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Task 5


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Published in: Career
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Task 5

  1. 1. TASK 5 Jess Britton
  2. 2.  When I was creating the poster I decided to try out two different styles. I decided to not use the grids on the first one, and use grids for the second. These are demonstrated in the last two slides. I’ve shown my development throughout, and when I was experimenting with using grids I just moved the boxes around. I found that the title had to be in the biggest font, and the website addresses would be the smallest. I believe my size choices worked because the eye is drawn to the title of the venue fist, then to the first band that was playing. I made a list of all the bands in the middle of the page, but I made them quite small because I believe that the date and the price would draw people in first. I believe that the website links should be small because people would only be useful if the viewer wanted to go.