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Commentary on Coexistence, Connections & Culture in Aboriginal and Jewish communities


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Abe Schwarz's presentation The Drush ... on Jewish Dreaming

Commentary on Coexistence, Connections & Culture
in Aboriginal and Jewish communities.

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Commentary on Coexistence, Connections & Culture in Aboriginal and Jewish communities

  1. 1. The Drush…on Jewish Dreaming Commentary on Coexistence, Connections & Culture in Aboriginal and Jewish communities
  2. 2. Jewish Dreaming Acknowledgement of Country… and of Elders Introducing our panel members on the Drush Overview: The purpose of discussion on “Jewish Dreaming” is to introduce some key issues identified as relevant and intriguing to this prestigious conference
  3. 3. Not quite Mah Nishtana… but here are “4 Questions” for you to consider… What drove this Aboriginal man to stand up for the Jews? Could it link to Biblical history themes of Slavery-to-Freedom? Why did Noel Pearson and Ron Castan, O’vS, see connections? How many parallels can you suggest between these two Tribes?
  4. 4. Jewish Dreaming • The role of Midrash (folklore), story-telling and oral history narratives in both cultures • The central place of music in each culture • The tribal celebration of Rites of Passage • The value of education • Role of family, marriage and respect for elders • Burial and mourning rituals and practices
  5. 5. Jewish Dreaming Let us explore some ideas of shared reasoning… and surprisingly similar rites and ritual… … in two ancient cultures…
  6. 6. Jewish Dreaming Eretz = (Hebrew for Land) Again – 4 Questions – but I will offer my own answers this time… • Is there only one sacred Eretz? • Do Aboriginal people aspire to a Land of Milk & Honey? …or were they already there, in fact… until 1788…? • Could Uncle William Cooper have wanted to arrive at his own Promised Land….? • Are there shared notions of Sacred Land? …please sit back… and enjoy… and consider…
  7. 7. Jewish Dreaming - Land Eretz = Land What we can see in this clip are shared visions about connectedness to land, and shared understandings about the important place of land in our cultures: • Notions of sacredness – some examples? • Our custodial function – 11th Commandment perhaps… Thou shalt not exploit – if you don’t need it, don’t take it! • Planting - but not partaking - of produce in first 3 years, Sabbatical 7th year Shmitta, 50th year Yovel Jubliee
  8. 8. Jewish Dreaming - Land Translate Eretz = Sacred Land The central place of Land in our cultures: • When Uncle Boydie and the Cooper family were invited to Israel for celebrations of the achievements and vision of William Cooper - the family brought some soil & water from Yorta Yorta Country to plant Australian trees in Ya’ar HaK’doshim, the Forest of the Martyrs, outside Jerusalem • An Acknowledgement of Country occurring outside Australia - in the Holy Land…?
  9. 9. Jewish Dreaming - Land Eretz = Land = Sanctity
  10. 10. Jewish Dreaming – Tradition, Music and Spirituality So where else is there evidence of similarity? Ancient customs of 2 very old tribes - the Month of Elul… Coming of Age rituals… going bush… announcing the Corroboree - Modern use of traditional instruments by musicians like Yothu Yindi or Tjimba and the Yung Warriers… right through to Jewish punk band Yidcore
  11. 11. Jewish Dreaming Tradition, Music and Spirituality
  12. 12. Jewish Dreaming Tradition, Music and Spirituality Other evidence of hybridity… Is this special moment the unique Jewish Dreaming answer to “Dueling Banjos”?
  13. 13. Jewish Dreaming More hybrid spirituality … this time another Rabbi - but same Elder - even blending rituals at a Bar Mitzvah! the Aboriginal smoking ceremony and the didjeridoo purification ritual …with… the lighting of the multi-wicked candle for a Havdala Ceremony ending Shabbat – the Jewish Sabbath
  14. 14. Jewish Dreaming Marking stages of Life-Cycle • Coming of Age rituals: Bar/Bat Mitzvah / Initiation Ceremony • Marriage - Forbidden unions / Moieties • Value of Education / Maturity • Role of Family • Respect for Elders
  15. 15. Jewish Dreaming Marking stages of Life-Cycle Dying / Death / Burial - back on Country … the need to connect with soil from Sacred Land … Naming, Image as a sign of honouring for Neshama (Soul)
  16. 16. Jewish Dreaming – Language Reclamation Discovery A Yorta Yorta language-song from the Bible? • Why would an almost extinct Aboriginal language song contain specific references to Moses and Pharaoh? • Could such lyrics have influenced the young William Cooper? You may recognise this song used in the film The Sapphires… is a version of it sung at the Traditional Passover Feast? (Pesach Sedar!)
  17. 17. Jewish Dreaming – Language Reclamation Discovery
  18. 18. Dreaming – William Cooper The Trailer for “Yorta Yorta Mensch” produced by Lowlands Media - supported by NITV and Film Victoria Young William Cooper would have been about 25 years when the Fisk Jubilee Singers visited with their Gospel Concert Tour… Did he compare his people’s struggles to that of the Hebrews… and was the leadership of Moses possibly an inspiration for him?
  19. 19. Jewish Dreaming The William Cooper legacy continues still today… please welcome his 85-year-old grandson - Uncle Boydie Turner