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Insurance Linked Securities Summit

  1. 1. Register by July 16th and SAVE up to $2,196! See page 6 for details. An Introduction to Life Settlements and October 13 – 15, 2010 Cat Bonds for Asia-Pacific Investors Hong Kong 35+ industry leading speakers, including the following ILS thought leaders & Asian investors: Amir Gal-Or, Managing Rani Virdee, Managing Ron DíVari, Trevor Jones, Partner, Infinity Private Director, Asia Pacific, The CEO, Product Specialist, Equity HK CarbonNeutral Company NewOak Capital Nephila Capital Miodrag Janjusevic, Madhu Gayer, Head of Franz Schmidpeter, Robert Quinn, Chief Risk Officer, Sail Investment Risk and Managing Director, Vice President, Funds HK Analytical Services, Asia, Augur Capital Wells Fargo Northern Trust HK Fresh content for Asia-Pacific: Keynote Speakers • Asian investor perspectives on catastrophe bonds, life Climate Change and Demographics and settlements, and other insurance-linked investments Asia-Pacific: The Likely Asian Pension Planning: • Academic perspectives on climate change in Asia- Geographical Distribution Navigating Risks and Pacific and the future effects of globalization of Climate-Related Impacts Liabilities • Demographics and the future of Asian pension planning Junji Hatano Stuart Leckie Chairman and Chairman, • Modeling perspectives on Japanese earthquake risk CEO, Carbon Stirling • The role of development banks in promoting cat bond Partners Financial issuance throughout the region Asiatica HK • A comparison of US and Asian life expectancy trends Sponsors: Media Partners: 1-800-882-8684 •
  2. 2. Confirmed Speakers Miodrag Janjusevic Chief Risk Officer Sail Funds HK Amir Gal-Or Managing Partner An Introduction to Life Settlements and Cat October 13 – 15, 2010 Infinity Private Equity HK Bonds for Asia-Pacific Investors Hong Kong Junji Hatano Chairman and CEO Carbon Partners Asiatica Rani Virdee Managing Director, Asia Pacific The CarbonNeutral Company Dear Colleague, Madhu Gayer Head of Investment Risk and Analytical Services, Asia, Northern Trust HK Welcome to ILS Asia – the first ever conference to bring catastrophe bond Stuart Leckie other insurance-linked securities to s, life settlements, the Asia-Pacific investor community. Chairman Stirling Financial HK In recent years, insurance-linked secu rities have emerged as an important Andreas Muller investors in Europe and the United new asset class for Head of Origination, Distribution & ILS States. Whether in the form of catas settlements, or other event-linked trophe bonds, life Investments, Munich Re investments, insurance-linked secu increasingly attractive due to their rities have become healthy returns and low-correlatio Trevor Jones markets. n with broader financial Product Specialist Nephila Capital At a time of increasing economic Ron DíVari uncertainty, non-correlated investmen CEO are entirely insulated from the gree ts – that is, those that d and fear of traditional market cycle NewOak Capital than ever in institutional portfolios s – make more sense . But knowledge of ILS remains piece Mike Fasano and Europe, and many Asian inves meal outside the States tors have still not had the asset class President satisfactory way. explained to them in a Fasano & Associates John Wells IQPC has been a pioneer of conferen Chairman ces in this sector, helping to grow bringing market participants into the asset class by Leadenhall Capital Partners contact with a wide, diverse range doing the same for Asia-Pacific, bring of investors. Now we’re ing together an elite faculty of expe Robert Quinn cat bonds, and risk-linked securities rts in life settlements, Vice President for the benefit of Asian investors. Wells Fargo Please take a moment to look throu Jeremy Leach gh the attached agenda, and then Group Managing Director me in Hong Kong this October – an make the decision to join outstanding opportunity to enrich Managing Partners Ltd important, non-correlated asset class your knowledge of this . Vince Granieri CFO & Chief Actuary Kind regards, 21st Services Jack Kettler CEO 21st Services Jean-Michel Paul Alex Simon CEO Acheron Capital Program Director, Finance Confere nces IQPC Arthur Bowen Managing Director Tranen Capital Franz Schmidpeter Managing Director Augur Capital Attendee Breakdown by Company Type: Attendee Breakdown by Region: Eduard Held ■ 15% Institutional Investors ■ 38% Asia ex-Japan Head of Products 5 15 8 Perils AG 5 ■ 32% Hedge Funds & other Asset 5 ■ 10% Japan Management Groups 12 38 8 ■ 12% Australia Robin Willi ■ 16% Insurance and Reinsurance and New Chief Investment Officer 8 32 Rigi Capital Partners Companies Zealand 20 8 ■ 8% Banks ■ 20% USA 10 Franz-Philippe Przybyl 16 12 CEO ■ 8% Life Settlement Companies ■ 12% Europe AlphaBridge Capital ■ 8% Law Firms ■ 8% Persian Gulf States David Lalonde ■ 5% LE Providers & Underwriters Senior Vice President AIR Worldwide ■ 5% Modeling Agencies Roger Tafoya ■ 5% Other COO ISC Services 2 | 1-800-882-8684
