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Kryptos presentation-general-v.1-14-01-2017

A group of brilliant mathematicians and cryptographers working in STEALTH mode on advance Cryptosystems based on higher orders of discrete mathematical one way equations and advance transformational functions. Such systems provided a higher lever of security, speed, very small infrastructure footprints for Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography.

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Kryptos presentation-general-v.1-14-01-2017

  1. 1. Beginning of a New Cryptic Era KRYTO TECH @Copy Right reserved Krypto Tech Pvt Ltd 2016
  2. 2. Agenda • Why business need Encryption – Drivers for Encryption Adaptation • Where business use Encryption – Enterprise strategy for Encryption • What is the future demand • Our Encryption Methodology – Krypto's Symmetric Technology – Krypto's Asymmetric Technology • Comparison with existing Encryption Syst ems • Opportunities
  3. 3. Why we need Encryption  Data protection  Protecting data from theft  Protecting integrity of data  Protecting malicious use and transfer of Data  Protecting Data from non repudiation  Authenticating use of Data  Communication Channel  Protecting communication channels from unauthorized use and access  Protecting communication channels from theft or unauthorize diversion  Protecting communication channels from non repudiation and side channel attacks.  Authorization and Authentication  Protecting Cloud and Virtualization environment  Regulatory Compliances  HIPPA  ISO  SOX  PCI DSS  HITECH ACT  Other Gov. and Regulatory Requirements All these regulatory authorities examines encryption mandates and controls. Reviewing specific areas that encryption can have a significant impact in lowering enterprise risk, while improving compliance posture.
  4. 4. Drivers for Encryption Adaption A Global market report from Ponemon Institute, here we can see the major drivers for Encryption adaptations, wh ere the compliance from regulatory requirements are maj or contributor.
  5. 5. Where business use Encryption
  6. 6. Strategy for Encryption There has been a steady increase in organizations with an encryption strategy applied consistently across the entire enterprise. In turn, there has been a steady decline in organizations not having an encryption plan or strategy.
  7. 7. Future Encryption Demand 1. Encryption for different financial transpiration and transaction . 2. Creating Segregated environment for tenants in Multi-Tenant cloud environment. 3. Encryption Solutions protecting National Security information from Cyber War. 4. Encryption Solutions for Strategic Manufacturing (Aerospace & Defense). 5. Encryption Solutions for Public/Private Security/Intelligence/Investigation Agencies. 6. Encryption solution for Wireless Communication. 7. Encryption for Hardware based encryption systems 8. Encryption for media (Image, Audio, Video) 9. Secure voice communication 10. Big Data Encryption.
  8. 8. Our Encryption Methodology KRYPTOS Symmetric Encryption • Encryption key size (bits) : 1024 Block size (bits) : 1024 • Key generation : Uses a discrete math function having similarity with Feistel structure. • Unique algorithm is used to generate cipher key of 1024 bits block size. • Minimizes key generation time to a great extent. • Cipher key size always maintained at 1024 bits irrespective of data size. • Unique encryption principle; an algorithm dependent on a discrete math function. • 2 sets of cipher text generated during encryption. Both are different in nature • Both are inter-dependent • Encrypt any file format (video, image, text, message etc.), storage media etc
  9. 9. Our Encryption Methodology KRYPTOS Asymmetric Encryption • Private key size (bit) :3072 Public key size (bit) : 3072 • Key size can be enhanced further never risking time, power wastage on key generation procedure and neither at the risk of server storage capacity. • Key generation : Uses a one-way discrete math function. • Unique algorithm is used generation cipher key of 3072 bit block size of higher. • Minimizes key generation time to a great extent. • Cipher key size always maintained at 3072 bits or higher irrespective of data size • 2 sets of Private key and 1 public key (for storing in public domain ) are generated during encryption. • Enhances security to the next level. • Encrypt any file format (video, image, text, message etc.), storage media etc
  10. 10. Comparison with Existing RSA DH/DSA KRYPTOS Key Size 2 0 4 8 b it s . PKCS ver.2 .0 & 2.1 2 0 4 8 b it s . PKCS ver.2.0 & 2.1 3072 bits No of Key 1 Public key 1 Private key 1 Public key 1 Private key 1 Public key 1 Private key Commonly use d Digital signing of data stor e & forward Data On-line communication Digital signing of dat a store & forward Da ta On-line communic ation Digital signing of dat a store & forward Da ta Online communic ation Digital Sign of Data Signing - Very slow Verification - Very fast Signing - Very slow Verification - Very fa st Signing - Faster tha n DH/DSA* Verificati on - Faster than RS A* Store Forward Decryption- Very Slow En cryption- Very Slow Decryption- Very Slo w Encryption- Very Slow Signing - Faster tha n DH/DSA* Verificati on - Faster than RS A* All claims can be demonstrated during proof of concept
  11. 11. Opportunities • Digital Signature • Drive Encryption • Cloud Drive Encryption e.g. Drop box • Prime number generator • Crypto Currencies • Kryptos System (Cloud Local and Portable Encryption)
  12. 12. DEMO Call us for Demo # +91 9836411688 # +91 9830794045 For More Details
  13. 13. THANK YOU