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Tour egyptluxor


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Actually I never been here, but I wish to. After all this is the cradle of first and glorious human civilization.

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Tour egyptluxor

  1. 1. Map of Egypt, showing key places for touristsLocate Luxor in red rectangle.
  2. 2. Hatsepsut’s templeIf completed, this might look like a pyramid, build to a height, never seenbefore.
  3. 3. Abu SimbelTemple cum monument, dedicated to victory of Ramses II in the battle againstSudan. It is known fact that once in a year, sunrays go inside the temple toilluminate Ptah’s statue, in the middle of other two figures of Ra, and Thoth.
  4. 4. Inside a Corridor at Hatsepsut’s TempleThe foreign rulers, probably did not like anything about prevailingreligion, and ancient native rulers, hence they might have destroyed theheads on the statues.
  5. 5. Ancient Monument in Suburban areaSee the Obelix, and the gate of the temple, still proudly standing, sincemore than 3000 years ago.
  6. 6. Gigantic pillars at Luxor, RammesseumThey are the surviving evidences of ancient human intelligence, evenwhen they had no technology as today.
  7. 7. Huge Statues of Ramses II at Luxor, RammesseumCan you imagine the height of achievements 3000 years ago?
  8. 8. Statues of MemnonAnother example of ancient Egyptian’s glorious achievement.
  9. 9. Alabaster shop at LuxorSee how they preserved ancient art, even today.
  10. 10. Alabaster SphinxThey live to see, when others are no more!!
  11. 11. Row of Ram statues.They dedicated animals for Gods. They preserved their flora, fauna. Itcertainly was the Cradle of Civilization.
  12. 12. A farmland at LuxorThey started cultivating crops, not for food, but for clothing.
  13. 13. Back to Giza for a moment.These huge structures are a marvel for the human sight for 4,600 yearsnow. There was not matching technology back then, or was there? Farsuperior than today.
  14. 14. Colossus of Ramses II at Luxor, RammesseumNot only the king had achieve heights, but their subjects too, to give ussuch glorious monuments.
  15. 15. Luxor, daytime RammesseumSee the height? What would it be like, if you imagine being close tothem?
  16. 16. Luxor TempleTemple, crumbles to this level, showing the actual plan.
  17. 17. Copying the Luxor templeWhat would it be like living beside the original structure?
  18. 18. Inside Ramses II tombMany lost Sciences were recovered here.
  19. 19. Inside the tomb of Ramses IIWealth of Art and Culture, wouldn’t have lived that well, if they did nothave chosen caves for the monument.
  20. 20. An Exhibition by JoeAnd the Art still lives.. Thank you Joe!!
  21. 21. An Exhibition by JoeAnd the Art still lives.. Thank you Joe!!