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Mexicans and Americans


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Mexicans and Americans

  1. 1. Reaction paper on the comparative study betweenThe Americans and MexicansPresented byAbdelhamied El-RafieIntroduction :I will present in the following the basic differences between the American people and theMexican people ,then I will translate these differences through the interculturalcommunication context .But the basic idea is the difference between two differentcultures that have a protracted long relations in which this relation affects the future ofboth countries.The basic differences between the two cultures: 1- the way of answering questions: Americans: direct. Or to the point.. Mexicans : indirect answer or they read inside the hidden meaning or go deep into the context. 2- Their own perception towards how the other should percept them : Americans: They think that because of the diversity and the practices of liberty the others should learn their way of dealing . Mexicans : on the other hand Mexicans are so proud of their selves . 3- The faith towards the place of home or work : Americans carries the slogan of individuality Mexicans give a greater value of belonging to the home or work place or company . 4-Mexicans put a high value for the boss but Americans think that the job has to be done rather than having a hierarchical job relation . 5-Americans are more punctual than Mexicans.
  2. 2. 6-Work is the highest value of what we can call the American dream , but for culturalreasons A Mexican can refuse a promotion in order to have more time with family orto have more contacts with extended family or friends.7-Mexican education is based on patterns of deductive reasoning moving from thegeneral to the particular .On the other hand The Americans puts a great stress on the development of analyticalskills .8-Roman catholic church has a huge impact on the Mexican society on the other handthe American society people come from various religious background .9-Mexico is a hierarchical society this hierarchy has less degree in the United States .Translation :These two societies have very long borders with each other they have protracted andorganic relations there is a tendency of dependency on the Mexican economy on theirtrade relations with US , there are millions of Mexican migrants in the US and theymight shape in the future a strong community in the American population so despiteall of these differences mentioned above the two cultures interact positively onm theformal or official basis but there is something missing between the peoples of the twocountries in their perception towards the other especially during the last eight years asa global phenomena this might be because the policy of the previous administrationor as a part of a defensive mechanism from Mexico and in this case as a one of thedeveloping countries in which these countries interact either positively or negativelytoward the American policies . ‫ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ‬