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Presentation on pages for slideshare

  1. 1. Front Cover Research
  2. 2. Masthead, instantly recognisable as Main image, controversial and an established magazine. Bold and unconventional image shown by the red, most established magazine fonts cigarette. This expresses Mia’s music and tend to be simple personality. Cigarette also is a highly phallic symbol that can be sexualised in an edgy alternative way. Dressed in Union Jack Pull quote from grunge clothing to establish her roots feature. Bad use of perhaps. language equates to rebellion and also may put her as somewhat down to earth to certain demographics. Straplines, adds more information to overall content of magazine and the music stylesSerif coverline is covered, whichas big as seem to be gearedmasthead, if not towards alternativemore vertically young audiences.larger. This couldalso have thesubliminal effectthat NME aretrying to putacross theygenuinely valuemusic and itsartists rather From looking at this, I would say NME is mostly aimed at teenagers up to the ages of earlythan focusing all twenties. Audience group would be working class and possibly students of the indie rock genretheir attention with disposable income due to its to-the-point outlook shown by not censoring language. Theon promoting magazine is also unisex.themselves.
  3. 3. Masthead is a customised, this reflects on that the magazine is trying to Main Image: be unique central and pose goes against conventions, refle cts Rita’s personality maybe. Gold chain and accessories links to maybe an urban influence Cover Line, sans serif, only Direct strapline yellow about coloured artist, maybe a font, stands direct pun to the out and is the nature of the largest apart image. from the Introduces her as masthead, our a new artist who attention is works hard. focused to this Informal direct as the feature languageStrapline suggests that the musicmagazine also offers insideinformation on the celebrities insidelives. From analysing this I would say Status is aimed at teenagers aged 14 upwards with the social groupings of alternative pop. Audience would also be people who have knowledge of the fashion and photography industries as shown by the magazine’s specific straplines. Social demographics would be those with disposable income such as students.
  4. 4. Unconventional extra strapline Header, largest font that takesdisplayed in what normally would Masthead slightly obstructed by up most of the page . Signaturebe a header. Sentence main image, telling us it is an colour of Vibe is a peachydifferentiates in colour to come established magazine. orange.across as aesthetically interesting. Main coverlines in an italic font and bigger than other coverlines. Hints at other content rather than just music, making it multi-purpose and expanding its Main image: audience. Voyeuristic pose, camera signifies paparazzi and establishes her as famous. Straplines, Presents her as These are fun despite her coloured in age, making her orange and likeable still to a blue, Vibe’s young audience recognised colours. Also covers gossip on artist’s Coverlines focuses personal in on the genre of lives. music and Vibe’s Informal target and direct audiences, which to target are fans of 90’s pop audience and hip hop. I would say that the target audience are teens born in the 90’s, so that are currently around the ages of 13 upwards. Social cliques would be what I would class as the mainstream demographic, catering for both pop and hip hop genre fans. The magazine is unisex shown by the bold strapline advising users on their favourite game, another factor that makes it fit it into the teen’s circulation of magazines.
  5. 5. Double Page Research
  6. 6. Name of magazine acting as masthead, enforces the magazine and makes it Terry Hall dressed all in red which memorable, underneath is cities that renown for makes him stand out against the music, promising readers a dedicated and more background to draw interest. High serious approach to music than a typical pop angled shot suggests he is a big magazine would for example. Also has feature in mag and focused in on. connotations of high status and fame. Shows readers that the magazine has beenColour scheme consists of a muted successful and is stillgrey background with gold headings going strong.and black writing. This serves aslooking minimalistic and modern bynot using too many colours andimagery. Expression is almost arrogant refusing to smile, looks directly at reader building an unconscious connection. His Artist names are bolder expression is and bigger, this draws reminiscent of the boy in their fans band style in the late immediately to read the 80’s and 90’s. Dressed smaller more detailed in velvet, velvet has text underneath connotations of class and perhaps vintage quirkiness. Magazine name is Pull quote from main repeated almost article, having this here is everywhere. an effort to pull the reader into reading the article.
  7. 7. Destroyed logo font, connotations ofInformative about how rebellion and grunge, all of which aremany issues have been associated with rock musicmade, establishes it as ahigh performance andsuccessful Unconventional content layout whereby the magazine page is identified by a photo, more visually stimulating than words. Uses the language associated Interactivity with target value, gives audience readers the option (rockers) to get a ‘rated’ being subscription to the slang, formi magazine at a ng a casual lower cost than and directly having to informal physically go and tone. buy it. Edgy main image serves as the whole background, person is faceless with no identity so identifies with readers and makes them feel enabled to be him. Extreme in action shot shown from a gig as if we were there experiencing it. This builds up a close and personal relationship with the reader. It is also reflecting the nature of the magazine as being somewhat unvarnished and real-life (not airbrushed perfection).
