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Deconstruction of a magazine


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Deconstruction of a magazine

  1. 1. NME magazine front cover deconstructionThe masthead which is NME is slightly The main image is Hayley Williams she is the mainobscured by Hayley Williams head (she is the singer in the band Paramore. The reason she is onmain singer in Paramore) NME can afford to the front is because the main sell line is about thedo this as the magazine is well known and band Paramore. When looking at the magazinepeople will still recognize the magazine even cover your attention gets grabbed by her image asthough some of the main image covers it. The she is in the center and has the most space alsofont is clear to see as it is in red capital letters her head covers some of the masthead. Whatwith a white and black outline which makes it grabs the audiences attention is her hair coloureasy to read and understand. and her bright pink lipstick which matches the main sell line colour. This image could get the audience to buy the magazine as they could beThese sell lines are quite small as they arent great fans of Paramore. It also grabs the audiencesthe main attraction. But they are still there to attention as it looks like Hayley is looking at you, asget the buyers attention. On this magazine if she is making eye contact with the reader.they are all in a bold font and they are inwhite to stand out on the black backgroundof the other people on the image. Theheadings of the sell lines are in red to matchthe masthead. With these sell lines being The main sell line is the biggest piece ofquite small it doesn’t give the crammed look. information on the magazine as it is the mainThe magazine has a nice lay out so you can attraction of the magazine. It is also in a brightread everything with ease. pink which matches Hayley’s lipstick. This draws the audiences attention as it is big and the most colourful thing on the front cover. The main sellThe sub head line for the main sell line is quite line is there to tease the audience and make thembig and in bold it is also in white which would want to buy the magazine.grab the audiences attention. This sub heading There isnt much colour going on in this magazine cover,is also asking the audience a rhetorical there is just the red for the masthead and the headings ofquestion, if they would fall for Paramore like the sell lines. And the pink colour for Hayley’s lipstick and the The essential information on the cover is theeveryone else has. There are a few sub main sell line. The magazine’s background is mostly gray and date, price and issue number this informationheadings on this front cover, there is the one black, which gives a good effect for the white writing. is very small so it doesn’t put the audience offfor the main sell line which is ‘everyone else hasfallen for them. will you?’ but there is also the buying the magazine. On this magazine you‘guns, god& 4 million albums sold’ and the ‘rock cant really see the price as it is expensive. The target audience is mainly people who listen to music With the price being small the audience wontstar, label boss, actor… now lecturer’ those two such as bands like Paramore. So this magazine definitely see it which will make them pick it up and getsub heads are for the other sell lines on the appeals to the target audience as it is based around bands. it.magazine. It could also appeal to boys or girls as it isnt all girl colours and it isn’t all boy colours.
  2. 2. Billboard magazine front cover deconstruction The masthead is neat and the biggest The essential information which is the date, piece of information on the front cover. It price and issue number of the magazine is very takes the full top of the front cover up. small on this front cover this is so the audience The masthead is partially obscured with isnt put off buying the mag. Justin Bieber’s head, Billboard can afford to cover some of its masthead as it’s a popular magazine and people automatically know what it is. The masthead is big and it is in white which The main image is of Justin Bieber, this stands out on the blue background, the tells me that the main story is about letter ‘d’ is coloured in the center (yellow) Justin. This image would mainly appeal to which gets your attention. teenage girls. The image of Justin looks as though he is looking into the readers eye, it is eye contact. This draws your attention to him. It would make the audience wantThe main sell line is ‘Justin Bieber’ which is to pick the mag up and read it. Justin is inin white writing the font is basic but it still a gray top with low neck line– whichstands out as its on the blue background. shows some of his chest this would getThe sub head covers some of the main sell young girls attention.line. This main sell line draws the audienceattention as they could be a Justin fan,which would make them buy the magazinejust to read about Bieber. The colours is mainly light which is theThe sub head is small but it stands out as blue background and the yellow for in-its white writing on a red background. between the lettering and the sell lineThe sub head covers some of the main headings. It has used colours that cansell line, this has been done so it looks The other sell lines are a decent size and are be both for girls and boys. The colourslike the main image (Justin) is actually colourful. The other sell lines are talking about all go well together, there are nosaying the sub head- which is ‘everything famous music artists that are in. some of the sell clashes.I do, I do to be the greatest’. lines are blocked by Justins body so you cant read some of the sell line about Lady Gaga.
  3. 3. Top of the pop’s magazine front cover deconstruction This is a skyline and it gives a little information about another story in the magazine.The masthead is the biggest piece of The main image is of Jessie J, which indicatesinformation on the front cover and its quite that the main story is about Jessie. She standsgirly as its in dark pink– so this would appeal out as she is in the center of the magazine andto the target audience which would be stands out on the white background. This imageteenage girls. The masthead looks good on is as though she is looking at you (making eyethis magazine as it stands out on the white contact). This would draw the audiencebackground. On this front cover the main attention as it is making eye contact and wouldimage isnt obscuring the masthead even make them want to buy it. With the main imagethough the magazine is well known. being Jessie it appeals to the target audience as young girls admire Jessie and want to be like her so this would make them want to buy the mag as it has her in it. The main sell line is ‘the real Jessie J’ for this being the main sell line its quite small but it is in the middle of the magazine so it still stands out. Also it is in a bubble which is coloured in The other images are off the other sell lines and they bright pink which matches the colour of the also draw your attention as its mainly the young male masthead. singers. In this music mag it also has a section about clothes which would also appeal to the target audience.The sub head for the main sell line is ‘I’m notgoing to hide anything’ which is also inside of Again on this magazine cover the essentialthe bubble along with the main sell line. information is very small so it doesnt’t put the readers off buying it. The other sell lines also stand out as they are in different colours and fonts. It draws your The colours are all light and girly which also would appeal to the attention as they are a decent size. target audience. The main colours are pink, white and purple. The colours are in big blocks and little blocks, making the text and pictures stand out.