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  1. Daily Activity 4-12-2012 • Get out your notebooks and be prepared to take notes on Cnidaria.
  2. Phylum Porifera Sponges Phylum Cnidaria Jellyfish, corals .....
  3. • Don’t forget – sponges are animals and belong to the Animal Kingdom 1. Multicellular 2. No organs or body systems 3 . Cellular digestion (heterotrophic) 4. Asymmetry
  4. Sponges are SESSILE – they do not move They obtain food by FILTER FEEDING
  5. Reproduce sexually (sperm and eggs) Reproduce asexually (regeneration) Skeleton composed of spongin (soft) and spicules (hard)
  6. Sponge Anatomy
  7. Amebocytes - cells within the sponge that move around supplying nutrients and taking away waste
  8. Pacific Northwest Locals Purple Sponge
  9. Cnidarians - jellyfish, coral, hydra, sea anemone *Named after the stinging cells found on their tentacles called CNIDOCYTES
  10. Characteristics of Cnidarians · Tentacles · Cnidocytes (stinging cells)
  11. · Nematocysts (barbs) · Gastrovascular cavity (digestion)
  12. Most Cnidarians have radial symmetry
  13. Cnidarians have two body forms: polyp (vase shaped) medusa (cup shaped)
  14. Portuguese Man of War - cnidarian that floats in the water and has long tentacles
  15. Pacific Northwest Locals Egg Yolk Jellyfish Giant Lion’s Mane Jellyfish Fish Eating Anemone Crimson Anemone White Spotted Rose Anemone
  16. The Hydra is a freshwater cnidarian What kind of symmetry does hydra have? Is it a medusa or a polyp?
  17. Hydra • Predatory animals • They can be found in most unpolluted fresh- water ponds, lakes, and streams in the temperate and tropical regions and can be found by gently sweeping a collecting net through weedy areas. • Hydras are generally sedentary or sessile, but do occasionally move quite readily, especially when hunting.
  18. Video of hydra at
  19. Pacific Northwest Locals Pink Mouth Hydroid
  20. Coral Reefs are made from the skeletons of cnidarians
  21. Pacific Northwest Locals Cup Coral Soft Coral
  22. Multimedia Sponge Images and Videos - Cnidarian Images and Videos - General Invertebrate Movies at National Geographic --- really good video on the portuguese man of war (under invertebrates) Hydra Video at