  8. 8. Unconventional and unique way of Broken up Sans Serif font, aesthetically expressing the magazine’s make (Vibe) pleasing and iconic to the magazine. by a darker V in the background. This is Biggest and boldest and take up to a in each contents page for Vibe, making quarter of page space to grab it a recognisable motif. attention. Another of Vibe’s motifs.The female hand over his chestcould mean a number ofthings, mimicking that he is The different sections of thewanted and adored by his magazine are in a refinedfanbase (the arm does not have italic font that is bolder thanan identity it could be the smaller font underneathanyone), or suggests romance. It that covers what informationpartially covers the red heart on is included on each page. Thehis chest which particularly section on Kanye furtherstands out as it is the only thing reinforces his expression withcoloured, red has connotations the chosen wordsof sexiness, love but also ‘misunderstood’danger. The fact it’s fingers ‘misinterpreted’cover it could also tell us abouthis album (largely based aroundwomen) and life at that time inthat his feelings areguarded, further emphasised byhis cold stern expression. His Credits of model used andbody language with his hands in photographer in smallerhis pockets show a laidback yet Whole background is muted grey including main image print – less important and ofedgy attitude. so it blends in slightly, however Kanye is contrasted less interest to the reader slightly to ensure he stands out still. He is also dressed but still necessary to put on. in a coat with a different texture, so this makes us grab our attention amongst the lack of colour, bringing us up to meet the artist’s face
  9. 9. Contents Page Research
  10. 10. Paint flecked logo alternating in red Uses synergy with the internet to and white on each line. Name of band boost their readership and fan base. is also included in the biggest section. Information on the band’s tracks Iconic of rock and punk genre.Captions for eachimage becausethey have been Main image is separated by 3 other smaller snapshots of thetaken from a live rest of the band whilst producing music. Main image is of theexperience, makes lead singer naturally from a gig, hair covers the faceyou want to be at enigmatically. Denim jacket and dark jeans, not ridiculouslythe gig. showy clothes show they are more serious about their music than general appearance.
  11. 11. Pull quote serves as the title and is a main point of controversy overLily’s character so would drag readers in to expand on this by readingthe article. Stylised in messy chaotic characters suggesting a change of Plain white background, allowingtopic and also suggests they have been cut out from a newspaper, this Lily and the pull quote to have mostalso maybe expresses a hate for the paparazzi printing everything she of the reader’s attention.does and twisting it so seems like an ‘attention seeker’ or delinquentdue to her honesty. Main image; Lily is dressed in tartan, a pattern that dates back to the UK punk scene, so therefore has connotations of rebellion and links in with the title. Her hands are on her waist and she is leaning forward, body language suggesting honesty and backing up the huge quote. Short hair, a tattoo on her wrist and dark lined eyes suggest mischief and further emphasise the content of the article. Conventional relaxed eye content and expression establishes a casual friendly bond with the reader.
  12. 12. Main image is of artist; two tone Use of foreshortening gives the illusion that Kreayshawn is hair, showing she is multi-faceted writing on the camera lense. Connotations of rebellion and maybe, many rappers tend to utilise urban influences (graffiti style). Her nails are painted in different voices whilst rapping and cartoon colours hinting at uniqueness and street fashion use them as alter egos, the blonde (along with her cartoon-esque tattoos). Tattoos and nose and brown hair combined could be a piercings are usually seen as tough images, whereas hers visual reference to this. GoldLogo of the magazine in the are of bows and her favourite Disney characters, creating earrings link to hip hop and rapcorner, motif of Q, recognisable to an interesting controversial character. culture. Eye contact is direct andreaders. intense, showing she isn’t afraid of other’s opinions, signature cat eye liner that sports in her music video makes her recognisable as she is a new artist.Serif font, tells the reader who theartist is, contrasts to the Sans Serifgraffiti font, could show that despite Picture is extremely sharp andher personality she is still a serious HD, very digitally enhanced, modernartist. She is also non- lookingsexualised, furthering this point. Newartists are often not sexualisedimmediately, and are insteadprojected as fresh faces to gainlikability.