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T his topic

  1. 1. Modern Literary MovementsProjectIn this section of Modern Literary Movementscourse, you will have a project on Key 20th-Century Texts in Literary CriticismObjectives:By the end of this task, you will be able:1- To identify the main leading figures in 20th-Century Literary Criticism.2- To search for sources on that texts.3- To fill in the form on each text.Your task:Writer Book Student1. Boris Eikhenbaum The Theory of the "Formal Method"430811170 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫بطي‬2. Jacques Derrida Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences3. C. Bradley Poetry for Poetrys Sake430811226 ‫السلولي‬ ‫محمد‬4. Ernst Gombrich Art and Illusion5. Irving Babbitt Romantic Melancholy430811286 ‫البيشي‬ ‫محمد‬6. Noam Chomsky Aspects of the Theory of Syntax7. Claude Lévi-Strauss The Structural Study of Myth430811308 ‫االكلبي‬ ‫حمود‬8. Martin Heidegger Language in the Poem9. Theodor Adorno Cultural Criticism and Society430811413 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫ناصر‬10. Harold Bloom The Dialectics of Poetic Tradition11. Paul Valéry Poetry and Abstract Thought430811437 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫عبدهللا‬12. Hans Robert Jauss Literary History as a Challenge to Literary Theory13. Cleanth Brooks Irony as a Principle of Structure430811446 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫مبارك‬14. Raymond Williams The Country and the City15. Northrop Frye Anatomy of Criticism430811447 ‫المعاوي‬ ‫أنس‬16. Stanley Fish Is There a Text in This Class?17. R. P. Blackmur A Critics Job of Work430811528 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫سيف‬18. Roland Barthes The Death of the Author19. T. E. Hulme Romanticism and Classicism430811645 ‫البيشي‬ ‫خالد‬20. E. D. Hirsch, Jr. Objective Interpretation21. Gaston Bachelard The Poetics of Space430820488 ‫الهاجري‬ ‫حزمي‬22. Edward Said The World, the Text, and the Critic23. Ronald Crane Toward a More Adequate Criticism of Poetic Structure431801708 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫مسرع‬24. Paul de Man Semiology and Rhetoric
  2. 2. Writer Book Student25. Jean-Paul Sartre Why Write?431803465 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫محمد‬26. Julia Kristeva From One Identity to Another27. Roman Jakobson The Metaphoric and Metonymic Poles431804015 ‫القحطاني‬ ‫سعود‬28. Chinua Achebe Colonialist Criticism29. Jacques Lacan The Mirror Stage431804205 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫عبدهللا‬30. Michel Foucault What Is an Author?31. Kenneth Burke Literature and Equipment for Living431807402 ‫الشهراني‬ ‫فهد‬32. Georges Poulet Phenomenology of ReadingBooks titleDate of PublicationBooks AuthorAbout the Author 30-50wordsMain ideas in the book 50-70wordsInfluence of the book 20-40wordsGrading:Your project will be graded out of 10 marks according to the following rubric1. Date of Publication 1.52. About the Author 2.53. Main ideas in the book 3.54. Influence of the book 2.5Total 10