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  1. 1. Abdulrahman khalifa Abu Dhabi • Tourist club CELL (+971) 0561521159 • E-MAIL PROFILE Name: Abdulrahman Imad Eldeen Ahmed Khalifa. Marital status : Single Nationality : Egyptian Date of Birth : 6 9 1989 Place of birth : Egypt Dakahleya Mit Ghamr  Employment visa will expire (31) of May 2016.  Qualifications - Graduated from primary and preparatory school in the Arab Republic of Egypt And from secondary public school Khalid bin Walled government in Medina, Saudi Arabia: 89.3% Grade: Very good. - Obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in (Business Administration) Grade (good) the last two years and a cumulative Rating: (acceptable) from the State University of Zagazig, Egypt. - Holds I (MBA) from the University of Wales, British {WIU} -Received the (Mini-Master in Business Administration) course from the Canadian Training Centre of Human Development (CTCHD) founded by Dr. Ibrahim ElFiky (may Allah have mercy on him). - Obtained a degree from the University of Cairo documented in (6) diplomas in modern management, Sales Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Total Quality Management, Customer Service Management and Project Management. - A final exemption from military service. EXPERIENCE
  2. 2. - Worked for (2) years (2014/2016) in sales Department and VM (Visual Merchandising) in (Apparel Group UAE) in (ABU DHABI) in the famous Global brand {Nine West}. - Achieved the certificate for (TOP SELLER) in 2014 from the brand team of “NINE WEST" - Achieved the certificate of (Mystery Shopper) Twice for excellent services by achieving 93 % - Worked and training for 1 year (2013/2014) year in Sales Department in company (Amer Group) for Investment and Real Estate. -Worked for 5 months in sales Department in Authorization (GLC) for Paints in Egypt. - Worked for (2) years (2011/2013) in Sales Department and management in (Khalifa Company) for clothes in Egypt. SKILLS - Computer Skills fluent writing on the keyboard in (Arabic and English), fluent in using (Microsoft word) - Fluent in using (Microsoft Navision) - Fluent in the English language Ability to attract customers and to win them over.  - Ability to cooperate with other colleagues. - A strong personality and leadership abilities, and the ability to deal with team members. - Able to efficiently work inside the perimeter and to properly direct team members inducing maximum possible production. - Egyptian driving license. Abu Dhabi •Tourist club • CELL (+971) 0561521159 • E-MAIL