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Assessment case study

  1. 1. Case Study of Caleb Counseling 621 November 20,2011 Abby Tucker
  2. 2. Client DescriptionO CalebO 5 year old African American MaleO Kindergarten studentO Special Education Student with a Developmentally Delayed RulingO In Self-Contained Classroom 80% of the DayO Diagnosed with ADHD
  3. 3. Purpose of AssessmentO EPSF: Early Prevention of School Failure O PPVT: Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test O VMI: Visual Motor Integration O LLA: Language & Literacy Assessment O DAP: Draw a Person O MAS: Motor Activity Scale
  4. 4. Assessment Procedures and ProtocolsO EPSF series given within first 30 days of school and last 30 days of school O PPVT: 204 items total, 17 sets of 12 items, establish a basal and ceiling, assesses receptive vocabulary O VMI: 30 items of developmentally sequences geometric shapes; assesses hand eye coordination, Visual Memory, Visual Discrimination O LLA: Assesses Expresive Language, and Auditory Discrimination, Visual Discrimination O DAP: 5 minute cognitive assessment; Fine Motor, Visual Memory O MAS: 37 task; Gross Motor, Fine Motor
  5. 5. Medical/Developmental HistoryO No serious medical issuesO In pre-kindergarten was ruled developmentally delayed and put in the sped departmentO His IEP follows the current kindergarten curriculum but on a modified, slower pace
  6. 6. Familial Psychiatric History O The clients brother is currently in Lakeside Behavioral Health System, being treated for Bipolar Disorder
  7. 7. School/Academic HistoryO SPED student with a DD rulingO Modified Kindergarten curriculumO Academic development is on track according to his IEP
  8. 8. Home Behavioral/SocialO Family of Origin (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister) O Mother and father are very supportive and involved parents O Parents are currently planning their wedding, which will take place next summer O Brother (12 years old) is in Lakeside, being treated for bipolar disorder O Sister (9 years old)
  9. 9. Assessment Use/Appropriate InterpretationO Standard Scores with a mean=100 and sd= 15 O PPVT: 69, Considerably Below Average O VMI: 103, Expected O DAP: 94, Expected O MAS: 72, Moderately Below Average O LLA: 84, Moderately Below AVerage
  10. 10. Summary of FindingsO Expressive and Receptive Language are considerably below averageO Auditory Discrimination is moderately below averageO Visual memory, visual discrimination, and fine and gross motor skills are at expected levels
  11. 11. DSM DiagnosisO Axis I O 314.9 Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder NOSO Axis II O 315.9 Learning Disorder NOSO Axis III O NoneO Axis IV O Disruption of family with separation of brother O Academic ProblemsO Axis V O GAF= 60-51
  12. 12. Treatment Plan and RecommendationsO Monitor Academic Progress O Continue with special education classes and follow his IEP, with a specific focus on expressive and receptive language as well as auditory discrimination.O Monitor Behavioral Progress O Continue working with counselor and support therapist on impulse control and appropriate responses.
  13. 13. ReferencesO Werner, L., (1997). On the way to success. Retrieved from