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Java/J2EE with 5+ Years


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Programmer Analyst

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Java/J2EE with 5+ Years

  1. 1. ABHAY PRATAP SINGH ADDRESS: COLUMBIA SC 29223. USA Email: M: +1 8035282714 Visa: H1B Having 5+ years of experience using Java and J2EE/JEE technologies in all phases of the project life cycle including System Study, Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation. I have strong written and verbal communication skills, good interpersonal skills, and strong analytical and problem solving skills. Professional Highlights  Postgraduate Diploma in Advance Software Design and development Certificate in Java/J2EE Technology from Center of Development of Advance Computing (Government of India).  Java/J2EE Software Professional & AINS 24-General Insurance of IT certification.  Technical expertise in working on web-based,multi-tiered applications using J2EE platform.  Strong working knowledge in web based applications with exposure to insurance,and financial applications, and open source projects.  Proficiency at various levels of application development includes interaction with end userfor requirement analysis, systemanalysis and design,systemtesting and integration, implementation, and documentation.  Experience working with MVC architecture and proficient in OOPS concepts.  Expertise in Hibernate ORM framework.  Expertise in Application development experience using Core Java (oops concepts, collection, generics, Exception handling etc.).  Experience in Struts 2, spring core framework.  Strengths include application design and development using Java/J2EE APIs (JSP, Servlets, and Hibernate) with XML.  Experience in using xml binding JAXB.  Experience in using Log4j and with version control systems such as tortoise SVN.  Experienced in troubleshooting multiple serverand JVM issues.  Experienced in query languages like SQL with databases Sql Server, DB2, and Oracle and PostgreSQL.  Experience with developing and consuming SOAP web services and basic knowledge about Rest Web Services.  Web servers like Tomcat, Web sphere,Web logic and IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans.  Build and deployment process with Jenkins build tool.  Knowledge of fixing issues of Store Procedure and Trigger.  Basics of UML and Sequence diagram. EDUCATION  Bachelor In Technology.(Computer Science and Engineering) (U.P. Technical university Luck now) EMPLOYMENT  Working as Programmer Analyst Professional in Computer Sciences Corporation from OCT 2011.  10 month experience with Sify Software LTD as Junior Software Engineer (Delhi India). SKILL SUMMARY  Core Java/J2EE , JDBC, Servlets, JSP.  Spring core,Struts2 Framework  Hibernate ORM tool.  IDEs :Net Beans, Eclipse 3.6
  2. 2.  SOAP, WSDL in Web Service  Web sphere,Web-logic ,Tomcat  Jenkins build tool.  Tortoise SVN  Design Patterns (Singleton, Prototype,Factory Method etc.),  Tortoise SVN (Subversion),  Microsoft Office Visio 2003, 2010.  XML,XSL,JAXB  Java Script, HTML  Sql, PL/SQL  SQL injection. Databases and Operating Systems  SQL Server 2005/2008  DB2, Oracle  PostgreSQL  DB Visualizer  Windows 2000/XP and basic knowledge about unix. Project Experience  Project Time management  Handling the team Methodologies  SDLC CERTIFICATIONS  INS 24 (  PGDASDD(Postgraduate Diploma in Advance Software Design and development Certificate from Center of Development of Advance Computing(Government of India) Project Highlights  Developed new JAVA based POINTINJ application for an existing classic legacy product where the host side was on AS400 and COBOL. Worked on COBOL to Java conversion for existing functionality and writing the new code for new enhancements.By using this systemclient can provide full functionality (e.g. Quote Processing,Policy Processing,Claims, Receivables, Payables, and Reinsurance) to their customers.  Consuming SOAP web services which are written on different sub product of POINTINJ product.  In E-court is an approach to upgrade an old FoxBASE based system,being used by Supreme Court, to a new & robust information systemby using latest cutting edge technology Struts 2, Spring (IOC) and Hibernate.  Here we used extensive collection framework for handling large number of data of Supreme Court of India. Project History Project 1-- POINTINJ (CSC proprietary P&C product) Computer Sciences Corporation, Columbia, SC October 2011 to current Client-1-North Carolina form bureau Insurance. Feb 2015 to current Client-2-Provide IC Enhancements and Support for Samsung Fire and Marine Feb 2012 to Dec 2015 Client-3-OMAG Feb 2012 to current Client-4- Swiss Re February 2012 to Dec 2012
  3. 3. Client-5- IC Enhancements for Arch Insurance Group, New York Oct 2011 to February 2012 Role s and Responsibility Role-Programmer Analyst Professional  Understanding the requirements, perform detailed analysis and prepare business and technical specifications for the enhancements requested by customer.  Understanding the requirements and perform detailed analysis on the problems reported by customer.  Preparation of Technical Specifications as per client requirements.  Work on conversion of BASE Java code to client specific code base for POINT IN J.  Gatekeeper for merging all deliveries into the SVN code repository.  Resolving critical and serious issues of the POINT IN J clients.  Provide support to POINT IN J- Agency Link with quick response to their queries related to any development, implementation etc.  Resolving most of issues reported by client irrespective of the kind and category of the issue.  Provide help in resolving queries of other resources.  Performing Code Walkthroughs & Reviews  Preparing Technical Specification for Customer Enhancements.  