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Irn bru research


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Irn bru research

  1. 1. IRN BRU RESEARCH Jess Britton
  2. 2. H T T P : / / W W W. I R N B R U. C O . U K / G E T S Y O U T H R O U G H  When you look at this TV campaign, you can see that it is quite similar to the other TV campaigns for Irn Bru that have been made at that time. All of these advertisements focus on a scenario, and only when the people in the advertisement have a drink of Irn Bru will they be okay with the problem that they are faced with. One of the advertisements shows a Scottish man at home, and his daughter comes in with a new boyfriend, how supports the England football team, and its only after he drinks irn bru that he's okay with it. The campaign focuses on the lives of normal people going about their everyday lives, and they make the advertisement look like it has been made like a soap. If I was to make a advertisement for Irn bru for the TV, they I could use this idea to draw people in. one of the things that I have found with all of the TV advertisements is that they can be quite crude, you would probably either love them or hate them. This is the same for the billboard and poster campaigns. The TV advertisements have people voicing their opinions quite strongly, and its basically saying that Irn Bru “gets you through.” The logo that has been used is the Irn Bru logo, and its whati would have to use when I make my own products.
  3. 3. IRN BRU  With these poster campaigns for sugar free Irn Bru, you can see that they have all been made to the same style, just like the TV campaigns. This shows that if I was to make a few campaigns for Irn Bru, I’m going to have to keep the same style for all of them. The colours that have been used in these campaigns are quite simple; there are only whites, oranges, blues and greens. The main background is white, and this stops people from being distracted from the main images. There is an image of a can on the right hand side of the campaign, which shows what the advertisement is campaigning for. The images that have been used are very similar; there is only one part of the image that is different. In the first image, this will be the stick that the guy is holding. On the second campaign this is the shark, and on the last it’s the text on the dogs collar. This is a good idea for a group of campaigns because it shows clearly what the campaign is about. It mainly uses pictures, and after I looked at some more campaigns I found that this is the same for them all; they all use a large picture, very little text and the same colour scheme. When I make my own products I will have to use this same layout and colour scheme. The logo that has been used is the Irn Bru logo, and the use of the image of the can makes the campaign easily recognisable. The style of these campaigns is quite simple, the background colour is white, which almost makes the campaigns look unprofessional.
  4. 4. IRN BRU  This campaign is one that Irn Bru didn’t use. When you go on their website you can see that there are a few campaigns that they didn’t show the public, because they either got complaints or they thought it might offend some people. This campaign, even though it wasn’t used, still uses the same colour scheme and layout. When I produce my own work, I will use this layout and colour but I will make sure that I don’t use language or images that offends people. This example doesn’t look too professionally made, the image looks a bit blurry. And putting the image to one since then a block of colour on the other makes the overall look a bit bland. It also looks a bit too quick to make, and anyone could produce this within a day. The tone of this campaign is quite cheerful and light, which is what Irn Bru use in all of their products. This qould be a technique that I would need to use when creating my own products. They haven’t used a logo, just an image of a Irn Bru can.
  5. 5. IRN BRU 32  This campaign is promoting an energy drink from Irn Bru that got discontinued. I tried to find original advertisement for this, but I could only find this. This image is promoting a kind a music event from Irn Bru, and it keeps with the same layout as everything else that has been produced. The colours consist of white, oranges and blues, and even though its not a campaign to promote Irn Bru 32, it does help me to see what the product used to look like. This can was made to look reasonably different than other Irn Bru cans, because the main colour was blue, while the main can for Irn Bru is orange, and the no sugar can is white. I could keep this element when I make my own products, because it shows that it isn’t a normal Irn Bru can. I could use an idea from other energy drink products, and design something that could go on the front of the can that makes it stand out, like the M on Monster cans.
  6. 6. IRN BRU 32  This was the packaging for the Irn Bru 32 drink. The colours that have been used are the same as the other Irn Bru products. This would be a technique that I would use when designing my own products, because as I’ve found out every energy drink brand does the same. The tone of this product is quite upbeat and fresh, and you can clearly see what the product is. How they’ve placed the company logo is quite creative too, because its on its side. However since looking at the other Irn Bru products I’ve found that the colours are quite bland. The main colour that has been used is blue, and when I make my own products I would change this so there wasn’t just one block colour. The font that has been used in this product is the same as every other Irn Bru product, as this is the style that I’m going to have to stick to, because I’ve found that every drink company keeps these aspects the same. When I make my own products I will use the same colours, which is orange, white and blue, with the same fonts, but I would use a different colour for the main colour, and design something that makes the can stand out more, like a blue stripe around the can or an image.