  3. 3. Pre-Conference Workshops Wednesday, October 13, 2010 8:00 – 10:30 Registration at 7:30 (Coffee will be served) A An Introduction to Life Settlements for Non-Specialist Investment Audiences: Valuation, Longevity Risk, and Strategies for Portfolio Diversification Investing in life settlements is a complicated business, with a number of critical risks that need to and currency risks be addressed by the investor in order to maximize returns. This workshop will provide investors, • Examining popular strategies for creating reliably-performing life settlement portfolios fund managers, and others involved in the life settlements space with the tools they need to manage and reduce risk, whether it’s the risk of longevity, the risk of incorrect valuation, the risk How you will benefit: of sub-optimal policy selection, as well as legal and liquidity risks. An unmissable workshop for • Invest in confidence those seeking to invest with confidence! • Get a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved with investing in life settlements before you commit capital What you will learn: • Walk away with the most cost-effective strategies for reducing the riskiness of your life • Life settlements defined settlement investments • Identifying the parties in the transaction: the policy holder, the agent, the broker, the provider • Identifying the parties that aid the transaction: the LE provider, the asset servicer, the law firm, Franz-Philippe Przybyl Roger Tafoya the financing entity CEO COO • Understanding the major risks involved in life settlements transactions: longevity, origination AlphaBridge Capital ISC Services 11:00 – 1:30 Registration at 10:30 (Lunch will be served B Making Better Use of Catastrophe Models Catastrophe models are a criticial part of the puzzle for investors in non-life ILS, but there are • Gain a better sense of the ways catastrophe models are used in the structuring – and few outside the modeling agencies themselves who understand exactly how the models are choice – of cat bond triggers designed. In this workshop, take a look “under the hood” of some of the world’s most important and popular catastrophe models, and learn how to make better use of models in How you will benefit: your investment calculations. • Learn what the implications are of discrepancies between different catastrophe models • Become a more sophisticated cat bond investor by better understanding the relationship What you will learn: between modeled values and cat bond pricing • Understand how catastrophe models combine actuarial science, engineering, seismology, metereology and expert opinion David Lalonde • Examine the interrelationship between hazard, inventory and vulnerability values within cat Senior Vice President models AIR Worldwide 2:00 – 4:30 Registration at 1:30 C The Science and Art of Medical Underwriting of Life Expectancy Life expectancy is the single most important variable in the return from life settlement - Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia: The dramatic impact of Gleevec in extending investments. Attendees at Mike Fasano’s dinner workshop will gain an understanding of the longevity details of medical underwriting and life expectancy analysis that will allow them to make more • The need for diversification by impairment informed investment decisions. How you will benefit: What you will learn: • Forecast longevity more effectively • Examining the debit methodology - an application of actuarial science • Become a savvier life settlements investor • Converting excess mortality from research literature into debits, or percentages, that are • Negotiate more effectively, and enhance your returns applied to mortality tables • Development of Mortality Tables: The importance of understanding differences in mortality Mike Fasano Hasan Qureshi associated with different demographic profiles and different populations President Actuary • Adjustments for risk factors and other clinical variables Fasano & Associates Fasano & Associates • Research based clinical judgment – The combination of research literature and clinical, medical experience: Dr. John Iacovino • Examining the impact of drug and other treatment developments on longevity: Medical Director - AIDS Fasano & Associates 5:00 – 7:30 Registration at 4:30 D Cocktail Reception (By Invitation Only) Dr. John Iacovino Medical Director Fasano & Associate Sponsors: 3
  4. 4. Main Conference Day One Thursday, October 14, 2010 7:30 Registration & Coffee 12:30 Networking Luncheon for All Attendees 8:30 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 1:30 Risk Management for Life Settlements: Strategies for Mitigating Interest Rate, 8:45 KEYNOTE GUEST ADDRESS Currency, Credit, Origination and Longevity Risk Demographics and Asian Pension Planning: • Understanding – and prioritizing – the risks associated with life Navigating Risks and Liabilities settlement investment strategies • Identifying the factors that will have an impact on Asian • Examining the policy selection process – safeguarding against pension planning: insurable interest and other potential procurement issues - Population growth • The valuation process – how this can help to mitigate extended - Changes in demographics and age distributions longevity risk in a life settlement portfolio - Income and GDP shifts • Pan-Asian perspectives on the suitability of various fund • Translating economic and demographic pressures into asset structures allocation strategies for Asian pension plans • Liquidity risk – using synthetics to manage liquidity including • Examining the role of alternatives in