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Resume of Abdul Rauf

Published in: Career
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  1. 1. Abdul Rauf Contact: +923214100317 Email: ; Career Objectives: To work in a competitive and innovative environment where there are new challenges with every new project so that I can learn and enhance my technical, analytical and managerial skills Websites: Pakistan Engineering Council Discipline/Number: ELECTRICAL/64131 Education: YEAR QUAILFICATION INSTITUITION Grade/CGPA 2010-2014 Bachelors of Electrical Engineering NUST School Of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (SEECS) 3.63 2008-2010 HSSC Govt. College of Science, Wahdat Rd, LHR 951/1100 A+ 2006-2008 SSC EDEN ROSE, LAHORE 706/850 A+ Professional Experience: 1)Senior Software Engineer @ RedMath (since October, 2017) 2)Senior Software Engineer @ NetSol Technologies, Lahore (since January 2017) 3)Software Engineer @ NetSol Technologies, Lahore (October 2014 to December 2016) 4)Graduate Trainee Engineer-IT @ Fatima Fertilizer, Lahore (2 months) 5)CEO at Startup KrackedEggs ( ) (1 year) I have done multiple projects for different international clients. For details and reviews, see my online profiles (59 reviews) (42 reviews) Projects: • Network traffic sniffer and TCP analyzer • PLC trainer kit hardware and software • Ball on a plate state feedback controller design • Tweet touch—An embedded twitter based access control system using RFID and camera module • Maze solver in C using A* search • Treadmill using 8051 microcontroller • Dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm in python • Vending Machine Front end and backend in C++ • Simulation of VSB Receiver and Transmitter in MATLAB • Echo Canceller using matlab • Proof of concept hacking of LMS SEECS NUST by retrieving login credentials of a teacher using JavaScript, PHP and MySQL exploiting CSRF vulnerability • Database dump of biselahore including photographs by web scraping using Scrapy • Self driving car model from Udacity - Artificial Intelligence for Robotics Course (CS373) • Search engine from Udacity - Introduction to Computer Science Course (CS101) • App deployment on Google App Engine for NIMUN Circle android app • RFID and GSM module based security lock using PYTHON and Arduino Technical Skills: • Proficient in C#, ASP.NET (MVC, Core, WebAPI, SignalR), WCF, PYTHON, C/C++, JavaScript(ES6, Service Workers, JQuery, Angular, Polymer, npm, Grunt/Gulp), TypeScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, consuming Rest/Soap APIs (twitter, facebook etc.) • Proficient in Behavior and Test Driven Unit testing using (Web component tester, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Jasmine, PhantumJS etc.) • Experienced in using Cloud e.g. Azure (App services, Compute), Google Cloud Platform (Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine), Amazon Web Services and IMB Cloud (bluemix) • Familiar with container engines e.g. Docker (images, containers, services, swarms, stacks) and Kubernetes. • Familiar with Blockchain development on Hyperledger and Ethereum platform • Proficient in using both CLI and GUI Version Control tools related to GIT, HG, SVN • Experienced in desktop app development using WPF and QT with C#, C++ and Python (PyQT or PySide).
  2. 2. • Experienced in using Databases (MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, IndexedDB etc). • Can use ORMs (EF or Nhibernate etc) with any supported database using connecters/adapters • Experienced in using Clustered Caching Systems (Memcached, Redis) • Have basic experience in Node.js and Node-RED • Can use any type of Linux/Unix distribution including Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, CENTOS, FEDORA, BACKTRACK, Kali Linux, FreeBSD, Embedded Linux etc. I am using Linux since 2006. • Can use jinja2 template engine • Can use CAD tools like Blender3D, AutoCAD and Photoshop • Can use any microcontroller, Arduino and development boards like Raspberry pi, BBB etc • Have intermediate level experience in PCB Designing • Can use LABView, MATLAB, Maple, KEIL, PSpice, Multisim and Eclipse. • Proficient in web scraping and crawling. • Have strong debugging and troubleshooting skills of both software and hardware including computers, network equipment and workstations, Smart phones (Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Bada) • Can install and configure custom Linux on routers e.g. DD WRT • Has basic experience in android development Achievements: • Established user on StackOverFlow after earning 1000+ reputation • Accepted in Preferred Freelancer Program @ after maintaining 5 star reputation • Won PIF Innovative Idea contest 2013 • Selected for the development team of official NIMUN14 android app • Awarded Merit based scholarship in 1st semester for securing 175 merit position in NUST entry test out of total 40000 applicants. • Awarded GPA based Scholarship from second semester to last semester. • Achieved certificate of accomplishment with highest distinction for Artificial Intelligence (self-driving car) online course and Search Engine building course by Udacity. Community Involvement: • Member of organizing committee of NIMUN • Member of organizing committee of Exylent national robotics workshop for under 18 students • 30+ hours of community service in NUST Community service club. Open Source Contributions: • 8 commits in Drivers/Staging area of Stable Linux Kernel 4.11. Two of those are minor improvements in greybus (project ARA software stack to support modular hardware devices) and fbtft (TFT LCD display module). Other six are refactoring in other areas. • For other contributions see Hobbies and Area of Interest: Software Development, Distributed Applications related to blockchain, Control Systems, Embedded systems, Computer Networks, AI, Machine Learning, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping of mobile robots, Web Development, Hacking and Penetration Testing , Big data analysis, Data mining, Playing badminton, E-Gaming, Internet of Things, Reading Technology blogs Certifications: • Udacity - Artificial Intelligence for Robotics Course (CS373) • Udacity - Introduction to Computer Science Course (CS101) • Certifications related to Blockchain, Docker, Node-RED and Chatbots. Senior Design Project: Design and manufacture of prototype modules for SUPARCO PNSS-1 project at NUST.