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ATLAS: Foreigners in Tomorrow's China Workforce


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What is the value of Chinese language skills in the job market today? Foreigners aiming to work in China are advised to pursue three growth areas for international business: emerging market cities, China outbound, and enterpreneurship.

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ATLAS: Foreigners in Tomorrow's China Workforce

  1. 1. FOREIGNERS in tomorrow’s China workforce ABRAHAM SOROCK China Career Development
  3. 3. and how WE CAN HELP YOU.
  4. 4. Expatriate hiring Dynamics
  5. 5. Increased global exposure to China business Development of Chinese- speaking foreign talent Doors opening (and closing) for international projects Expatriate hiring Dynamics
  6. 6. The New China Studies Demographics
  7. 7. The New China Studies Demographics Excellent Chinese language skills Desire to use China background professionally Young, mobile and able to live abroad Home country work experience and training
  8. 8. when my cousin by marriage, Bob Kraft who’s been successful in Milwaukee and is CEO of this company, called me and said they needed somebody to go to China and represent them full-time. I was working in real estate in Lansing, Michigan trying to help build a Chinatown for a local real estate developer CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT, Beijing, CHINA
  9. 9. My bosses were looking for foreigners who were passionate about China and fresh out of school to help them develop their Architectural Design business. I was in the right place at the right time when my current boss spotted me at a Helen’s restaurant in Tianjin cracking jokes with the wait staff in Chinese. TIANJIN EYE, TIANJIN, CHINA
  10. 10. had just been a management change and he had come in as an American country manager to replace a previous Chinese country manager and was looking for Americans who could speak Chinese. After training in the U.S., I was put in touch with DuPont Pioneer’s country manager for China. At the time, there The Oriental Pearl Tower, SHANGHAI, CHINA
  11. 11. Growing Markets for Foreign Professionals in China
  12. 12. CHINA’S NEW Emerging Market Cities Foreign brands shifting focus to 2nd-4th tier markets Local Chinese companies expanding abroad International branding & differentiation XIAMEN, A SECOND TIER CITY IN CHINA
  13. 13. DESTINATIONS for China Outbound Chinese investors and companies need help going abroad FDI guidance – but also help with marketing and localization Local talent from destination markets facilitate outbound projects
  14. 14. NEW-GENERATION China Entrepreneurship Niche markets produced by China’s economic rise Information arbitrage provided by language, culture and networks Creating innovative solutions to obstacles in international commerce
  15. 15. KEY Takeaways 1 2 3 The job market won’t necessarily know what to do with you. If you are competing with Chinese local hires, you’re doing the wrong job. Success comes to those who strike out strongly in the right direction.
  16. 16. Visit
  17. 17. ABRAHAM SOROCK Abe’s educational background includes the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Associated Colleges in China’s Intensive Chinese language program. Based in Beijing since 2010, Abe founded ATLAS in 2012 after working as a legal assistant at international law firm Reed Smith and is active in the American business and international alumni communities. CONTACT (+86) 18201225490 30 MINUTES FREE CONSULTATION Go to: Director Of China Operations
  18. 18. Our BOARD ELIZABETH KNUP PEARSON CHINA NCUSCR JASON PATENT HOPKINS-NANJING JASONPATENT.COM Roberta Lipson CHINDEX United Family Hospitals Dan Harris Harris & Moure China Law Blog MIKE DARDZINSKI REED SMITH LLP APSA John Thomson University of California IUP Paul Haenle Carnegie-Tsinghua The White House
  19. 19. 1 Identify and define the business needs of client companies POSITION DEVELOPMENT 2 Produce a Staffing Project Proposal 3 Produce and prepare a job description and work portfolio to guide recruiting efforts SERVICES for Client Companies
  20. 20. 1 ATLAS recruits from top international language programs in the US and China Recruiting & Referral 2 Screen, interview, and evaluate candidates to identify promising hires 3 Refer best candidates to client companies with personalized assessment reports SERVICES for Client Companies
  21. 21. IMAGES Nanjing Ratrace BY triplefivechina ali VIA COMPFIGHT Beijing, CHINA BY COBBLECC VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Beijing_CBD_2008-6-996735.jpg TIANJIN EYE BY kele_jb1984 VIA FLICKR.COM The Oriental Pearl Tower BY decar66 VIA COMPFIGHT Xiamen Zhongshan Lu BY rustler2x4 VIA COMPFIGHT ICONS BAR GRAPH BY Yellow, from The Noun Project DOOR BY Tak Imoto, from The Noun Project BUILDING BY inna belenkey, from The Noun Project Businessperson BY Timur Zima, from The Noun Project HANDSHAKE BY Andrew Neher, from The Noun Project PIGGY BANK BY Stephanie Wauters, from The Noun Project CHESS BY Alessandro Suraci, from The Noun Project Full Time Job BY Lemon Liu, from The Noun Project