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Film Industry


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Film Industry

  1. 1. Film Industry
  2. 2. Starter Task How many films do you recognise?I recognised 9 films while watching the video. These films were:• Ali G Indahouse• Love Actually• Bean• Thunderbirds• Bridget Jones• Shaun of the Dead• The Calcium Kid• Thirteen• About A Boy
  3. 3. Starter TaskWhat do the films have in common?The things the films have in common is theactors. Popular and well know actors are allin starred in the films. The films use thesame actors but in different genres of films.Another thing I found the films had incommon was the camera movements andshots. I found a mid shot was a popularcamera shot in each of the films shown.Lastly I noticed that the films showemotions of the characters for examplecrying, happiness and angry.
  4. 4. Research Task What is ?Working Title is a production companybased in London. Working Title is a Britishfilm company. The company producesfeature films and several televisionproductions.The company produces many differentgenres of films. Ranging from Comedy toAction. The company has had many BoxOffice success’s with films such as ‘TinkerTailor Solider Spy’, ‘Pride andPrejudice’, ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Paul’.
  5. 5. Research Task How is Working Title structured?Working Title is structured in many ways, for example they don’tmake one film at a time they make a couple of films at a time.When making films at the same time they balance out the genresof the films and the actors. They can’t be independent on one film.They have a devolvement team based in the UK and the USA.And below the devolvement team they have devolvementexecutives and Working Title have a book are in their structure.The company has a business fairs department.The company like to have one person is the music department,one person in marketing and one person in the finical department.
  6. 6. Research Task Love ActuallyProduction:• £30 million/$45 million budget• Universal Pictures, Studio Canal ,Working Title Films DNA Films were the main investors.• Most of the film was filmed in London• The scene in which Colin attempts to chat up the female caterer at the wedding appeared in drafts of the screenplay for Four Weddings and a Funeral, but was cut from the final version
  7. 7. Distribution and Marketing Strategies:• Distributed by Universal Studios• Released 21st November 2003• Soundtrack• Facebook Link• Trailer on YouTube helped to advertise the film•
  8. 8. Exhibition & consumption :• Total box office profit $246,942,017• Opening Weekend: $1,047,160• DVD release date April 27th 2004• Love Actually Special Christmas addition DVD•