  7. 7. H T T P : / / W W W. R E L E N T L E S S E N E R G Y. C O M / F I L M / R E L E N T L E S S - A DV E RT- 2 0 1 3 - P RO F E S S O R - G R E E N. H T M L  Here to be Heard is the brand new Relentless Energy Drink TV advert. It follows 2013 Relentless Artists Professor Green, Zane Lowe and Pure Love on an epic musical journey, from creative inspiration to exhilarating public performance.  Filmed in New York and London, the advert captures intimate, rarely seen moments of artistic inspiration from three leading music figures. Director Ross Cairns explains how he managed to capture the raw musical process when directing the advert: “This wasn't shot like most ads. It was a lot more time consuming and lengthy than that for all involved. We took a documentary approach, just spending time with the artists over a period of months, both in the UK and US, witnessing the creative process as it unfolded. We got to see what the artist experiences. I'm fortunate in that I have strong existing relationship with the artists having worked with them all before. This mutual trust was important to removing any self-consciousness that would normally get in the way of the creative process."
  8. 8. RELENTLESS  I found this advertisement for Relentless energy, and you can tell from the way its been filmed that they are trying to get a real life, almost documentary feel to the advert. This campaign would have taken ages to make, and it wouldn’t have been cheap. They have used people that are widely known to the public, and this would help the campaign get more viewers. If I was making a TV campaign for my energy drink, then I would try to make the campaign tell a story, I would make sure that it shows the energy drink to be something that everyone should use, so they can be successful.
  9. 9. MONSTER ENERGY  When I look at this image for Monster energy, I can see that it uses a different approach to Irn Bru, because it uses darker, bolder colours, and it stands out more. The images that have been used look more professional than those used for Irn Bru advertisements, and it shows clearly what the product is. This image isn’t necessarily a campaign for Monster, but it would have been used to promote their products. The colours scheme for this is quite unique; the main colours or yellow, black and grey, and this is most likely used because it would draw in a young male audience. This is the same for all Monster products; they use dark colours to draw in a small target audience. Most energy drinks have the same target audience. This is normally teenagers, both girls and boys. Energy drinks all use bold colour scheme and font, because its known that if products have this then they are more likely to appeal to a young audience.
  10. 10. MONSTER ENERGY  The colours that are used in this image is also quite dark. The main colours are green and black, and this would again appeal to a young, male audience. With Monster energy you can see that each different flavour of Monster has a different colour scheme. This is different to Irn Bru, because they use the same three colours for all their products, they just mix them around. With this image you can see that the background that they have used links with the drink itself. The same pattern is used, and the same colours. This is similar to the spot the difference campaigns made by Irn Bru, because all their campaigns are white, orange and blue, the same colours as their products. When I make my own products for Irn Bru I will make sure that I keep this technique in mind, and only use the colour white, orange and blue. The tone of this product is quite strong. Its quite in your face and it stands out straight away. There isn’t much text on the image, and I believe that this image promotes Monster drinks well because its professionally done and understandable. You know straight away what the image is promoting, and the use of the florescent green makes it appealing to its target audience.
  11. 11. MOUNTAI N DEW   When I watched this campaign for Mountain Dew, I’ve found that it seems quite epic. This campaign would have been created to get more people interested in the energy drink that they’re promoting. The campaign shows a man that’s attempting to go on a wire and crash into a balloon. As you can see as the advertisement goes on, there is Mountain Dew in the balloon, and as the guy is crashing into it, there are a few slow motion shots that would make the campaign look more effective.