Preparing Test Plans and perform unit testing and integration testing  Working on client new Enhancements and retrofits.  Working on Jenkins build tool for build and deployment for new changes done in SVN.  Maintain and refresh the SQL database for POINT IN J Na-ON and Na-OFF script execution.  Issues reporting and tracking through FSIT database Description: The product titled POINT-IN –J has been developed by CSC and is for clients dealing in Midrange Property and Causality Insurance.This project covers all stages of SDLC where client specific requirements are analyzed and enhancements are provided in the base product.This systemis the automation of modules like : ‘Quote Processing’, ‘Policy Processing’, ‘Claims’ , ‘Receivables’, ‘Payables’ and ‘Reinsurance’ as relevant for business in a midrange American Firm dealing in property and causality insurance. Technical Synopsis POINT –IN-J is the java version of the earlier classic legacy product where the host side was on AS400 and COBOL. Presentation layer is implemented using the JSP/Servlet, XSL and XML. Point Manager servlet is the controller servlet used in the project which passes the request to the helper classes which generate the Xml corresponding to the request data. This xml is passed to CSC’s communication framework middleware product where xsl is applied to the POINT xml to convert it into standard xml required .This xml is converted into flat string which is passed to the services layer which is the business layer.In the business layer flat string is parsed and read in java transfer objects.From business layer call to the DAO classes are made using the design patterns whereby Hibernate comes in to the picture for persistence layers. Hibernate has been used in project as a light architecture as the all of the service like connection pooling, session management, transaction management have been used . POIINJ also using some othersub product of CSC which are connected through POINTINJ through interface and POINT INJ using those sub products for transferring data from those products. Sub Products: Sub Project 1-Risk Master Interface (Struts 2, and Hibernate and Spring) Sub Project 2-Agency Link Interface (.net only used for download the policy, we worked on interface program for this product) Sub Project 3-ALR Interface (Used for Algorithm Calculation). Sub Project 4-Document Production (SOAP Web Services).
  4. 4. Environment: SERVER: Tomcat 7, Web logic, Web sphere. TECHNOLOGY: Java/ J2EE, Hibernate, XML, XSL, JSP, SERVLET, HTML, STRUTS2, and spring. DATABASE: MS SQL Server, DB2, ORACLE SVN and Build tool: Tortoise SVN and Jenkins. OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows XP. ID: Eclipse Project 2-- E-court (Case Information System of Supreme Court of India) Sify Software Pvt. Ltd, Delhi, Delhi December 2010 to October 2011 Client- NIC, SUPREME COURT OF INDIA. Role and Responsibility Role- Jr. Software Engineer  Preparation of Technical Specifications as per client requirements.  Coding and Unit testing on part of developer for client specific enhancements.  Interaction with quality team and client location Visit.  Coordinating with team members in different software development activities as per requirement  Used PostgreSQL as Database.  Used Tomcat 5.5 as an application server for deploying the production application.  Used Log4j tool for debugging the application.  Implemented Model View Controller (MVC) architecture using spring (IOC), Struts2 and Hibernate integrated framework.  Used Spring IOC, and DAO classes with Struts2 Controller.  Used Tortoise SVN to manage Code and Defect fixes.  Hibernate is integrated to the spring.  Develop module based on client requirement.  Was involved in LLD preparation for different modules.  Involved in UAT defect fixes.  Rigorously reviewed code to meet the product specific Standards. Description: The e-Court project is to harness the benefits of IT, for the courts in India. o E-court is an approach to upgrade an old FoxBASE based system, being used by Supreme Court, to a new & robust information system. o E-court focuses on the current practices and procedures to maintain the details pertaining to the cases of the Supreme Court and to generate various reports for the smooth functioning such as.  Day-to-day administrative activities.  Assist administration in reducing the pendency of cases.  Provide transparency of information to the litigants.  provide access to legal and judicial databases to the judges  Reduce manual register maintenance.  Eliminate duplicate and inconsistent record keeping.  Track of the status of cases.  Faster response to public. Technical Synopsis E-court is the java upgrade an old FoxBASE based system,being used by Supreme Court, to a new & robust information systemby using latest cutting edge technology Struts 2, spring and Hibernate. Presentation layer is implemented using the JSP, Html. FilterDispatcher (from 2.1 StrutsPrepareandExecuteFilter) works as front controller and we used ContextLoaderListener to integrate with spring in web.xml.
  5. 5. Controller called the requested business layerclasses’through struts configuration file .Here business layerclasses called the DAO layers. In the Dao layer java transfer objects are used to further processing.From business layercall to the DAO classes are made using the design patterns whereby Hibernate and spring comes in to the picture for persistence layers and business layer. Here we are using hibernate template for in spring framework. And we define all hibernate configuration in applicationcpntext properties file of spring. Environment: SERVER: Tomcat5.5, TECHNOLOGY: Java/ J2EE, Hibernate, JSP, SERVLET, HTML, STRUTS2, and SPRING(IOC). DATABASE: PostgreSQL SVN and Build tool: Tortoise SVN. OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows XP and UNIX. ID: Eclipse and Net Beans.