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Mediation (the marxist theory)


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Mediation (the marxist theory)

  1. 1. - Mediation (The Marxist theory) Abbie Blundell
  2. 2. What is ‘Mediation’? Mediation is being presented with something that is not reality but somebodies representation of the subject matter. For example: Within media people tend to present the world in a number of different ways in order to represent the message they’re trying to convey. Mediation can be presented through: • Gender • Social class • and ethnicity •
  3. 3. How is gender represented through mediation? When directors want the audience to be able to recognise that a female character who has been recused by the protagonist, the male character then creates the reorientation that he has rescued the ‘Damsel in destress’ . The women is often stereotypically blonde and seen as ‘dumb’ and the male is seen as strong and the most ‘heroic’ character. An example of a film in which this happens in is ‘Taken’ when ‘Maggie Grace’ needs to be recused by her father – who is represented as a ‘manly’ and ‘strong’ character.
  4. 4. How is social class represented through mediation? The director may represent different social classes based upon the stereotype that they’re normally associated with ( this Is normally done in comedies) Working class may be represented as a ‘typical’ family who live on a council estate and often use bad language and only wear certain brands ( such as Adidas and Nike) Whereas middle class families are shown having jobs such as being a lawyer or doctors and therefore bringing in a significant income. An example of a film on when mediation is shown in is, Notting hill when a man meets and falls in love with a movie star, the male character is the other extreme since he is working class and she is classed as ‘higher class’.