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Task 4


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Task 4

  2. 2. One idea that I could use is to produce images that are discovering something that people see every day, like a light bulb or a plug, and producing images that make I look interesting. For example I could take a picture of a light bulb, and produce lightning strikes to come out of it. I could do this with light writing. I could make a set of three images, and produce a second one that has something smashing into it, and I would use high speed photography to capture this. Another idea that I could use could be to produce images that capture light. I could produce images that would look like they are discovering a new place, or I could produce images that discover a mood, like happiness or sadness. For example to capture a mood I could create an image taken of all the things that people associate with happiness, like the sun, sleep, and even small things like a snooze button and wedding rings. I could create effects on top of these images, using techniques like scanography and light writing. Using a high shutter speed would also be a good technique to use, mainly because then it could capture things like the wedding rings failing, or a light highlighting them. For my final photographs I could produce an image with a mirror. I could produce an image that has been taken of a few different objects in front of a mirror, then edit them together so that it looked surreal. When I am producing my images I would make sure that the images are original, that they capture something that is different and unique. I could produce images that have been made from different types of cameras, like a scanner, to capture this type of image. One idea that I could use would be paint. I could take images that look like normal photographs, like landscape photographs, then use paint or pencils to change the look. Since the theme is discovery I would need to make sure that the final images look original, and they look surreal and new. I could take a photograph of a landscape that has been seen regularly, and edit another image on top so that I looks new, so people won’t recognise it. For this I could use a regular house, in regular surroundings, then edit it so it looks like its in a forest, or next to a city skyscraper.
  3. 3.  When I was creating my mood boards, I decided that I should create a different slide for the different techniques that I know about, then come up with different ideas through that. In the first one the theme is high speed photography, in the second is light writing photography, the third is reflections, the forth is out of focus photography, the fifth is Hockney Joiners photography, the sixth is movement, the seventh is scanography, the eighth is Harris shutter photography, and the last is 3D photography. I tried to find images of multimedia photography but I couldn’t. With the images on these mood boards I can see that there is a whole range of different techniques that I could use. Since looking at all the different images I came up with the idea of using images to bring about the feeling of happiness. I could use bold colours and some of the techniques to do this. One idea that I could do is to use one or more of the different techniques, then produce three images that have been taken together. I could produce a set of canvases, so they work together and they produce a bigger picture. Another idea that I could use is to create a set of images using high speed photography.