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Teaching CV


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Teaching CV

  1. 1. Objective: To instruct others with the knowledge that I have while endeavoring to increase my own knowledge at the same time. Education: Associate’s Degree in Information Technology University of Phoenix Arizona, USA Bachelor’s Degree of Science in IT Multimedia University of Sharjah Sharjah, UAE Master’s Degree of Science in Computer Science Graduating 2018 University of Sharjah Sharjah, UAE Experience: Private tutor. 2008-2011 Have tutored students in grades KG, 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 • Prepared students for tests with documented improvement in their scores • English 1. Language Arts/Grammar 2. Reading Comprehension 3. Spelling 4. Conversation Abdullah Abdulkarim P.O. Box 48712, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Home: 065681727 Mobile: 0503925962 Email:
  2. 2. • Math • Science • Computers • Environmental studies • Business School Teacher 2010-2011 Have taught English, Math, Science, and Computers to the following grades at Future Educational Academy. • 3rd Grade: English, Math, Science, Computers • 4th Grade: English, Computers • 5th Grade: Computers • 6th Grade: Computers All students have shown a great improvement in their basic understanding of the English language and the sciences. They have also demonstrated an improvement in the handling of computers. Indeed, some had started on projects even beyond their level. University Professor’s Assistant 2014-present My role as an assistant is to help teach the students and grade assignments and quizzes. I help set up labs, and also offer tutorials to teach students. This helps them get a clearer understanding of the material they are taking that semester. I’ve also helped tutor different students in multiple Computer Science courses. Personal: I am a dual national with an American citizenship. I am Syrian via my father, and American via my mother. I am fluent in English and Arabic, both written and spoken. I am a nice, honest person who is very responsible and can be trusted to get the right job done. I am very easy to get along with. As the eldest of eight, I have a natural tendency in leadership, perseverance, and a healthy dose of patience. These characteristics incline me to choose the role of educator. My interests include reading books, and working on the computer. Other hobbies include reading manga and watching anime. I also hold a red belt in Taekwondo. Teachable subjects:
  3. 3. 1. Elementary – High School Level a. English b. Math c. Science d. Computers e. Environmental studies f. Business g. Economics h. Chemistry i. Biology 2. University Level a. Programming b. Problem Solving c. English d. Economics e. Multiple Other Computer Science Courses References: Available upon request