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Don’t Hang About With Personal Injury


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There is one area of law that has become more prominent of late and that is personal injury claims.

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Don’t Hang About With Personal Injury

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  2. 2. A little knowledge is worse than no knowledge when it comes to the law and yet you must also remember that ignorance is no excuse. The internet enables us to research at the touch of a few keys any subject we fancy and law is like medicine one of the most popular searches of all the professions. Doctors hate it when a patient comes to the surgery explaining their problem having already diagnosed themselves and researched the treatment. My doctor gets so fed up with this that he usually dismisses them with the remark that they clearly don’t need him so will they kindly go away.
  3. 3. His language is a little stronger than that but at least they get the message. It can be a similar scenario when a disgruntled person visits their solicitor with perhaps some work related grievance and begins with the words I know my rights. One of the most common grievances is problems between neighbours and often about boundary issues. Both parties can get to the position where they have convinced themselves that they are in the right. Like an early consultation about discussing a divorce any good solicitor will first of all try to arbitrate and explain that if it goes all the way to court it can be a very expensive business.
  4. 4. Solicitors Preston like others all over the country often don’t like to get drawn into these disputes particularly if it is clear to them that their client is probably going to lose. Some claimants by the time of going to court will have completely convinced themselves that they’re right and the other party wrong. So when the judge finds in favour of the other party and awards costs against running into tens of thousands of pounds they’ll usually blame their solicitor. There is one area of law that has become more prominent of late and that is personal injury claims. A couple of generations ago most people that tripped over something at work and broke an arm would blame themselves and be grateful for a few weeks off work on full pay.
  5. 5. Nowadays if the fault can be shown to be negligence on behalf of the employer then there is usually some compensation from the company’s liability insurance. It’s important to remember that companies pay insurance for such an eventuality. A friend in a small business had an accident that was clearly not his fault. He missed a few days’ work and when asked if he had seen a solicitor to take a look at the possibility of a negligence charge and rightful compensation, said his employer was also his friend and he didn’t want to upset this.
  6. 6. It actually took that friend and employer some time to persuade him to see a solicitor as was his right and that none of this was personal as it was not him paying out but the insurers. Just remember the one rule that if you leave a claim more than three years it’s unlikely to be covered. For solicitors Preston, please visit Acsols
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