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Fuelvac® double skin tank lining presentation


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Probably the most Environmentally friendly Double Skin Tank Lining System in The World.

Fuelvac® solvent free double skin lining system provides 24/7 leak detection for above and below ground storage tanks of any size, utilising Class 1 vacuum pressure monitoring. The World’s only double skin liner that uses solvent free coatings throughout the system alongside non-hazardous materials.

The system has been independently tested and certified to EN13160-7:2016 by TUV NORD.

Fuelvac® double skin liner has been designed to conform to the 2015 COMAH Regulations to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances, limiting the consequences to people and the environment.

Fuelvac® provides an extra level of safety for clients for pollution management control.

For more information please visit:
Tel No: 0191 543 7166

Published in: Engineering
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