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Orbit corporate presentation

  1. 1. A Unit of the Orbit Group
  2. 2. Founded in 2000, by Mr. Arvind Sheth, a veteran in the Pharmaceutical industry, who has over four decades of experience Deals with manufacturing and sale of APIs, intermediates and formulations Operate in every level of pharma operations from sourcing to sale/registering Also deals in exporting and in licensing Has built itself into a leading supplier of requirements of all sectors of pharmaceutical and chemical industry in India
  3. 3. Commenced in 2004 Primarily focused with contract manufacturing of over 1,000 finished formulations, for top 20 Indian companies Over 4 years of successful in licensing activities Local and Global Principals create strong business network Also aid in in-licensing market global pharma products in Indian
  4. 4. Manufacturing Formulations In Licensing novel products
  5. 5. P2P business model Contract Manufacturing/ Loan Licensing Loan licensed with 15 manufacturing units across India Sourcing of API and intermediates from Orbit Impex (SBU of Orbit Group), therefore more reliable and cheaper WHO GMP, MHRA and USFDA approved Manufacturing units
  6. 6. Client Orders Idenitify required APIs Manufacture/Source API • Customers include top pharma businesses • API and intermediates required for the manufacturing of the formulations are traced (or from Orbit Impex) • Lifescience gets the APIs, mostly from their own sister business unit, reducing costs and increasing efficiency • Factory in Hyderabad, manufactures API Contract Manufacture Formulation • Lifescience owns/loan license manufacturing units and provide materials and technologies and contracts out to these WHO GMP approved manufacturers Deliver Order
  7. 7. Our own WHO GMP certified manufacturing unit devoted to manufacturing APIs and formulations to our demand, in Hyderabad Through loan licensing/ stakes in factories, gives us a competitive edge over competitors Benefit from quick, efficient and quality materials and APIs at our disposal to meet order requirements
  8. 8. Quality Sources Extensive Networking Manufacturing expertise Reliable and Experienced Renowned clientele
  9. 9. Oncology Cardiovascular Gynecology Cold/Flu Pain and Ortho And more, for full list visit www.orbitlifescience.com
  10. 10. Research and find novel formulations, pharma goods or concepts through extensive research Using extensive network and relations to establish new product in local and overseas market Benefit from ‘first-mover’ advantage and rigorous overseas contacts
  11. 11. Research team finds novel products • Expert research team scouts for novel/ patented formulations of pharma goods developed around the world (E.g. USA, Europe, Israel) Buy patent/ license of novel product • Arrange for a license/patent with developers (of WHO GMP and regulatory market approved plants) Bring product into the Indian Pharma Market • Through technology transfer, ready-to fill bulk or API/finished formulations delivery Market product • Through networks sub-license to leading market companies or market novel product by ourselves Widen sales to overseas markets through existing/new business links
  12. 12. “V-wash’, female intimate hygiene product In licensed from CTS Israel CTS Israel leading company in respective industry Lifescience licensed to Glenmark Glenmark successfully introduced product into Indian market, fruition into approx. $ 2million brand in 3 years
  13. 13. ‘Visnadin’ (Evarise), a highly recommended gel treatment for female sexual arousal disorder Orbit Lifescience holds patent and marketing rights for this formulation in over 140 countries In licensed from Europe, and commercialized under cosmetics in Nordic, Scandinavian countries and USA Sub licensed for sale in India, MENA and SouthEast Asia, to leading market companies
  14. 14. Lifescience has successfully registered pharma products from its counterparts in China into Indian market Our experience and relations make us a perfect aid to International brands to enter Indian market Orbit covers entire chain of process in pharma industry and thus well equipped
  15. 15. Experienced research team Strong local and global business links Relations with Pharma market’s leading companies Streamlined structure makes process quick and efficient
  16. 16. Growth since inception in 2004 Above market average growth In Licensing 70 Manufacturing 60 50 Percentage Growth 40 Sales(%) 30 Successfully in licensed few products within 2 years span 20 Increase in sales and venturing into exports 0 10 2009 2010 2011 2012 Graph showing percentage increase in sales with base year 2008
  17. 17. Increase exports to foreign pharma markets In licensing niche patented products in Indian as well as global market In the search for innovative and novel formulations to better the healthcare system Help introduce these into the Indian market with the aid of our strong and experienced business links
  18. 18. Head Office, Mumbai: 13, Kailash Darshan 4th Floor Nana Chowk 400007, Mumbai Tel: +91-022-23803200 Fax: +91-022-23803202 For further details please visit www.orbitlifescience.com