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Company Profile of Purlieus INC.

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Company profile ful (2)

  1. 1. Company ProfilePurlieus Inc.Purlieus Inc. as one of the quality leader dedicated in water and waste water system andservices provider, backed by In-house engineering and Biotechnology of RotechBiotechnology. With the most extensive range of technologies, products and services within asingle company, we provide solutions to “Total water Management and resource recoveryneeds.As a virtual one-stop shop, Purlieus Inc. ready to become the India’s largest integrated waterand waste water treatment company offering products, services and complete outsourcedwater management programs in all major industries and communities using water.Purlieus Inc. is not simply a collection of diverse components and technologies. With a totalsolutions approach, we combine leading edge technology, industry expertise, manufacturingmuscle from of Roebic technology and full services to integrate multiple treatment processesinto seamless systems to solve all water treatment needs.Our range of products includes water, waste water treatment and recycling plants usingvarious physio - chemical processes for settling, clarification, filtration, disinfections,membranes and ion exchange technology, ion exchange resins; polymers andpolyelectrolytes for water and non-water processes; boiler, cooling water and other relatedtreatment chemicals. We also offer technical services such as project management at site,design, erection and commissioning, operation and maintenance of plant, and supply ofspares and components.
  2. 2. The Purlieus Inc. guarantees service that’s courteous, fast, dependable, and effective. Ourhighly trained technicians employ the best technology to inspect and clean sewer, septic andindustrial waste water systems.Our policy and vision both are completely customer based dedicated to securing leadershipthrough an unhindered commitment to customer satisfaction.Vision and Mission1. Our one and only rule is based on the satisfaction of customers by “creating thedifference in the similarities”.2. Utter and cost-effective solution so that client can accomplish their objective ofpollution free environment and can recycle the maximum waste water into theirplant which is very much required in the present scenario.3. Social awareness to the clients to make them understand the benefits and thereturn of investment through environment.4. To provide the full technical support for the operational problems which arecountenance during the operations of the plant.Associated companies:1. Roebic Biotechnology2. Rotech Biotechnology3. Krofta Engineering
  3. 3. Our ServicesCore expertise is in Bio augmentation, Technical consultancy and Turnkey projectexecution1. Bio augmentation - Exclusive distributor of bacterial products of RoebicBiotechnology for strengthening of the Bio culture in aeration tank and to save thechemical savinga. Rotech 106b. Roebic K – 57c. Roebic K 67d. Roebic Bio blocke. Rotech 103, etc.2. Turnkey Projectsa. Water treatment plantsi. Activated carbon filterii. Multi grade filteriii. Dual media filteriv. Reverse Osmosisv. Ozonation, etc.
  4. 4. b. Effluent and Sewage treatment plants from (Less than 1MLD)i. Submerged Aerated Fixed Film (SAFF)ii. Activated Sludge Process (ASP)iii. Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)iv. Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)3. Modification or retrofitting of existing plant to increase its efficiency or capacity4. Operation and Maintenance of ETP and STP.5. Lake, Ponds, drain lines and grease trap maintenancea. Chemicallyb. Mechanicallyc. Biologically6. Technical Consultancy services7. Packaged STP8. Chemical Supply9. Supply of equipment’s of ETP, STP:a. Tubedek mediab. SAFF mediac. FAB mediad. Diffuserse. Activated carbon, etc.
  5. 5. Clientele:1. The 3C Company, Noida – Green Boulevard STP – 320KLD2. The 3C Company, Noida – Tech Boulevard STP – 200KLD.3. The 3C Company, Noida – Oxygen Boulevard – 350KLD4. The 3C Company, Noida – Knowledge Boulevard – 150KLD5. Supertech – 200KLD6. Global Smelters – 125KLD7. Canary Greens – 100KLD8. Calidora – 100KLD9. Banwari Paper Mill – 2MLD ETP10. Katyayini Paper Mill, Kashipur – 2.5 MLD ETP.11. Vishvakarma Paper Mill, Kashipur – 1.5MLD ETP.12. Ved Cellullose – Paper Mill – Turnkey project – 1.5 MLD13. City Centre Mall, Chattisgarh - STP – 100KLD14. Treasure Island Indore – Retrofitting - 100KLD FAB technology STP15. Sahara Mall – Gurgaon16. Rayana paper Mill – 3MLD.17. Le meridian Hotel18. Carlsberg India Ltd. – Alwar19. Zydus Research Centre
  6. 6. 20. Sabmiller – Neemrana21. Coca Cola Dasna22. Suchi paper Mill23. Logix Group and many more……………………………...................For any query related to water and waste water feel free to discuss at +91 – 9871671670 or mail us