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Entrepreneurship development, bussiness plan on coffee shop.


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Any kind of Bussiness plan

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Entrepreneurship development, bussiness plan on coffee shop.

  1. 1. Welcome To MY Presentation
  2. 2. Presentation Topics: Any kind of Business plan.
  3. 3. Background of the Business: Coffee shops or coffeehouses have been in use since the 16th century, particularly in the Middle East, where Turkish coffee was drunk and men played board games or read books and listened to music. The first coffeehouse was opened in 1530 in Damascus. In the 17th century, coffee houses were seen in Europe and became very popular. In recent year, Coffee shops are also very popular in Bangladesh, specially Dhaka & Chittagong city.
  4. 4. Background of the Business: Location: Initially, at Uttara. Our sloganVision: Our vision is to be the leading food and beverage service provider in Bangladesh by delivering total customer satisfaction through, Quality, Cleanliness, and Friendly staff.
  5. 5. Financial feasibility: Start-up cost. Item Amount (TK.) Rent (for first month) 20,000 Modernize fee (Impression, Calm-Comfortable-Soft mood, light, music, painting) 30,000 Furniture fee: (Sofa, Bar counter, Tables and Chair) 60,000 Equipment fee: (Coffee machine, Coffee mill, Air conditioning, Water treatment, Cash register) 1,90,000 Supplies fee (Coffee Snack, coffee cups, Napkin forks and Knives etc.) 15,000 Utilities fee (for first month) 10,000 Advertising fee (for first month) 5,000 Total (Approximately) 3,30,000
  6. 6. Financial feasibility: Sources of fund. Personal. Friends & Family. Bank Loan.
  7. 7. Financial feasibility: Sales price (50-120) based on different types of Coffee and its ingredients. Break even: Fixed cost: 520,000tk Variable cost: 30,000tk Unit produced: 3000tk Per unit variable cost: variable cost/unit produced =30,000/3,000 =10tk
  8. 8. Financial feasibility: Break even volume = (520,000/80-10) = 7428 units Break even sales = 7428*80 = 5,94,240tk.
  9. 9. Marketing: •Middle class and upper middle class youth •Students, House wives and youngsters •People who value a great cup of coffee •Seeks to target not just the youth but anyone who is "young at heart”. •Medium Price Band “Third Place" away from the home and college or workplace for the young and the young at heart. Refresh Coffee has its main consumer base in the age group of 15 to 45 or above years. SEGMENTATION TARGETING POSITIONING
  10. 10. Marketing: Promotional Strategy. 1) Word of mouth publicity 2) Bill-board 3) Electronic & Print media 4) Barter deals with other brands
  11. 11. Management: Manager Accountant Human Resource (Training & Service) Physical Training to employee: Smile, Manner, Balance, Talking skill, Operation of the coffee machine. Skill training to employee: Familiar with our product, Coffee culture, Proper reaction, Inner decoration, Never judge a person by his appurtenance, Cooperation & Leadership.
  12. 12. Conclusion about Coffee shop : Coffee is the drink of choice for many people across the world. Every morning million of people rely on their morning fix to get going for the day. Existing coffee market size in Bangladesh worth BDT 600mln+. Contribution of brewed coffee is almost two-third of the market while the instant coffee market counts for the rest of the market.
  13. 13. Conclusion about Coffee shop : If the proposed chain coffee shop is opened here in Bangladesh, it will face two types of competition one is direct and another is indirect competition. At present, there are more or less 50 premium coffee cafés in Bangladesh which happen to cater a mammoth market of almost 160 million consumers which clearly indicates that there is a huge portion of the market still waiting to be exploited. Among these 50 cafés, only 4 international chain coffee shops are currently operating along with some local premium independent coffee cafés.