future pension fund how to hedge liquidity and currency/credit risks associated with investment strategies a life settlement portfolio Stuart Leckie Ron D’Vari Chairman CEO Stirling Financial NewOak Capital Jeremy Leach 9:30 The Future of the Asia-Pacific Insurance Industry: Group Managing Director Understanding the Need for Leadership Managing Partners Ltd • Forecasting the future impact of climate change on the future of the Asian insurance and reinsurance industries Vince Granieri • Understanding the Prisoner’s Dilemma as it related to the Asian CFO & Chief Actuary insurance industry 21st Services • Examining the need for leadership from the Asian insurance industry • How every Asian insurance company can become part of the solution 2:15 Separating Fact from Fiction: The Top 10 Myths About Life Settlements Rani Virdee • The top 5 positive myths about life settlements Managing Director, Asia Pacific • The top 5 negative myths about life settlements The CarbonNeutral Company • Understanding how both positive and negative myths about life settlements are propagated by the media 10:15 Morning Networking Break Robin Willi 11:00 Life Settlements – An Appropriate Asset Class Chief Investment Officer for Asian Pension Plans? Rigi Capital Partners • A closer look at the risk-reward profile of life settlements, and their suitability for Asian pension plans 3:00 Asian Investment Perspectives on the Life • Strategies for managing the asset-liability mismatch Settlements Value Proposition • Clarifying the role that life settlements should play within an • Understanding the role played by life settlements within an institutional portfolio institutional portfolio • Identifying cultural issues surrounding the asset class for an Vince Granieri Asian investor base CFO & Chief Actuary • Media issues and problems of perception 21st Services • Concerns around poorly performing funds in Australia and Jack Kettler other parts of Asia CEO Miodrag Janjusevic 21st Services Chief Risk Officer Roger Tafoya Sail Funds HK COO Amir Gal-Or ISC Services Managing Partner Infinity Private Equity Hong Kong 11:45 An Introduction to Cat Bonds for Non-Specialist Investment Audiences: Karl Anderson Correlation, Diversification & Tail Risk Chief Analyst • Catastrophe bonds defined Tranen Capital • Identifying the parties within the transaction – the sponsor, the Arthur Bowen structurer, and the investors – and understanding their motivations Managing Director • Correlation: are cat bonds truly uncorrelated with broader Tranen Capital financial markets? If not, why not? • Getting to grips with optimal diversification strategies 3:45 Afternoon Networking Break Trevor Jones Product Specialist Nephila Capital 4 | 1-800-882-8684
  5. 5. 4:30 Trends in Asian Life Expectancy: 1. What Asian Investors Need to Know about the State of A Comparison with the United States US Life Settlements Regulation • Defining key regulatory terms: STOLI and “insurable interest” • Understanding how life expectancy trends are distributed across • Understanding how life settlements regulation varies from state Asia-Pacific • Measuring the impact of “lifestyle Westernization” on Asian to state, and examining the implications for foreign purchasers longevity trends of 2nd hand life insurance policies • Regulatory changes on the horizon: the evolving dynamic • Forecasting future life expectancy trends: should we expect unstoppable LE extension, a levelling off, or a reversal? between the NAIC and NCOIL regulatory models, and the • Identifying the major divergences between US and Asian possible involvement of the federal government mortality behavior, and incorporating understanding of these differences into life settlement investment strategies 2. Longevity Swaps An Effective Risk Management Tool for Asian Pension Funds? Mike Fasano • Examining the recent growth of the longevity swaps market in President the United Kingdom Fasano & Associates • Comparing the situation of Asian pension funds with their Dr. John Iacovino counterparts in the UK • How suitable is the longevity swap transaction as a liability- Medical Director, Senior Consultant Fasano & Associates offload mechanism for Asian pension funds? • Possible issues around counterparty credit risk and pricing 5:15 Interactive Champagne Roundtable Discussions After a jam-packed day of big picture keynotes, panel discussions, case 3. Examining the Role of Development Banks in Promoting studies, and presentations, ILS Asia gives you the chance to meet and Cat Bond Issuance in Asia • Understanding the role of the World Bank in promoting cat brainstorm with small groups of your peers during our interactive champagne roundtable discussions. This is a great opportunity to make bond issuance in Asia • Examining the prospects for sovereign cat bond issuance by the valuable contacts from your area of interest, and to deep-dive into the tricky details that you may have missed in the course of the day’s Philippines, Indonesia, China and India • Development bank perspectives on the timelines for the development sessions – all while sipping a chilled glass of bubbly! of the market, and the most suitable categories of investor Delegates will choose from the following roundtables. Moderations are to be announced. For updates, please 4. Insurers’ Roundtable: Is