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Our Informal Survey Said


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Here are the results of our informal Indy Politics Pre-Primary Survey.

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Our Informal Survey Said

  1. 1. Going into the May 8 primary, nearly a quarter of the participants in our informal Indy Politics pre- primary survey said they were either undecided in the U.S. Senate race or wish they had another option. Luke Messer, Mike Braun and Todd Rokita are vying to take on Joe Donnelly in November. Twenty nine percent said they planned to vote for Messer, 28 percent said they planned to vote for Braun, for Messer and 19 percent for Rokita. When asked which candidate could best defeat Joe Donnelly, 28 percent said Messer, 20 said Braun and 14 percent went for Rokita; nine percent said all three had an equal chance of winning while 19 percent said they all had an equal chance of losing And although only 30 percent thought Joe Donnelly should have been re-elected, Donnelly won head to head matchups with all three Republicans. More than 400 people responded to our informal poll.