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Rock health - Slide Deck


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At Blacktree Health, we are building a stress coaching app for those suffering from anxiety related issues.

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Rock health - Slide Deck

  1. 1. Stress coaching powered by biofeedbackRock Health Application March, 2013
  2. 2. Top 3 problems for those suffering from anxiety 1. Lack of awareness of early symptoms 2. Unknown sources of stress 3. Lack of feedback on lifestyle changesProblem
  3. 3. Convert heart rate into a stress index Compatible, off-the-shelf heart rate monitorsOur Solution
  4. 4. Problem SolutionLack of awareness of early Real-time detection symptoms & early warningUnknown sources of stress Note-taking & tagging systemLack of feedback on lifestyle changes
  5. 5. Early warnings triggered Notice small stressors Measure short 4 hr/ 24hr/ weekly term benefits views of coping mechanisms 15 minMVP window
  6. 6. 10 $20 40M 1/4 M x $2000 Seek professional B help & pay on# of people suffering from Spent each year by average $2000 a anxiety disorder consumers to solve anxiety year on meds and related problems therapists $193 1/3 $64 B B Yearly cost (lost earnings) due One third is attributed to to all mental health conditions anxiety disorders alone Market - US only
  7. 7. * 6 12 24 Users Channel Partners Pre-orders Adding 5 per month Adding 20-30 per Adding each with ~200 month5 users/month patients*Only accepting users those signed on include:with iOS devices with Psychologist Bluetooth Low Naturopathic Doctors Energy. Psychiatrist Counsellors Stress Coaches Traction
  8. 8. Continuous Smart Accessible stress recommendations & biofeedbackmonitoring coaching Right now only With micro- cliniciansNo one else level data we have access does this can go way to biofeedback beyond just equipment and monitoring analyticsUnfair Advantage
  9. 9. Professionals Anxiety Customer (psychologist, psychiatrist) Patient HR monitor +HR monitor + subscription for Paying for subscription for stress analytics stress coaching $250 + $50/patient/month Cost $250 + $15/month Dashboard for multiple Recommendations, patients, Features early warnings, additional analytics, tagging systemmonitor home training sessions Revenue Model
  10. 10. Abhi (non- Emmanuel technical) (technical) Lost two Was diagnosed friends to anxiety suicide disorder Mechatronics ElectricalVolunteered Engineering Engineering Had familyon the Board 2012 2012 members of Canadian Customer Bio-sensor struggle withMental Health discovery to development mental illnesses Association UI to prototyping iOS app dev Team
  11. 11. F’ 12 Started customer discovery 2013W’ 13 Built MVP Achieve problem/solution fit Seeking: $85,000 (equity-free) Source: Gov grants & pitchS’13 Launch on iOS competitions Acquire 1000 users Purpose: Hire talent & start 1st manufacturing runF’ 13 Launch on Android Acquire 5000 usersW’14 Build our own HR monitor & complete 1st manufacturing run Acquire 10,000 usersS’14 Launch the world’s 1st stress monitoring wristband Milestones
  12. 12. Stress coachingpowered by biofeedback