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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. skype
  2. 2. Niklas Zennstrom, Skype Social nets Site Creator He spent hisborn February 16, 1996 final year at UniversitHe Swedish businessman y of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Zennstrom have USA. a double degree in the fieldof BusinessAdministration (BS InC) and Technical Physics (MSC) 2002, Zennstrom and from the University Fariis make skype is of Uppsala in Sweden peer-to-peerInternet telephony network.
  3. 3. Is a software that enable the world conversations. Millions of individuals and businesses uses Skype to makefree video share files with other send instant skype users voice calls message
  4. 4.  Skype was ‘founded in 2003 and based in LuxembourgDownloading skype is for FREESkype to skype video and voice call are for FREE
  5. 5. free communication can call across the world cheap to use (if you are a subscriber) brings societies togetherhas potential to be a great technology
  6. 6. • need internet access• has a negative effect on outside world contact with others (just stay at home and chat with friends)• requirements to use it keep people from using it (computer, headphones, webcam)• no language translator
  7. 7. • As you can see there are more advantages than disadvantages for Skype. I highly recommend using Skype because it helps keep in contact with family and friends. It also helps businesses keep in touch with other companies over seas.