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Exclusive rose fragrances for special occasions


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Taif rose is a very ancient and treasured essence which is revered and cherished even today. This fragrance which originated in the holy abode of Taif has been associated with beauty, spirituality and regality since its inception and is a favourite fragrant brand of perfume even today and permeates our lives with the balm of rosiness.

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Exclusive rose fragrances for special occasions

  1. 1. Exclusive Rose Fragrances for Special Occasions Situated southeast to the holy city of Mecca in the western part of Saudi Arabia, Taif is one of the oldest cities. Apart from its legendary spiritual significance corroborated by the fact that King Solomon was a frequent visitor to this place and was also a sacred dwelling place of spiritual Messiah Prophet Mohammed who prohibited any kind of violence in this place, the messianic land is also well known for the extensive cultivation of roses. The fertile land two hundred meters above sea level equipped with quality irrigation systems and cool climatic conditions is conducive and ideal for rose cultivation. Therefore, the roses have been named after its homeland and popularly known as Taif rose. In fact during the span of Ottoman reign, this region was christened as Arabian Rose in honour of this special flora which permeated in the spirit and essence of this land. This rose hails from the special breed of Damask roses with thirty petals and a pinkish tincture. It is harvested in the month of April and blossoms at the dawn and must be nipped before the heat of the sun impairs the essence of this beautiful flower. A Special Flavour of Fragrance Rose has always occupied a special space in our hearts and universally and timelessly appealed to our emotion of love, compassion and beauty. The fragrance radiated by this exotic flower has inspired the imagination of artists to emulate and capture this beautiful creation of nature in their art in the form of poetry, songs and paintings. In fact the vintage beauty solution the rose water is also extracted from Taif rose petals. This fragrant solution was applied by the royal beauties of ancient civilizations for their beauty
  2. 2. treatment for rejuvenating their skin. The rose water is extracted from the Taif roses through the method of distillation. The Attar of Roses Another well known synonym of rose oil is attar. The etymology of this word suggests that it has derived its name from an Arabic word ittr meaning essence or perfume. In fact there is a lateral school of thought that believes that attar originated in India and was discovered during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir by the quirk of fate. Around two centuries ago the rose from Taif petals were brought to Mecca in hermetically sealed packages loaded on the back of camels’. Then these petals were treated with the process of distillation which produced attar. Later the attar and sandalwood essential oils were interfused making the woody and floral fragrance coalesce to procreate a distinctive refreshing brew of perfume essence which is still prevalent in some parts of Arabia and widely available in India. Eventually Taif became the site for conducting the distillation process which resulted in better quality of rose oil production because the fragrance was captured before it evaporated. Gradually, the aroma became popular among the Muslim devotees pilgrims who consecrated this invaluable essence to their Divine guardian and also bought this essential oil as a cherished souvenir from Hajj. Find us on: