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Fayrouz IMC Plan + designs options


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Fayrouz IMC Plan + designs options

  1. 1. IMC Project • By – Abdel rahmanTanatwy – NohaAbdalsamie – Mohamed Moharram – Lina el Hadidy – Mohamed Hossam El Didy • To – Dr.Ayman
  2. 2. Situation Analysis
  3. 3. Company profile • Al-Ahram Beverage co.: It was bought by an Egyptian entrepreneur during the era of privatization. Later in 2002, Heineken group acquired the company. In Jan. 06, the company went through a complete change in all its domains and activities. The company is now under the management of a national and multinational team
  4. 4. Product Background • Fayrouz is a soft drink that has been specially developed for an adult palate, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives It is carefully brewed to be gently sparkling and with lower sugar, and to deliver full-flavored refreshment
  5. 5. Competitive analysis • Strong competitors , but they aren’t in direct contact with Fayrouz(2nd line). • eg: • Coca. • Pepsi.
  6. 6. SWOT Strength •Unique positioning, strong brand name. •Diversified products, different flavors. •Good reputation of healthier product compared to the other fuzzy drinks. •No harm from 1st degree competitions. •Unique selling points (soda + malt) Weakness •distribution. •Promo materials. •Limiting the promo campaigns by one season “summer”. •Weak brand loyalty
  7. 7. SWOT Opportunities: •The market’s demand is highly elastic. •Growing market. •Opportunity for new markets horizontally and vertically. Threats: •Negative campaigns and Religious conceptions that Fayrouz has small percentage of alcoholic bear. •Consumer’s shift to other brands. •Superior access of the competitors to distribution channels. •Strength of 2nd degree competition.
  8. 8. Strategy
  9. 9. Segmentation & Targeting • North coast. • El-sokna. • Cairo. • Alex. • Guiza. Geographic •Life style •Funny and refreshment lover Behavioral • From 10 to 35 years old age •Males and femals Ganders
  10. 10. Positioning was now will altatwer altabe3i lel7aga alsa23a Fayrouz handous altatwer altbe3i lelant3ash
  11. 11. Unique Selling Points: • No sugar • Flavors • Healthy • Refreshment • Low soda
  12. 12. Communication Objective • Increase sales. • Increase brand awareness of new flavors ”lemon flavor”. • Strengthen brand loyalty. • Achieve high distribution rate. • Widen market share .
  13. 13. Communication Strategy PUSH strategy : by increasing our distribution , by increasing the number of refrigerators available in the market. PULL strategy : through a mass campaign with new creative ideas that will make a great difference.
  14. 14. Communication massage
  15. 15. Creativity is a must Communication MIX
  16. 16. Sales promotion • Packs of five cans of all flavors of Fayrouz in the price of only four .This offer will be in all the mega markets in cairo , guiza , and in marina. e.g…( metro, spenniy’s, mega markets in marina)
  17. 17. TV ad .1 • Message: refreshment. • Message strategy:Fayrouz pretty girls ready to put the fire of thirst of ,refreshment brigade. • T.V Channels: Egyptian channels 1&2,orbit al Youm , Rotana and melody. • Execution style: dancing, summer cooling breeze. • sponsoring for new movie and famous talk shows and programs.
  18. 18. Radio ad • Radio program : “Na3neshha ma3 Fairouz”. • Concept: question and answers. • Theme: coolest and most refreshing places around the world . Each day will be different place and information about it. • Prize:there will a question and the winner at the end of the week will win two tickets to a selected place that was discussed among the week . • Media channel : nile FM. • Timing: JULY &AUGUST.
  19. 19. Radio script: • ‫حياتك‬ ‫حتنعش‬ ‫بس‬ ‫مش‬ ‫انت‬.........‫انت‬ ‫حتنعنشهاااااااااااااااااااااااا‬ ‫الساعة‬ ‫من‬ ‫فيروز‬ ‫مع‬٣-٤‫على‬ ‫يىم‬ ‫كل‬ NILE FM
  20. 20. Press .1 News letters: • whole page in Al ahram news letter every Friday for two month. • Interview with a famous doctor talking about the benefits of the malted barley as a drink .
  21. 21. Press .2 Magazines: • Advertisingin magazines concerned with youth such as: Teen Stuff, Kelmetna • Coverage for all Fayrouz parties with photos
  22. 22. Outdoor-Billboard Billboards : • 4 billboards on the Cairo Alex road,and another 4 on the way back . • One big billboard on 6thOctober bridge. • 2 in the Ain el sokhna ,atameya road.
  23. 23. 3D Fayrouz bottle ,with two glittery sparkling hands holding it and a cup of refreshing Fayrouz drink. Outdoor-Billboard
  24. 24. The bottle of Fayrouz and the can will Be 3D . Outdoor-Billboard
  25. 25. Billboard -Outdoor This is a 3D billboard must be in intersection of two main streets .from each side you can see a bottle of Fayrouz followed by a bigger one and another Bigger one and so on ,if you turn around to the other street you see the opposite.
  26. 26. The Nile fountain is a very eye catching place to the tourists and locals .we choose this strategic Place to cover the fountain with a huge Fayrouz bottle with a splashing refreshing water coming out of it. Outdoor- CREATIVE
  27. 27. Online • Facebook – Use sky banner for one summer month. – 7,000,000 impression per month.
  28. 28. Online MSN Arabia (Associated ad)
  29. 29. PR. Activity Sponsoring for two beach parties in: Marina: in august with famous singers. Stella At the week end (Friday) where stands of fayrouz will be put and the refreshment team will be there doing sampling and sharing the fun where music is played and all are dancing with fayrouz.
  30. 30. SMS campaign • For introducing our new flavor and PR activity • Send SMS message to our target segment throw Vodafone segmentation service ”sarmady”. • Cairo &alexA&B class  age 20-35 • Message : “ we are fayrouz , we make a party for new fayrouz flavor in Marina in 16/8/2009 ... Be there … and catch our BUS ”
  31. 31. Other Creative idea A shuttle bus inside marina in the north coast with attractive design from all sides .. Transport between marina 1,2,3,4 and 5.. It is a free service with refreshing Fayrouz drinks can be sold inside optionally, but mainly ice boxes with the refreshment team will be placed on the bus stations. the bus is of two stores the upper one for wet people and inside one air conditioned for Dry people.. summer music ,dancing and fun atmosphere is the main theme.
  32. 32. Other Creative idea Sticker of Fayrouz can beside central A.C source in most of the famous cafés , Like Cilantro, Costa ,Beanos in Cairo and north cost ,giving the impression that The cold refreshing air is coming out of Fayrouz bottle.
  33. 33. Creative outdoor Huge Fayrouz bottle in the strategic streets.
  34. 34. Promotion budget: TV Production 300000 Airing 2,000,000 Radio ads Program sponsoring 300,000 6 Spots for one month 200,000 Production (6 version) 80,000 Outdoor High way 600,000 Cairo 1,000,000 Marina and sokna 400,000 Bus idea Renting and service 300,000 Press News 500,000 Magazines 300,000 Online Facebook 80,000 MSN arabia 60,000 SMS Per-once 100,000 SUM 6,220,000
  35. 35. Executive Summary • “we are trying to give you IMC plan that helps in maintain Fayrouz perception in people mind and focusing on Summer campaigns and activities with creative Outdoor idea.”
  36. 36. Thanks Team work do stuff like this