematics
  10. 10. Undergraduate Degrees College of Arts and Sciences • BA in Media Arts Administration • BA in Music • BA in Music with Business Emphasis • BA in Natural Science • BA in Natural Sciences: Pre-Occupational Therapy • BA in Natural Sciences: Pre-Nursing • BA in Philosophy • BA in Political Science • BA in Psychology • BA in Social work • BA in Sociology • BA in Spanish • BA in Theatre • BA in Theatre Arts Administration
  11. 11. Undergraduate Degrees College of Arts and Sciences • BA in Theology • BA in Theological Languages • BA in Visual Arts Administration • BA in Women’s and Gender Studies • BA in Computer Science • BA in Criminal Justice • BA in History • BA in Pre-Art Therapy • BA in Sport and Fitness
  12. 12. Undergraduate Degrees College of Business • BA in Marketing • BS in Marketing • BA in Accounting • BS in Accounting • BA in Management • BS in Management • BA in Business Communications • BS in Media Arts Administration • BS in Sports Management • BS in Theatre Administration • BS in Visual Arts Administration • BA in Church/Non-Profit Management • BA in Church/Non-Profit Management Pre-Seminary
  13. 13. Undergraduate Degrees College of Education • BS in Early Childhood Education • BS in Elementary Education • BS in Secondary Education • BS in Secondary Education—English/Language Arts • BS in Secondary Education—Mathematics • BS in Secondary Education—Physical Education • BS in Secondary Education—Science: Biology • BS in Secondary Education—Science: Chemistry • BS in Secondary Education—Social Science: History • BS in Secondary Education—Visual Arts • BS in Special Education age 3-21 • Director of Christian Education • BA in Foreign Language-Spanish Language Education (grades K-12) • BA in Music Education (grades K-12) • BA in Physical Education (grades K-12) • BA in Visual Arts Education
  14. 14. Graduate Degrees • MBA (2 years) • Accelerated MBA (1 year) • MBA in Accounting • MBA in Banking and Financial Institutions • MBA in Health Care Management • MBA in Leadership and Change Management • MBA in Not-for-Profit Management • MBA in School Business Management • MBA in Sports Management