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Opening sequence of saw4


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Opening sequence of saw4

  1. 1. Microanalysis of the opening scene of‘Saw 4’
  2. 2. The credits begin, while they usedtransitions of fade in and a shallowfocus, to show the first scenes in afew seconds before fading back outinto a pull focus and back to thetitles. The sound, is slow paceominous music, consisting of highpitched strings.
  3. 3. It starts with a shallow focus,and a close up of a hand,with a bug on it. It changes toa medium shot, and revealsthe first character to theaudience, before doing asmall circular pan they thenuse a eye line match back toher hand, shaking of the bug,which ambient sound of thebug making noises beforebeing shaken off.
  4. 4. The mise en scene, showsof a woman wearing ablue shirt. With a strangemechanical helmet,suggesting to theaudience that she is goingto be tortured.Before changing to acutaway, of tools whichconfirm that she is goingto be in some kind of‘game’ and be tortured.Using another circularpan, it goes around thewoman to and the miseen scene of her facialexpressions tells theaudience she’s confusedand scared.
  5. 5. The circular pan continues around,a second time. Before cut away isused of what looked like chainswitch, and diegetic ambient soundof chains contributes. A quickmedium close up of her fearedexpression, before another cutaway to the light to show it turningon with shallow focus in thebackground.
  6. 6. A medium long shot, is used beforechanging into a close up on thecharacters facial expressions.Before a medium shot showing thecharacter behind a ‘cage’ typefence suggesting she’s trapped.Another eyeline match, pov shot isused to show the character seeingthe prop of the butchers knife,before a fast circular pan to anunconscious man wearing thesame mechanical helmet with thebackground in shallow focus. Usinga sound bridge, when changingscene.