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Indy Politics 2017 Media Kit


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Looking to reach the most influential political figures in Indiana? Look no further!

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Indy Politics 2017 Media Kit

  1. 1. 2017 media kit where smart hoosiers get their political news tm
  2. 2. who we are Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Editor/Publisher (317)727-1250 IndyPolitics.Org is an award-winning political web site dedicated to covering significant political news and events impacting Indianapolis, as well as the entire state of Indiana. We frequently feature stories and other news items that are days ahead of the mainstream press. In addition to posting articles, IndyPolitics.Org frequently embeds audio interviews so that the reader can hear newsmakers at length, in context, and in their own words, rather than just a 10 or 15-second sound bite.
  3. 3. what we are awards + recognitions best column writing | Indiana Society of Professional Journalists (2015) Best State Blog | Washington Post (2013/2011/2009) Society of Professional Journalists (2010) Best State Twitter | Washington Post (2010) Blog Traffic Data 182,000 Visits 72,000 Unique Visitors 235,000 Page Views Average Time Spent per Page: 2 min., 30 sec. (2016) photo: Preparing for a live interview on MSNBC, 2016
  4. 4. what we offer IndyPolitcs.Org helps you reach the type of quality, influential customer you want patronizing your business. You want to reach the eyes and ears that matter, and IndyPolitics.Org can help you do that. While our audience consists mainly of the people interested in local and state politics, our primary audience is a large community of news makers and opinion and thought leaders in the state.  Since January 1, 2012, IndyPolitics.Org has received more than 1,000,000 page views.  The average person spends more than two minutes on each page.  Our general audience is just over 70,000 readers.  The Cheat Sheet has more than 1,000 readers — essentially all the political class — and an open rate of 75%.  We have hundreds of Daily E-Mail readers. It has an open rate of about 60% (the news media industry average is 17%). According to blog tracking data, IndyPolitics.Org easily can reach thousands of influential individuals each week. And because there are no “bricks and mortar,” costs are reasonable and competitive. Individual advertising packages can be arranged to meet your specific needs. benefits + perks: Policy Partners Banner Ads "The Cheat Sheet" Advertising The Audio Vault Issue Advocacy Political E-mail Alerts Underwriting for "Indiana Issues" Radio Program The Cheat Sheet, Vol. 6, Issue 14 – April 2017 If you’re not a member of the Antelope Club, you should be. It’s the place where Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians can all hang out, have a great time and drink in peace and harmony. 615 N Delaware Street, Indianapolis• FREE PARKING• Cold Beer, Carryout & a LittleCapitol Chaos There’s been a lot of moving parts to theRickers story. We spent a good chunkof the day talking to all our varioussources at the Statehouse, and when youstart connecting the dots, it paints arather interesting picture. First of all, a lot of folks have beenspeculating why House Speaker BrianBosma and Senate President ProTempore David Long seemed so madwhen all this broke. There were severalreasons, of course, there was the factthat cold beer was being sold in aconvenience store converted to add arestaurant which both have said wascontrary to state policy. But really what got them ticked is up until now, ourlawmaker friends have led a prettyboring existence. You might recall yourfavorite LNG lamenting about this onseveral occasions. Well after dealingwith RFRA, right to work and other bigblow-ups over the past few years, thetwo leaders were enjoying a session thatdidn’t see everything blow up, at leastthere were until this broke. And theRickers controversy blew all that up. This is why they’ve been so tickedoff about this entire deal. Photo: The Columbus Republic
  5. 5. how we connect With IndyPolitics.Org, you not only get our web site traffic, but also traffic from other news organizations that frequently cite our work product. Contributing Columnist: • Indianapolis Star • The StatehouseFile.Com • Indiana Business Journal Panelist/Host: • Abdul at Large (Weeknights) – WIBC-FM • Indianapolis This Week – RTV 6 • Inside Indiana Business with Gary Dick Broadcast Component: In addition to our daily web site, IndyPolitics.Org produces a weekly 60/30-minute public affairs radio program, “Indiana Issues,” which airs weekends on a number of stations in Indiana. from The Detroit Free Press, 9-14-2016: Gary Johnson: Lower taxes, no auto bailouts {photo} “Presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks during the Detroit Econ Club with moderator Abdul-Hakim Shabazz at the Westin Book Cadillac.” from PBS News Hour, 5-3-2016: Why Trump and Sanders are blasting the same enemy in Indiana (and it’s not Clinton) “. . . Still, the rhetoric has stuck with many Hoosier voters, said Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, who runs, an influential state politics blog. The data says manufacturing is surviving — even thriving — in Indiana, but some voters find that hard to believe when friends’ and neighbors’ job losses are fresh in their minds, Shabazz said. ‘The emotional argument sometimes tends to work a little better with some of these folks here, just because of Indiana’s long-term manufacturing history,’ he said. ‘Manufacturing isn’t what it was for our grandparents.’” from Bloomberg Politics 4-25-2016: Confusion Reigns on First Day of Cruz-Kasich Alliance “. . . But while Cruz supporters were energized by the deal, for Kasich’s backers ‘it’s like someone let the air out of their balloon,’ said Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, a center-right talk show host in Indianapolis and editor of Shabazz said he was probably a Kasich supporter, and isn’t sure what he’ll do now.” making headlines Facebook: 7,000 Friends Twitter: 12,000 Followers Linked In: 4,900 Connections Social Media Presence
  6. 6. our partners At, we partner with several local small businesses to assist with our public outreach efforts. Each brings a certain area of expertise which helps maximize your reach in the most cost effective manner. Wright Business Solutions, a locally owned WBE & MBE, can help with event planning for public forums and help with survey management to help best craft a focused message for your organization. Magna Carta Public Affairs specializes in strategic communications, particularly at the state level. It has successfully worked with a number of state agencies and the legislature to advocate on behalf of its clients. The Englehart Group specializes in strategic planning, market research, marketing program development, advertising, public relations, print materials, direct marketing, video production, online and search engine marketing, web site and smartphone app development, social media integration and event production. current and past advertisers
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  8. 8. contact: abdul-hakim shabazz - (317) 727-1250 - where smart hoosiers get their political news tm