ILS a Suitable Risk Management check the website at Tool for Asian Insurers? • Comparing the risk management needs of Asian insurance companies with their counterparts in Europe and the United States • Identifying the unique advantages and disadvantages of ILS from the perspectives of Asian insurers • Regional perspectives on the choice of trigger: Modeling challenges and the pros and cons of idemnity, parametric, and hybrid loss triggers • Considerations on the kinds of risk most suitable for securitization in Asia 6:15 End of Main Conference Day One Main Conference Day Two Friday, October 15, 2010 7:45 Registration & Coffee 9:30 The Role of the Reinsurer in a Cat Bond Transaction: An Introduction for Asian 8:30 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Insurance Companies • Examining the role of the reinsurance company with a cat bond 8:45 KEYNOTE ADDRESS transaction Climate Change and Asia-Pacific: • Evaluating the suitability of cat bonds for Asian insurance companies Examining the Likely Geographical Distribution • A closer look at recent Japanese ILS transactions: of Climate-Related Impacts - Muteki by Zenkyoren in May 2008 • Examining the current state of climate change science regarding - Midori by JR East in October 2007 impacts across Asia-Pacific • Considerations on trigger structures and collateral arrangements • Identifying the major sources of disagreement and uncertainty Andreas Muller regarding climate models Head of Origination, Distribution & ILS Investments • Understanding the implications for insurance companies and Munich Re governments on a country-by-country basis Junji Hatano 10:15 Morning Networking Break Chairman and CEO Carbon Partners Asiatica Sponsors: 5
  6. 6. 11:00 Solving the Collateral Problem: Structuring 12:30 Networking Luncheon for All Attendees Solutions for New Cat Bond Issuances • Examining the collateral structures of recent catastrophe bonds 1:30 Comparing Catastrophe Models: • Comparing the advantages of the triparty repo with The Special Example of Japanese Earthquake Risk government-guaranteed collateral solutions like treasuries and • Examining differences in Japanese earthquake models in terms KfW floating notes of the assumptions they make about subduction zones, crustal • Focus on Triparty-Repo structures zones and active faults • Focus on government-guaranteed solutions • Comparing strategies for modeling financial risk • A look at the collateral structures on the cards for 2011s cat • Strategies for correlating ground motion to building performance bond issues • Estimating the density of exposure values by city/ward Robert Quinn David Lalonde Vice President Senior Vice President Wells Fargo AIR Worldwide 11:45 Investor Perspectives on Insurance-Linked 2:15 A Market in Recovery: Securities: Gauging the Suitability of ILS for Expanding the Investor Universe for Life Settlements Asian Investor Groups • Evaluating the performance of the asset class over the past few • Identifying the most attractive characteristics of ILS from the years perspective of Asia-based investors • Understanding which risks have been solved by the • The perspective of Asian investor groups to the asset allocation marketplace, and which still remain process and the role of alternatives • Combining life settlements with alternatives to generate a • Quantifying the non-correlation benefit unique investment product • Incorporating ILS into an institutional portfolio: The need for a • Examining the future role of asset managers in the life dedicated investment unit settlements space • Investor perspectives on the manager selection process Franz Schmidpeter Amir Gal-Or Managing Director Managing Partner Augur Capital Infinity Private Equity Hong Kong Miodrag Janjusevic 3:00 End of Conference Chief Risk Officer Sail Funds HK Madhu Gayer Head of Investment Risk and Analytical Services, Asia “It was very well attended and the Northern Trust Company of Hong Kong discussions were very interesting. The organization Claudius Tsang of the event was perfect.” Executive Director – Urs Ramseier, Head of Insurance- Franklin Templeton Investments Linked Securities, Horizon 21 Registration Information Pricing Register and Register and Register and Standard Pay by 07/16/10 Pay by 08/13/10 Pay by 09/10/10 Price Venue is to be confirmed and announced. As soon as a specific venue is confirmed we will post the information online. If Conference USD $999 USD $1,299 USD $1,599 USD $1,799 you would like to be notified via email as soon as the information All Access Pass (save USD $2,196) (save USD $1,896) (save USD $1,596) (save USD $1,396) becomes available please email with the following in USD $1,799 USD $2,099 USD $2,399 USD $2,599 the subject line: "Insurance Linked Securities Asia Venue Request". Workshop(s) Only $549 each $549 each $549 each $549 each All Access Pass includes all 4 pre-conference workshops and the main conference Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: Please note multiple discounts cannot be combined. JPMorgan Chase - Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239 A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all registrations not accompanied by credit card payment ABA/Routing #: 021000021 at the time of registration. Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IQPC 18624.001 * CT residents or people employed in the state of CT must add 6% sales tax. Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches and refreshment. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment Team Discounts: For information on team discounts, please contact IQPC Customer Service at is received and may be subject to cancellation. 1-800-882-8684. Only one discount may be applied per registrant. For IQPC’s Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution Policy, please visit Special Discounts Available: A limited number of discounts are available for the non-profit sector, government organizations and academia. For more information, please contact customer service at 1-800-882-8684. Special Dietary Needs: If you have a dietary restriction, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684 to discuss your specific needs. ©2010 IQPC. All Rights Reserved. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a trademark of IQPC. Unauthorized reproduction will be actionable under the Lanham Act and common law principles. 6 | 1-800-882-8684
  7. 7. About Our Sponsors Augur Capital has two business segments: insurance arbitrage & Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we offer quality diagnostics through a team of private equity Augur Capital acts as an asset manager and experienced underwriters and cutting-edge proprietary software that provides industry- investment advisor for US and German life insurance policies. leading senior diagnostics. Augur issued a couple of funds investing in US and German life policies. With it´s worldwide partners and investments (e.g., the market leader in German secondary life insurance policies) Augur offers unique services as an independent asset ISC Services was founded in 2005 with the goal of becoming the manager to investors. In the private equity sector Augur Capital is Germany’s leading “market leader” in providing high quality, customized life expectancy firm with focus on investments in banks, insurance companies and other financial assessments. To support this effort, ISC Services assembled a team of services business in Europe. experienced and highly qualified medical underwriters, physicians and actuaries whose primary goal is to deliver consistently accurate assessments using the strictest quality control methods. To support of its professional staff, ISC Services has developed a Wells Fargo is a leading provider of collateral solutions in the ILS space. In proprietary LE calculator, an electronic underwriting manual, and a software system to the past five years Wells Fargo has established billions of dollars of trust efficiently manage the flow of business and create seamless and secure accounts used in lieu of insurance and ILS related letters of credit. Our trust communications. ISC Services is unique in its ability to use table ratings, extra deaths, team is dedicated to the insurance and ILS trust concept and work only on temporary flat extras, and to provide individual mortality based on impairment specific such transactions. Key to our success is our desire not only to understand the trust curves. ISC Services calculator includes the unique capabilities to “wear off" the excess concept, but also to understand the business behind the transactions for which we are mortality and correctly "age-up" LEs by reentering the mortality curve, at the right asked to be trustee. Additionally, our deposit product options give our clients an time, when re-dating an LE. enhanced rate of return and the safety and liquidity required in these transactions while keeping their money safe and free from market value fluctuations. To discuss our trust product with Wells Fargo directly please contact Robert Quinn at Nephila was founded in London by Frank Majors and Greg Hagood in 1997 as part of Willis Limited, the world’s third largest reinsurance broker. As part of its growth strategy, the company relocated to Bermuda in 1999 to establish a local presence and to deepen existing relationships in the world's largest Utilizing the various benefits of Life Insurance products, Tranen catastrophe reinsurance center. Capital operates a diversified strategy by managing variables of The investment philosophy is based on the premise that institutional investors are value, contestability and projected maturities, carrying the strategy forward by attracted to the non-correlated, relatively high-yielding returns offered by insurance selecting from two options of the realization of profits, being a classic buy and hold linked instruments. The instruments in which Nephila invests have evolved over time, strategy, where policies would be held until maturity, and an alternative arrangement along with investors’ risk appetite. The company currently manages multiple whereby policies are structured as managed portfolios for resale into the secondary investment vehicles and managed accounts exclusively for sophisticated institutional market. While we are constantly seeking to improve and develop our methodology, investors. our primary focus remains on the twin-pillars of risk management and capital In addition to insurance linked instruments (which are predominantly focused on preservation. Our philosophy is based upon a preference for consistency and natural catastrophe