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Zomig IMC campaign


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pharmaceutical product IMC marketing campaign

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Zomig IMC campaign

  1. 1. Zomig Dr. Zee… Headache Expert
  2. 2. Egyptian market & Goals SITUATION ANALYSIS
  3. 3. Situation Analysis Objective Goal • Poor market awareness about migraine • Awareness campaign • Weird Symptoms of migraine (One can’t tell • Using Funny cartoon animations to deliver the easily when he suffers from Migraine ) message • Radio ads. and press campaigns stressing • Limited market size migraine symptoms • New product name in pharmaceutical field with • An easy and funny character to promote Zomig hard name to connect with its used usage
  4. 4. Concept : being unique ! We need : 1. Easy Name 2. Catchy concept 3. Comprehensive message focusing on migraine symptoms and Zomig benefits 4. ATL campaign aiming to help doctors and patients memorize the product’s name and recall it when the symptoms of Migraine appear Attractive Customer Story Character friendly name message
  5. 5. Creativity is a must CONCEPT
  6. 6. Character Dr.ZEE Dr.Zonga Dr.Zong Dr.Song Dr.Zou Dr.Zemo Dr.Zoga Dr.Zomga
  7. 7. IMC FM Program Pharmacy Materials Press Online
  8. 8. Mass awareness IMC – RADIO CAMPAIGN
  9. 9. Radio Campaign – Option 1 Program Program Name: ‫كالم دكاترة‬ ‫صحتك بالدنيا‬ ‫ساعة لصحتك‬ ‫ساعة دكاترة‬ Discussion topics Program theme • Types of headache Duration 13 episodes • Migraine symptoms 3 months starting from Feb.“13 13 doctor KOLs A&B classes • Difference between headache and Migraine episodes” giving medical advices. • General medical advices + 150 free spots 2-3 spotsday • A healthy lifestyle • Reassuring consumers and discussing Zomig’s side effects • Who should take Zomig and who can’t.
  10. 10. Radio Campaign – Option 2 Spots Doctors giving advices The spots will provide knowledge about the symptoms of migraine. Spots Topics Teasing • Types of headache Duration 5 days before the launch of our • Discussion about migraine symptoms 3 months campaign • Different between headache and migraine Approx. 3 to 5 spotsday 15 sec. spots • Medical advices 30 sec. spots • Life style to protect you from migraine • Discuss its side effects • Who Should take Zomig and who can’t.
  11. 11. Drug Market Controller IMC – PHARMACY CAMPAIGN
  12. 12. Pharmacy Anyone suffering from any type of headache will go 1st to pharmacy seeking treatment and asking about pain killers. Pharmacists awareness about Anti-Migraine products during training sessions or meetings. Dr. Zee Stand Booklet Pharmacist Education Program Catchy and directive It’s an educational booklet Direct education focusing on the product Stand holding flyers and pack • A booklet telling the story of design. Dr.Zee and a migraine patient 1. Pharmacists meeting through animations. Two sizes could be used: 2. Giveaways •Mega size •Awareness about the difference •Medium size. between migraine and headache 3. Video symptoms. •Usages and advantages of Zomig.
  13. 13. Dr. Zee Stand Strand Design
  14. 14. Booklet & Character Booklet It’s an educational booklet • A booklet telling the story of Dr.Zee and a migraine patient through animations. •Awareness about the difference between migraine and headache symptoms. •Usages and advantages of Zomig.
  15. 15. Dr.ZEE’s story IMC – PRESS
  16. 16. PRESS • Targeting the largest audience possible. • Wide circulation of magazines. Magazine Audience Ad. size Targeting A,B & C classes Nos aldonia 1/2 page Females (21-50 years old) 62% Kol w Oshkor Females (28-50 years old) 70% 1/3 page Pharma Today Widely distributed in pharmacies 1 page Egypt Today Business A class 1/2 page Seha Targeting A&B classes 1 page
  17. 17. By: Abdulrhman Attia Tantawy 002 010 74 20 147