  12. 12. LUCOZADE  With this advertisement for Lucozade, I can see that this is a sports drink straight away. This is a lot different to other campaigns that I have looked at, because there is a different target audience. This example looks professionally done; the image has been taken of a professional footballer, and the photography and the editing looks like paid work. The overall tone of the campaign then looks really good, its been made to make a statement. There isn’t much text that has been used in this campaign, and this is most likely because it would distract from the main image. The text that has been used makes the image understandable, and the image of the Lucozade bottle makes it easy for people to know what the campaign is for. The main colours used for this type of energy drink is yellow and blue, and this has been used in the campaign the most. If you took away the image itself, you can see that the only colours used are white, yellow and blue. The target audience for this advertisement would be adults, mainly adults who partake in sports. This would change the overall look of the advertisement because different fonts and colours will have to be used. The design of this campaign is relatively simple. The main aspect is the image, a dew words have been used, and a small image of a Lucozade bottle. The logo that has been used is in the right hand corner, and if you Google Lucozade Yes, then you will find a page that has competitions and news. This advertisement will have been promoting Lucozade Yes, as well as all the other Lucozade sport products.
  13. 13. LUCOZADE  This campaign is for the use of Lucozade energy drinks. These drinks are quite different to others, they have an older audience type and are made solely for the use of sport. With energy drinks that are made for the consumption of young people, the designs are quite bold, and the colours stand out. The images of the lucozade products show that Lucozade creates a new layout and colour scheme for each new product that they create. This is different to other energy drinks because they normally stick to the same colours and layout, but they can sometimes change small aspects, like one colour or some of the layout. However most of the lucozade products that I have looked at aren't for sport, like the pink lemonade and the cola flavours. These have been created for everyday use, and have a wider audience than the sport drinks. the sport drinks usually have a particular colour or style that they stick to, and they are normally quite simple. I could use this technique when I’m creating my own products, since this is the only energy drink that Irn Bru are making. Since I will still have to use the same colour scheme however, I’m going to have to produce a product that shows that its different than other Irn Bru products, without it looking like a different product.
  14. 14. ENERGY DRINK SHOTS  These products are energy drink shots. They are all made by different companies so they all look very different. Most energy drink companies make these shot drinks, so I could design a bottle this size for my Irn Bru energy drink. When you look at the image, you can see that all the products have the same style, layout and colour scheme as the bigger bottles, so I would need to use this technique when I make my own.
  15. 15. NO FEAR  This image is of a range of No Fear energy drinks. I can tell that they are mostly the same design, with the scull in the middle and the brand name at the top. With these products you can see that the company use the same layout and font for all. This makes the products easily recognisable to people, and it’s a technique that almost every energy drink company uses. The tone of these products is the same as the Monster energy drinks that I have looked at. The main colours are dark, for example greys and blacks, and thy use only one other main colour each time. This would mean that Monster and No Fear have the same target audience. You can tell with this example that No Fear make a whole range of different drinks, and you can distinguish between them all because of the use of colour. This technique is used by almost every energy drink company, and it’s a technique that I would use when creating my products. When I make my own products I will keep the same main colour scheme, which is orange, white and blue, and create a design that stands out from he usual Irn Bru products. I know that Irn Bru isn’t an energy drink, but I believe that it would be a good idea to make a product that is based on the techniques found with normal energy drinks.
  16. 16. COCA COLA  Since I’ve found out that almost every energy drink company uses the same overall colour scheme and style for all of their different products, I decided to look at what other drink companies produce. With this example I can see that the only thing that really changes on coca cola products is the colours. The only colours that have been used is red, black and silver, and for every different product there is a different main colour. For the diet coke bottles cans I can see that the main colour that has been used is silver, for the normal cola products I can see that they used red, and the products that are mainly black is coke zero, which has no sugar. Since looking at all these different products, like No Fear, Cola and Irn Bru, I can see that all drink companies use the same technique. They all have a house style that they stick to, they use the same fonts and colours, but they change the colours around to make sure people know which ones which.
  17. 17. COMPARISONS  Since looking at different drink products, I have found that they all use the same techniques. They all us only a few different colours for all of their products, and they use the same house style and font. Since every drink company produces different types of their drink, they change their colour scheme around so that people know what they are buying. Energy drink companies like Monster and No Fear have a colour scheme that is quite dark and unique, because they are catering to a young male audience. Energy drinks like Lucozade are mostly made for sport use, so they have an almost unisex house style and colour scheme. I have compared the techniques used on energy drink products to the techniques used on other drink products, and I have found that they all generally produce the same effects. They all have up to at least four or five colours that they use, and they use these differently for each product. Since Irn Bru is not an energy drink company, it might be possible to change some of the layout and the style of Irn Bru 32 to fit in with companies that produce energy drinks, while still keeping with Irn Bru’s house style.