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  1. 1. FOUNDAMENTAL OF COMPUTERTITLE: Mark Zuckerberg and his Social Network Prepared by: ABDUL KADIR HASSAN LNC/DPH/JUL11/24
  2. 2. Introduction• Facebook is a social networking website founded by Mark Zuckerberg. This website allows you to stay in touch with either friends or family. Facebook has functions which allow you to chat with friends, video conversations with people and you can play games too online. You can post statuses, video or blogs.
  3. 3. Biography• Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, in Dobbs Ferry, New Yor has a comfortable, well- educated family. His father, Edward Zuckerberg, ran a dental practice attached to the familys home. His mother, Karen, worked as a psychiatrist.• Zuckerberg developed an interest in computers at an early age; when he was about 12, he used Atari BASIC to create a messaging program he named "Zucknet."• While still in high school, he created an early version of the music software Pandora, which he called Synapse. Several companies—including AOL and Microsoft—expressed an interest in buying
  4. 4. • In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, three Harvard University students, launched a Web site designed to put students in touch with one another, share their photos and meet new people. They called it In August of that year, the sites name changed to Facebook.• To explore Facebook, you must create a free account on the site. Facebooks terms of use state that members must be at least 13 years old, and any member between the ages of 13 and 18 must be enrolled in school. Facebook requires new members to provide a valid e-mail address before The logo of social networking Web site Facebook is becoming more recognizable as the number of active members increases.
  5. 5. Facebook provides several ways to find friends
  6. 6. Facebook Profiles
  7. 7. Facebook Applications• photos application• video application• groups application• events application• posted items application• gifts application
  8. 8. Facebook Mobile • You can access Facebookfeatures using a mobile devicelike a cell phone in three ways: mobile text messages, mobile uploads and mobile Web browsing
  9. 9. SMS Madness• Facebook isnt the only social networking service that takes advantage of SMS text transfers.Twitter, a micro-blogging service, uses SMS to let members send messages called Tweets to a network of friends at the same time. Several people have developed applications that integrate SMS with services like LiveJournal, Blogger and MySpace, among others.
  10. 10. ADVANTAGES Facebook for Networking: You can use Facebook to connect with your Family, Friends, Work colleague and to meet new people. Specially, this is the best way to find your school, college or any other old profile.More over, it’s easy to find like-minded people by seeing their interest and you can easily connect with them using Wall updates, Private message, Poke or text and video chat.
  11. 11. Facebook for business:  Anyone, can take advantages of Facebook to maintain a good relationship with others, who identify with certain tastes or products, is very important, because later you can sell a product or promote products or services, thus increasing the possibilities of making money on the Internet. Facebook allows the establishment of partnerships between various projects. More over, using Facebook fan page, you can increase your brand value and social media presence for your business. Facebook, helps you to find new leads and client, if you use it properly.
  12. 12. Facebook as source of information & news:Talking about positives of Facebook, it’s a real- time social networking site and it’s one of the best source to stay updated with latest news and updates. More over, major news usually goes viral on Facebook and you will not miss important updates. Bloggers and Internet marketers can subscribe to popular blog Fan pages and keep themselves with latest updates. I
  13. 13. Facebook launched Facebooktimeline in beta sometime back and it gives a complete new look in terms of your personal profile branding.
  14. 14. The disadvantages of Facebook Facebook privacy:In the past, it has created many buzz due to sudden change in Fb privacy settings but now Facebook has simplified it’s privacy setting.  But due to ignorance and lack of understand Facebook privacy feature, people make many mistakes which you can find out from below example. Another situation to consider has to do with the availability of information too personal, whether in video, pictures or text. Never give out too much personal information.
  15. 15. The disadvantages of Facebook Time-consuming:  people spend too much time on this social networking site.  Fb offers many entertainment applications and games which will keep user engaged. Apart from Facebook chat and Facebook video chat are another two-time consuming feature. If you want to use Facebook for your advantages, use it for certain time limit in a day. Too much of Facebook, might make you Facebook addict and you might end up wasting too much time on Fb.
  16. 16. Conclusion: Facebook is used in the right proportionsand with proper care can be a powerful toolfor marketing and networking. Specially, for any online or offline business, you canleverage the power of Facebook for success of your business. Though, looking at all theadvantages of Facebook, I would say we can always disregard various Facebook disadvantages. Inclusive you can makemoney on Facebook. It’s why Facebook has become, in a short time, one of the most widely used marketing tools in today’s world.