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Solicitors for All Work Related Matters


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Whether you are a company or a person incurring an injury at work, it is worth your while to talk to a lawyer to see where you stand.

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Solicitors for All Work Related Matters

  1. 1. Welcome to Abbey Court Solicitors
  2. 2. Solicitors for All Work Related Matters  If you are in need of legal advice on a particular kind of problem you have, you may want to get in touch with Solicitors Preston.  Especially if you are in trouble with construction and employment law, dispute resolution or personal injury cases it is advisable to seek professional help as soon as possible.  Many could be in the area of construction law where many of the above matters could crop up. These include contracts for sub-contract services or debt recovery. This area of Civil Law is generally dealt with by imposing fines. They do not include criminal prosecutions.
  3. 3. Dispute resolution, personal injury and employment law cases
  4. 4.  Construction law also deals with standards for builders, safety of the workforce and standards of practices. This area is essentially about who is to blame for a malfunction and to obtain compensation for that catastrophe.  Whether you are defending yourself in a work related accident or you are bringing the action, you need to seek legal advice on how to go about it. If someone is suing you they will have to be pretty sure that they have good reasons for doing so.
  5. 5.  As a company you would be foolish not to insure yourself against the possibility of such an action and there is liability insurance available to you. These claims against you, if successful, can be very costly. It could be that your insurance also covers your Solicitor’s costs.  As there are quite a few accidents happening in the United Kingdom each year, it is not surprising that there are several lawyers you can choose from in your area. You should make a claim as soon as possible whilst the train of events are still clear in your mind.  If you have to attend hospital you should make sure that you have photographs and a report to hand when you visit your solicitor for an initial consultation. It is at this meeting that your lawyer will assess if you have a claim that will stand up in court.
  6. 6.  It is also handy to have police accident reports handy if they were involved in recording your accident. If your accident happened at your work place your employer has to report it to the relevant authorities.  Accidents do not only happen on the shop floor. They can occur in an office too, such as tripping on a poorly fitted carpet or a wet floor. Because of your accident you may experience loss of earnings which in the current financial climate could be a severe blow to household finances.
  7. 7.  You will be able to discuss with your lawyer how you are going to pay for his services, which could include court appearances. He may do the work on a no win no fee basis, in which case he will take a percentage of your compensation when you receive it.  This is more expensive than if you were to pay him on an hourly basis. If your claim is clear cut, the company involved may give you an advance with which you can pay your lawyer. If more information is needed about Solicitors Preston please log on to
  8. 8. Thanks For Your Time Contact Us: Abbey Court Solicitors 112 Abbey Street, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 1EE, T – 01254 385104, F – 01254 392412, Email : Website: