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Task 7


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Task 7

  1. 1. TASK 7 Jess Britton
  2. 2.  This is the layout that I will use for my broadsheet newspaper. I chose to design my article for the Guardian, so I had decided to Google what the Guardian looks like and I used that. I decided to put in 3x3 grids at the beginning to place everything into, because the Guardian normally has three columns. It normally has the headline and the masthead at the top, and there is normally an image in the middle, just below this. All of the pages that I could find on Google were laid out the same, and they all had a block at the bottom of the page for another article. This is based on the front page of a Guardian, so there will be other articles and images from other pages. Since my article was on animal rights I had to get images from the internet based on the badger cull. The article that I have done is quite long, so I would need to be able to fit the copy in the boxes. This would mean that I would need to make sure that the other boxes are quite small, because the article is the most important bit.
  3. 3.  We were asked to create a page for our broadsheet newspaper article, and since I had chosen to write mine based on the articles in the Guardian, I decided to use parts of a real Guardian page. For example I decided that it would be useful to use the bottom and the top of a page, so I could get the title and the bottom article. I believe that this worked, I was able to find images that had a high enough resolution to look sharp, and I placed them on the page at the right size and shape so that it looked real. At first I had made an A4 page, and I had put in 5x3 grids. After this I had decided to get my article and make the columns. Since I found that every guardian newspaper article has three columns, I decided to keep to this layout because it would make it look more believable. Overall I believe that I have made my work look like part of the Guardian, because I used images from the Guardian on Google. I also changed the font size of the article I wrote, to make it look like the size that the Guardian use themselves. Because my article was quite small I could use a size 14 or 12, but I believe that the size that I did use doesn’t look out of place. If I was to change my finished product and do this task again, I would find better images, and get a masthead that suits the time of when the badger cull was in the newspapers.