Glory natural hair beautyl || By AbdelRhman Tantawy


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Glory natural hair beautyl || By AbdelRhman Tantawy

  1. 1. Glory 2010Campaign
  2. 2. Objective •Introducing Glory by new image and Style. •Attract new customers, Segments, and channels.
  3. 3. Governmental Clubs and malls Miss University Bus tour University IMC Channels Pharmacy & Hair PR campaign Radio Online dressers
  4. 4. Clubs and malls
  5. 5. ‫جلوري ... جمالك من الطبيعة أحلى‬ Booth road show in clubs and malls in both Cairo and ALX Clubs andDirection: malls 1st : Booklet includes the most common questions about hair problems and also giving tips to protect hair & keep it healthy. 2nd: A stylist A stylist will attend to instruct ladies about hair protection, styling & answer their questions. 3rd: Real Life Experience: What will push women to use the samples is to use real pictures of real women “not just models in ads” who used Glory, with titles indicate the specific color. In the above case; the ushers can do this job. Malls Clubs 1. City Star 1. Elzohour Club 2. City Center 2. Ahly Club (Nasr City) 3. Hyperone 3. El Shams Club 4. Carrfour ALX 4. Maadi Club 5. Carfour alma’ad 5. El-Sayed Club 6. 6 October ( 6 Oct City ) 7. Sporting Club (Alex)
  6. 6. Booklet
  7. 7. Booth Design
  8. 8. Miss University
  9. 9. Strategy- Idea Generation Direct activities hitting the target. Miss University COMPETITION Interactive …. Innovative … word of mouth Settled in private Universities, Takes few days in each University . “+Informative Radio campaign” Universities 1. AUC 2. GUC 3. MIU 4. MSA 5. CIC 6. 6 of October
  10. 10. The MU Booth
  11. 11. The MU Booth
  12. 12. The MU Booth
  13. 13. The MU Booth
  14. 14. Governmental University
  15. 15. Strategy- Idea Generation Special campaign for ladies “Only ladies allowed – FREE” Governmental University Concept: Tent for Ladies gathered to : 1. Take a fun time 2. Educate about hair health with Glory. 3. Giveaways and competition. Direction: Universities 1. Ladies games 2. Natural beauty and your hair health. 1. ASU 2. Cairo 3. Helwan U. 4. Asyout U
  16. 16. Bus Tour
  17. 17. Concept Bus travel between cities of upper Egypt. Bus Tour We will use mother day as motivation to buy from this booth Objective: 1. Introduction of new packing. 2. Motivate consumer to buy. 3. Distribute Giveaways. 4. Education about the advantage of Glory for healthy hair. Direction: locations •Mobile booth. •Buy Glory and take gift + serial number On the pack. Gives you extra reword. 1. Asyout •Two days in each city in different locations . 2. Tanta
  18. 18. PR
  19. 19. Press Release: TV coverage “Have high credibility between the TV ads airing + PR in the talk show market” about natural beauty and advantage PR of Glory Henna .  Write About the Advantage of Glory Henna Over Chemical methods N.B: easy applying of henna is an in a Comparatives way. advantage use this point in PR market will love it. channels 1. Press 2. TV
  20. 20. Press Release: TV coverage Competition coverage in universities TV coverage for Miss University will by Magazines especially the attract the publicity toward this nomination day . competition. PR Miss university Magazine interview Channels: and coverage is a good material for •Egyptian channels 1,2 writers and photographers. •Nile life. N.B: In the end of competition, interview with the miss university channels should be arranged in talk shows : •Elbyt bytak. – Ch2 1. Press •90 Dea’a – El-Mhwar. 2. TV “Airing of the nomination day is optional”
  21. 21. Radio
  22. 22. Radio campaign have two phases : Radio Phase One : Phase Two : Phase three The New Miss Mother’s pack University Day campaign. Campaign Radio 1. Miss University 2. Glory new pack 3. Mother’s Day
  23. 23. Online
  24. 24. Why Online ? Online Targeted Cheap Informative Interactive
  25. 25. Upload • Word of Social TV ads versions, Radio • Ads Versions, Hair style mouth Media making Funny and Face book sky bar ad creative Comments Built brand Online campaign awareness and recognition Web page + Face Share book Group
  26. 26. © Market Compass Consultancy 2009
  27. 27. CONCEPT Hair Moves by mouse to show
  28. 28. Pharmacy A Decision Makers.
  29. 29. Pharmacy is one of the decision maker in Cosmetic indication. BUT Pharmacy •High Pharmacists Turn over. •Low education level about Cosmetics. Solution • Flyers and Instruction Booklet with fancy stands. • Pharmacy Dangler. • Offers  Buy Glory Pack and take coloring tools free (Branded with Glory).
  30. 30. Flyers Stand Dangler Giveaways Stickers
  31. 31. Hair dressers
  32. 32. They Need to Know why to recommend Glory as hair dying method instead of other chemical methods. Hair dressers MOTIVATE to use glory henna How to use – Professionally Booklet Advantage of Glory over other method Offers Comparisons between Glory and Free Sampling Chemicals. Free Branded tools with Glory brand Colors of Glory Effect of Glory on different hair colors.
  33. 33. BY: ABDULRHMAN ATTIA TANTAWY 002 010 74 20 147