Why Install Metal Roofing?


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Why Choose Metal Roofing for your New or Existing Home?

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Why Install Metal Roofing?

  1. 1. Investment Grade RoofingMetal Roofing ShinglesShake / Slate / Enhanced StylesDouble AA Roofing Inc.
  2. 2. Why Choose Metal ?• Saves homeowners 25% or more on heating and cooling costs• Eco-friendly because it is sustainable, recyclable and keeps asphalt out of our dumps• Lifetime Non Pro-Rated Warranty on both Product and Labour• Some insurance agencies are willing to decrease your premium by up to 35%• Looks absolutely beautiful with a wide variety of attractive styles and colours• Increase your home’s value by an average of 1%-6%• Unique 4-way interlocking system with extreme weather protection for winds up to 160kmph• Keep your family safe, metal roofing is fire resistant and lightning proof• Virtually Maintenance Free Living with your New Metal Roof• Best product on the market for roofing in both value and features
  3. 3. …And it’s Simply Beautiful
  4. 4. Why Even Consider Wasting More Money on Asphalt?• Most home owners are uneducated on roofing alternatives and are unaware that most traditional roofing warranties are as thin as the paper they are printed on.• Asphalt is on a serious decline in quality. We have seen 35 year shingles fade away in as little as 5-7 years with dire need of replacement and in extreme cases leaks and roofing damage.
  5. 5. When This is the Result!
  6. 6. Our Warranty and Install Makes theDifference…• We offer the not only the best roofing product in the industry in both strength, durability and value. We also offer a non pro-rated Lifetime Warranty for both materials and labour.
  7. 7. Our Installation Process
  8. 8. Why Work with Double AA Roofing?• Estimates are totally free (no obligation)• Double-AA is a local Essex County company and has completes 100’s of metal roofing projects each year• Installation done by skilled professionals• Protect your number one investment and build value back into your home• Double-AA is proud to have an A+ rating with the BBB• Projects can be financed with ease with low monthly payments• Visit our website at www.finalroof.com for lots of great information about our metal roofs including photos, video testimonials and more• Call now for a free estimate 519.728.4545
  9. 9. Our Metal Roofing Systems Are Durable and Long-Lasting!• Highest Wind and Hail Rating• Rated for Extreme Weather Protection• Unique 4-Way Interlocking System
  10. 10. Royal Brown Shake Enhanced Metal Roofing
  11. 11. Stats Bronze Shake Metal Roofing
  12. 12. Copper Shake Metal Roofing
  13. 13. Charcoal Grey Slate Enhanced Metal Roofing
  14. 14. Classic Blue Shake Metal Roofing
  15. 15. Stone Slate Metal Roofing
  16. 16. Traditional Roofing: Value Over Time
  17. 17. Metal Roofing: Value Over Time
  18. 18. Double AA - Metal Roofing Reviews• Very Happy with both the product and the entire staff /crew I dealt with, 5 Stars! Barry Smith• I was not happy to be putting a new roof on a 5 year old house (we just built it!) If I would have known of the winds we going to have we would have done it right the first time! The Roof is so beautiful, it takes some of the sting way. Barbara Rybsky• My wife and I would like to say thank you for our new roof. Your workers have done an excellent job and all the neighbors have had positive compliments of the finished product. The chimney came out better than I had hoped. B& B Hebblethwaite
  19. 19. Thanks for your Interest in Metal!Call Double AA Roofing for your Final Roof!
  20. 20. Get More Social and Information! Website: www.finalroof.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoubleAARoofing Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/user8594982 LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/double-aa FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Double-AA