risk) the company has been trading weather risk since 2000 and sustainable growth while reducing volatility and aggressive, short-term tactics. launched a dedicated weather vehicle in 2005. Managing Partners Limited (MPL) is a highly Established in 1971 the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) is now the world’s reputable, multi-disciplined investment house that leading fully electronic offshore securities market, with a current market specialises in managing alternative assets classes. capitalization (excluding mutual funds) in excess of US$200 billion. MPL is a market leader in the field of traded policy funds (in particular TLPs) an asset There are 650 securities listed on the BSX of which nearly 350 are class that is renowned for its low risk, inherent guarantees and balanced growth offshore funds and alternative investment structures. Trading occurs daily characteristics. The board of MPL and it subsidiaries has over 70 years’ collective and settlement on a rolling T+3 basis using BEST, the BSX’s Central Limit Order Book experience in asset and fund management. MPL is registered in the Cayman Islands trading mechanism which is tightly integrated with the Exchange’s clearing, where it is recognised by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority as a Fund Manager settlement and depository platforms. The success of the BSX lies in its innovative where it manages a number of collective investment schemes and regulated mutual approach to new products and markets and its ability to offer a ‘commercially funds. MPL has offices in mainland Europe and the City of London where its sensible’ regulatory environment. The Exchange specializes in listing and trading of subsidiary, MPL Investment Management Limited is based. MPL Investment capital market instruments such as equities, debt issues, funds (including Hedge Fund Management Limited is regulated by the Financial Services Authority by virtue of being structures), derivative warrant programmes and Insurance Linked Securities, including the Appointed Representative of Sturgeon Ventures LLP. Catastrophe Bonds. 21st Services was created in 1998 with the goal of creating a new standard of excellence in life expectancy analysis. Fasano Associates is a leading underwriting firm, serving the life, To accomplish this goal, 21st Services produced the first-ever annuity and life settlement markets, with particular expertise in software program for evaluating life expectancies. This innovative over-65 and impaired life mortality. Fasano’s estimates of life expectancy are considered product helped transform the evaluation process from a subjective "guess" to a more the most accurate in life settlement market, with an Actual to Expected accuracy ratio objective, consistent methodology. Since then, 21st Services has continued to innovate of 96% estimated in two successive independent actuarial evaluations. Contact Fasano and refine the evaluation process. Now 21st is expanding its service in new markets. at Sponsorship And Exhibition Opportunities Sponsorships and exhibits are excellent opportunities for your company to showcase its products and services to high-level, targeted decision-makers attending the Insurance Linked Securities Summit Asia. IQPC and Finance IQ help companies like yours achieve important sales, marketing and branding objectives by setting aside a limited number of event sponsorships and exhibit spaces – all of which are tailored to assist your organization in creating a platform to maximize its exposure. For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting at the Insurance Linked Securities Summit Asia, please contact Mario Matulich at +1 212-885-2719 or Media Partners Sponsors: 7
  8. 8. International Quality & Productivity Center REGISTRATION CARD 535 5th Avenue, 8th Floor YES! Please register me for: New York, NY 10017 ❑ Conference Only ❑ Workshop(s) ❑ All Access Pass ❑A ❑B ❑C ❑D See Page 6 for pricing details. Your customer registration code is: When registering, please provide the code above. Name__________________________________ Job Title ________________________ Organization____________________________________________________________ Approving Manager______________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________________ City__________________________________State______________Zip____________ Phone________________________________Fax_______________________________ E-mail__________________________________________________________________ 5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER: ❑ Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events. 1 Web: ❑ Check enclosed for $_________ (Payable to IQPC) 2 Call: 1-800-882-8684 ❑ Charge my __Amex __Visa __Mastercard __Diners Club 3 Email: Card #__________________________________Exp. Date___/___ CVM code ______ 4 Fax: 1-646-378-6025 Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer can be found on preceding page. 5 Mail: IQPC 535 5th Avenue, 8th Floor, ❑ I cannot attend, but please keep me informed of all future events. 18624.001/D/ST New York, NY 10017 Register by July 16th and SAVE up to $2,196! See page 6 for details. An Introduction to Life Settlements and Cat October 13 – 15, 2010 Bonds for Asia-Pacific Investors Hong Kong Sponsors: 1-800-882-8684 •